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Cake Shopping

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A brief cake-shopping interlude with Count D and Tet-chan. The Count visits the Antique Bakery while in Japan (set post-series). *Features (un-named) Antique Bakery characters*

Category: Pet Shop of Horrors - Rating: G - Genres: Crossover, Humor - Characters: Count D - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2006-05-04 - Updated: 2006-05-04 - 399 words - Complete

D smiled serenely at the tall man in the sunglasses who was currently badly balancing tea cups and stuttering a harried "thank you, come again" towards him.

"Come, Tet-chan."

The totetsu ceased his contemplation of the waiter's very chewable ankles and turned to leave with the Count. If asked, Tet-chan would have denied rolling his eyes at the scene of D cutting what would have a dignified swathe through the crowd on the sidewalk, had he not also been trying to peak into his cake box at the same time. Luckily for the Count, he still gave off an air of importance and of untouchabilty even with his nose buried in a Parisian Tart and so no one had walked into him. Or at least until the man in the leather jacket.

It was as if the Count and he had gravitated toward one another, despite the fact Tet-chan knew for a fact neither had been paying any sort of attention. The Count had his confection and the leather jacket man had clearly been rushing headlong to wherever he was supposed to be. The two had collided, the man in the jacket neatly catching D's cake box before it plummeted to the ground, cutting himself off in the middle of his apology when he finally met D's own gaze.

The two simply stood there for a moment, staring - and then the man in the leather jacket began a very pleased, very inviting smile. Tet-chan decided he'd had enough and found himself snarling, not surprisingly. The man startled, not having noticed the oddly-dressed young man accompanying his new acquaintance before.

There were apologies and explanations (/"went out for lunch, supposed to be back at work already"/) and a demure smile from the Count that belied the spark in his eyes when the other man explained he was the chef at the bakery they'd just left.

Tet-chan sighed and Count D ignored him, just as he'd been ignoring the other sighs the totetsu had been issuing since they'd parted from that lovely young chef a few blocks back. D had big plans for tomorrow's tea. Possibly a few teas after that as well. Leon was still looking for him in Europe and D and the shop could afford to spend perhaps a few more weeks and more than a few more yen here. Such a lovely young man. Such lovely cakes.
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