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The winters now

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I wait, as I always have, under the star with the winter storm around me. I am now 14 years old. Tomarrow is our birthday. We will be 15. 11 years since we met. I put a cloth under me so my pants dont get wet. I wait in silence. Mother gave up watching by the window. She did when I was little. He always came after she gave up. I hold a small toy. He loves them. I've given him many over the years but he always breaks them. It's a monkey that you wind up and it moves. He says they don't have them where he lives. I don't know any thing about where he lives. That's what I'm going to ask him.

I see the snow begin to dance in a circle. It closed tighter and tighter together before the light and the boy shows his face. He held a box. It had odd markings on it. He smiles at me. I smile back. He comes and sits next to me.

"I believe you call this cocoa." he opens the box. It looked like hershey kisses with out the point. I nod and take one. It's the best I have ever had. Smooth and silky. Sweet with a hit of salt. It's truely amazing.

"Winter? Can I ask you something?" I hug my knees and look at him.

He smiles and says "Anything."

"Where do you live?" He twitched at these very words.


"Please. I've told you so much about my world. It's time for you to talk."

he breathes in. "Its called bethina. It's horible." he stairs up at the sky. "Thats why I come here. Every day in the winter. I'm strong enough. I can leave here. And come see you. I was only four when I relzied what was going on. I wish I could stay here. This normal world. It's less bloody. It's less hateful." a tear rolled down his cheek. It turned into a pearl. I picked it up And looked at it. It was pure.

"You can keep that. I make alot of them these days." He wipes the streams from his cheek. His blue eyes now watery. They're clouds of what they were. They blended in with his skin and hair. He almost disapeard in the snow.

I stand. "Take me there." That look. I haven't seen it since I first told them about him. It's the look of pure insanity. I hate that look. "No. Never."


"I said no!" He stands under the star. The snow came round him. With the light. He was gone.

Oh well. I'll have to see him tomarrow.
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