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I Want Tattoos

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Frank talks about what he wants. Gerard really doesnt seem too bothered. Short one-shot, FRERARD bay de vay. (My darling was giving me words to write about and gave me the word 'Tattoo' So ...

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"I want tattoos"

You look up at me from your comic, raise an eyebrow then go back to reading.


"No gee, seriously. I want tattoos"

I frown and wiggle closer to you, resting my hands on the couch and leaning towards you.

"Okay Frankie. I'm sure you do"

You turn the page and take a sip of your black coffee.

"Why don’t you believe me?" I cross my arms over my chest and glare at you.

"Because everything you say you’re going to do never gets done, it’s just what you do Frankie"

I pout playfully and move away from you, watching you put down the comic book and coffee.

"I'll make it up to you....let’s go get you a tattoo" You smile, and take me to your car. We drive to the mall with The Misfits turned up high, smiling at the cops as we pass them.

"I can’t believe I’m getting a tattoo! I wonder what I’m going to get"

You lead me into a store but I hardly pay attention to it, I just think and think of ideas.

A guitar? No too cliché.
What about a bird? Wait, I don’t even like birds.

"What should I get Gee?"

"I think the pink F would look cute on you"

I look around the shop, finally take it in. A variety store?

We leave the shop after ten or so minutes, walking along side by side, ignoring a few knowing stares. The drying pink F on my chest cracks and breaks as I walk but I don't really mind.
Our hands brush past the others suggestively every once in awhile but never entwine.


"Yeah Frankie"

"I'll get a real tattoo, soon too"

You smile at me from behind your just bought, steaming hot coffee cup

"Okay Frankie, I'm sure you will"
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