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The Four House Kingdoms

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The four founders still live and have turned their howntowns into their own personal kingdoms which they rule unchallenged. Godric and Salazar still hate each other so their kingdoms are constantly...

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Chapter 1: How it all began

Godric Gryffindor and Salazar slytherin had been friends since the age of eight. Both men now grown had been best friends for decades and had long since sworn they would be friends for life. But on this night that vow would be put to the test as it never had been before.

Godric and Salazar were on their way out of the forbidden forest having had a talk with the more intelligent magical creatures aboutr all of the recent attacks on students for simply coming within a few meters of the forest when all of the sudden Godric was frozen from the waist down. He looked to see what had trapped him and was surprised to see a human trap obviously set by the centaurs. Salazar was a few steps behind him and while his legs were frozen he could still move his waist and chest enough to turn around and warn his friend. “Salazar watch your step the centaurs sets a human trap.” Salazar seemed to be ignoring him and continued walking oblivious to his surroundings. Mere moments later he to was caught in the trap and it snapped turning both of them upside down. Salazar managed a cutting hex at the vines that held him up but by then the centaurs had arrived. Walking over to the herd he had a whispered conversation with them and then left without so much as glancing at Godric.

This left Godric in a terrible situation warrior that he was he kept a minimum of two weapons on him at all times and he usually carried three. These weapons were his sword, wand, and dagger set. Thinking that tonight would be quick and painless he had left his sword in his office. While he kept his wand where he could always reach it in a hurry he had simply stuck it in his pocket and it had fallen to the forest floor. Which meant he had only his daggers on him at this moment and they were strapped to his ankle there was no way he could get to them without the centaurs seeing what he was attempting to do and vulnerable as he was all it would take would be one arrow to the chest and he would be dead. Despite having the upper hand the centaurs didn’t fire why he wasn’t sure but he was grateful for it whatever the reason.

Finally a couple of hours later judging by the position of the moon the centaurs still thankfully hadn’t fired and were sound asleep. Godric managed to twist and turn enough to get one of his daggers and cut himself free, as he hit the ground he snatched up his wand and with a speed, agility, and quietness born of training and dueling he got out of the forest as quickly as possible. As he entered the safety of the castle fear of being caught and killed turned into furry that his best friend would leave him in a situation that could easily have cost him his life. He marched down to the dungeons and slammed open the door to Salazar’s study to find him grading essays of all things. “Salazar Slytherin how dare you! How could do that how could you simply walk away and leave me to die at the mercy of the centaurs?”

“You wouldn’t have died mate. I-

“You don’t know that!”

“Yes I do I was going to come back for you in another 30 minutes or so.”

“Don’t give me that crap if you hadn’t come for me in 2 hours you weren’t coming in 2 1/2!” On and on the argument went until finally Godric marched away still furious. To his credit he had managed to keep himself from going for his wand but it had taken every once of his willpower not to do so.

For the next year the two were constantly fighting about everything until finally one night Salazar packed up everything he could lay claim to wrote a quick note and left with his son. The note was found the following morning. This was the last time a Slytherin blood would be on Hogwarts grounds for a decade.

Salazar had been studying the dark arts in secret for years. After leaving Hogwarts he gather an army of people who believed in pureblood supremacy as he did and they terrorized Britain for a decade.

Finally 11years to the day of his betrayal and a decade to the day of the night he had fled Salazar returned to Hogwarts with his dark army behind him. “Attack the castle I’ve a personal matter to settle.” With that the army attacked as he approached Gryffindor. “Gryffindor I challenge you to a duel to the death!”

“I accept.” That was all it took curses went flying hard fast and furious.

20 minutes later.. Slytherin cast a curse unknown to Godric which he couldn’t dodge in time. The spell hit his chest and for a moment he battle to stay awake. He finally lost consciousness after the spell rebound on Salazar and he blacked out. The rest of Slytherins forces were easily defeated after Silas portkeyed them both away. The school was safe but Godric was still unconscious and nothing Helga Hufullpuff a fellow founder of Hogwarts and their resident mediwitch did could wake him. “He will wake when he is ready” was all she could say. This had Godric’s wife and two youngest children crushed. Rowena tried to comfort her only daughter and her youngest son as she wrote her eldest who had left to go abroad the year before after he and his father had fought.

I know not where you are or when this will reach you but that does not matter. You left out of your anger at your father but now he needs you. Salazar attacked Hogwarts and used some unknown spell it knocked your father and him unconscious. Silas portkeyed his father out of the brawl but Helga says whatever the spell was there’s nothing she can do your father will just have to wake up on his own. He’s not dead my son but he could cross into that world if he doesn’t wake do you really want your final words to your father to have been a goodbye and a fight? COME HOME NOW!

She sent it off with an owl after signing it. “Alcatzara Arogondez your father will be fine but my children we must give him time he’s been at deaths door numerous times before and he somehow always comes back. It’ll be all right.”

Within the week Axel had returned home and was very upset with himself. His father lay on the bed in the hospital wing nearly lifeless and unmoving accept for the rise and fall of his chest. “Father wake up please I know you must hear me please wakeup. Everyone is worried and I hate myself and you right now. When we fought last year about my nonexistent search for a bride you infuriated me as it is a known fact you did not marry until you were 34 and I was only 32. But should I lose you now I would hate myself for nor having a chance to make things right please wake up!”

It would be two years before Axel got his wish. In that time they would move Godric to his room in Gryffindor mansion, the girls would step down from teaching and put school in others hands, Axel would marry, and the Potters would take over control of the Hollow since the Gryffindor’s were so absorbed with their father/husband that they didn’t seem to notice the village crumbling from lack of attention .Life would move on without Godric and Salazarwhen they woke they would adjust and things would begin a new
Now it is 950 years later…
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