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4. blush

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4. blush
He made her blush without knowing it. Really, though, he didn’t even have to try. Even the smallest of compliments, about anything at all, would make the redhead’s cheeks flush. Most of the time Josh would make innocent little ones, like saying that she looked absolutely adorable when her face matched her hair, or that she was gorgeous when she was sleeping, but in this particular case, the one compliment that had caused her to blush furiously was, well…not so innocent. In fact, after talking it over with her best friend, Robin began to wonder if Josh had done it on purpose.

Out of “pure curiosity,” according to him, Josh had snagged an issue of Cosmo and read it diligently. Neither of them would have expected it, but after he had swiped Tina’s iPod nano without asking, the brunette decided that a little payback was in order. Robin, however, was the one who suggested that Tina go through Josh’s bag, and after searching for a while, she found the latest issue of Cosmo tucked in between his jeans and a Sublime hoodie.

Instantly, Tina had laughed, and then told Robin about her discovery. To snoop or not to snoop…it was a question that was answered pretty quickly. The brunette flipped through the magazine as she laughed over the situation with Robin on Yahoo Instant Messenger.

“Keep looking,” Robin said. “I bet he made notes somewhere.”

Josh had done this with his Zombie Survival Guide book, which Tina had swiped previously, and they’d both gotten a giggle out of the notes he’d written in the margins and the fact that he liked to highlight certain sections. They both expected to see the same kind of handiwork in the Cosmo.

Much to their dismay, however, Josh had ripped out the majority of the pages; thereby eliminating any incriminating evidence, or so he thought. In all of his excitement, however, he’d forgotten to rip out one page in particular, one that was far more incriminating than any of the others he had kept. The page in question? The sex positions one.

“Oh my,” Tina said. “This is hilarious!”

“What? What is it?” Robin questioned, her curiosity building. “C’mon, tell me!”

“He’s got certain sex positions circled! And he went to Cosmo’s website and wrote down one!”


“Sex positions!” Tina cackled with glee as she peered closer. “Missionary, and something called the Hot Seat!”

Although she couldn’t see it, Tina knew that Robin was blushing on her end, which made her laugh that much harder.

“I can’t believe he did that.”

“I can!” Tina exclaimed.

That was just the first instance. The next time, Josh decided to take a different approach. He knew that Robin was very much into music, just as he was, and so the idea to make a playlist on his iPod came about. He diligently researched for songs that she liked, as well as songs that reminded him of her, so that he could compile them on one playlist.

After days and constant phone calls to her best friend and to his best friend, Josh had downloaded and made a list of about 30 or so songs. They varied, from country to pop to rock to even chill, relaxing beach music, and he couldn’t help smiling as he realized that her taste was just as eclectic as his.

“Jack Johnson…Incubus….Carrie Underwood…Poison. Wow, she really is all over the place with her music,” he mused with a smile. It was yet another endearing quality of hers that he loved, and when he realized that she had some 311 on there, he smiled wider. Josh shook his head as he added the songs to his playlist, chuckling to himself when he realized that he was becoming a full-on country music fan, something weird considering that he didn’t know much about the genre.

Once he was finished, he set the iPod down, feeling accomplished. Now, he just had to come up with a name.

Red? No, too simple, he thought. He wanted something that would describe her, but wouldn’t be too obvious if anyone else were to swipe his iPod.

“Perfect,” he mumbled to himself as the name hit him.

He titled the playlist “Cherry Bomb”, and in Robin’s mind, it was one of the sweetest things he could ever have done for her. Hearing about it always made her smile, and cheered her up when she was having a bad day. And, of course, she had a playlist to match his, which would have the same effect on Josh if he knew.

Cherry Bomb. She couldn't believe the effort he'd put into it, but she was not about to question his motivation or reasons for doing so.
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