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Take It Back or Give It All Away

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Yeah, I know most people don't like Mario fanfic, but at least give this a try. *looks hopeful* Pretty please? ;)

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Here's a story I wrote a really long time ago. Like a few years ago or something. I don't usually write fanfiction based on video games, but I used to be really into that kind of thing a few years ago when I wrote this. But even though this is mario fanfiction, it's going to have swearing, rape, sex, and that kinda stuff in it. Okay, I guess I've blabbed enough. Here we go. lol

Click, clank, click, clank! The sound of my high heels created a very loud clicking noise that seemed to echo off the walls and reverberate all throughout the hallway. I wished my heels weren't quite so noisy. Wherever I went, people stopped to turn and stare. I was new to Bowser's Castle and I guess in their opinion, that gave them enough reason to stare. Their wide eyes and gaping mouths only made me more uncomfortable though. Being new is never any fun. It's just stressful and I have to constantly worry about whether or not I become "accepted" by my piers and about whether or not Bowser thinks I'm fulfilling my duties to the best of my ability. Let's hope that he's happy with my work because I have heard some pretty dreadful rumors about Bowser's nasty temper!

At this point, you're probably wondering who I am and what exactly I do at Bower's Castle, right? Well, let me first start by introducing myself. I'm Kamella Koopa, part of the magikoopa clan. I'm not like all the other ordinary magikoopas though. There's something different about me. I could tell I was different as soon as I started going to school with all the other magikoopas. You see, I learned much faster than everyone else my age. My teachers praised me for that and I flew through school without any problem at all.
Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating here. School wasn't always a breeze. Flying had been one skill that I had never quite mastered. For some reason, I just couldn't keep my balance on the broom stick. No matter what I did, I found myself sliding around it (and sometimes off of it if I wasn't careful). Once all my fellow students had realized my weakness, they immediately had something they could tease me about. I was constantly teased about my flying skills.

I had never really ever been liked at school. I'm not sure why. I guess it was maybe because I was a good student and all the other magikoopas were jealous. It's kind of ironic though because if truth be told, I was actually the one who was jealous of them. Why would I be jealous? I envied them for the friendships they made and the bonds they shared with one another. Most of the magikoopas had friends or partners. Partners were two magikoopas who hooked up like a boyfriend and girlfriend in the human world. Usually, the partners were naturally attracted to each other and would go on to marry each other someday. I had always thought that the concept of having a partner was a very romantic thing and I obviously wished that I would attract a partner as soon as I enrolled at school.

After only about a week at school, my hopes were pretty much dashed. All the magikoopas made it clear to me that they wanted nothing to do with me the moment I stepped into class and started acing every test. I was shunned, ignored, and teased. At first, it had hurt really bad. I thought it was totally stupid that they should hate me for being the best in class. I mean, it's not like that was my fault or anything! What did they want me to do? Purposefully fail my tests? I couldn't do that!
Luckily, after a while, I learned to accept my fate and deal with it. I was not at all happy about being singled out and being the odd ball, but there wasn't anything I could do about it. For that reason, I learned to push on through life alone and care only about my grades and not what other people thought of me. Once I had graduated from school, I had gone immediately to Bowser's Castle. After all, that's where all the really good magikoopas went.

When I had gone to Bowser's Castle, I had expected him to give me a job protecting the castle along with all the other magikoopas. I had ended up being totally wrong about that though. When Bowser first met me, he wanted to see what I could do. He brought me out to the courtyard and had me show him what I could do. I showed him my expertise fireballs. All magikoopas are gifted with a certain element. You know, air, water, or fire. I got the gift of fireballs which made that my best skill. I could shoot fireballs out of the tip pof my wand with barely a wave of my hand as long as I was feeling strong and was in a good mood.

Bowser had been very impressed with my fireballs and had decided that I shouldn't just blend into the crowd of magikoopas that protected the castle. Oh no, Bowser had much bigger plans for me. Apparently, there were two head magikoopas. The two were called Kamek and Kammy. They were some of Bowser's closest friends, advisors, and protectors. He turned to them whenever he felt the castle was in danger and whenever he needed advise on something. I hadn't known that there were head magikoopas before I had gone to the castle. But then again, how would I have known about it? You didn't get taught that kind of thing at school.

Anyways, let's get back on tract with my role at the castle. When Bowser saw my skill, he immediately replaced me as a head magikoopa instead of Kammy. I was rather shocked about that. Bowser had only met me five minutes ago and yet he was already putting me into one of the most important roles at his court! What was up with that? I liked to think it was all do to my skill, but something told me that Bowser had ulterior motives in putting me into the roll as head magikoopa.

So far, I have been at the castle for two days. Actually, today is my second day. The first day, I didn't do much besides hang out in my room. Bowser had given me a room for myself on the second floor of the castle. Sometimes, I wondered if it was best if I just stayed in my room all day. The first time I exited my room and tried to explore, I ended up getting really lost. All the corridors and hallways looked exactly the same and most of the time, it seemed like I was wandering in circles. Nevertheless, I had eventually found the way back to my room on that first day after hours and hours of walking in circles.

Now, I was finally deciding that I was going to brave the castle and explore for a bit. I wanted to meet all the other minions and maybe make some new friends. Even though I had gotten use to people ignoring me and acting like I was a disease, that didn't mean I didn't want friends. On the contrary, it made me even more needy. I wanted to make some friends here more than anything. I wanted someone to talk to, care for, and someone who would accept me for who I was.

And okay, if I'm going to be honest, I wanted to fall in love too. That's every girl's little dream, isn't it? I don't know anyone who doesn't want to find love. If there are people out there in the world like that, then they are very cold people and must have a heart of stone. I really wanted love though. It had to be the right kind of love though. The kind that makes your heart jolt, the kind that steals your breath right out of your throat, and the kind that makes you want to be with your soul mate for the rest of eternity. Every moment apart from them seems like torture and every moment you're together, all is right with the world. I had always longed for that kind of love and now I found that I wanted it more than ever. Am I desperate? Maybe. I guess that's the main reason why I'm exploring the castle right now.

Yeah, I know what you're thinking. It is indeed a rather stupid thing to go wandering around the castle trying to find true love. Love doesn't just pop up in front of you; you have to search for it. I guess that's kind of what I'm doing now. However, so far, I'm not having any luck. I'm just kind of clicking down the hallways and checking people out as I go. People are obviously checking me out too. A yellow turtle with a green shell and matching green eyes is looking at me right this minute actually. He's staring at me very intently and obviously isn't afraid of gawking. It seems to me that people don't really have manners here!

My cheeks immediately flush as I notice the turtle gaping at me. I can't help but wonder what he's thinking and who he is. And of course, I'm wondering if he is looking at me with interest or distaste. I'm so used to people ridiculing me that I always think people are going to look down on me and disapprove of me without even meeting me first. However, as I'm worrying about all this, the turtle meets my eyes.

A lump forms in my throat and I pause in my nervous walk along the hallway. Hesitating, I look into his eyes, still afraid of what I might see there. Will it be hatred? Dislike? Disapproval? No, to my utmost surprise, it isn't any of those things. His eyes are sparkling at me and his mouth has curved into a smile. Oh my god, someone is actually smiling at me! It feels like a long time since that has happened. Hoping that this guy isn't messing around with me, I offer him a tentative smile. That just makes his smile grow.
Now at this point, I have two choices. I can keep walking and continue checking out the rest of the castle or I can stop and talk to this stranger who looks friendly. My footsteps slow slightly as I try to decide what to do. Part of me wants to stop and talk to this guy and part of me tells me to hurry away. The cowardly side of me ends up winning and I hurry down the hallway. I get really shy around new people and I guess introducing myself to someone is just too much for me right now.

After hurrying down the hall, I take a right and can hear loud noises coming from the room at the end of this hallway. Hm, I wonder what the noises could be from? My curiosity piqued, I decide to head in that direction. My steps still click and clank loudly against the coffee-colored tiles on the floor. I'm really going to have to get some new shows of some sort. I swear that everyone in the castle is going to know when I'm approaching while I'm wearing these loud heels.

As I'm tromping down the hallway, flinching at the sound of my shoes against the tile, the door at the end of the hall opens and someone scurries out. Curious as to who this might be, I quickly look down and see a small magikoopa in a red robe hurrying across the hall. Wondering if perhaps this magikoopa might know what's going on in the room at the end of the hall, I reach out and touch the magikoopa's arm lightly.

At my touch, the magikoopa just about has a heart attack. She jumps in shock and then looks up at me with surprise. Her eyes flicker with fear as she looks over me. That's kind of weird. I have no idea why she'd be looking at me like that. I don't think I look really imposing or anything. It's not like I wander around with a big scowl on my face or anything like that. Not wanting this poor little magikoopa to be scared of me, I take my hand off of her arm and introduce myself in a friendly tone, "Hi there. I don't think we've met before. I'm Kamella Koopa. I'm kind of new here. And may I ask who you are?"

For a long, tense moment, the magikoopa stays silent. I'm starting to think that either she is deaf or that I said something wrong. I'm awful at introducing myself. I must've said the wrong thing. Just when I've decided that the magikoopa isn't going to answer me, she finally opens her mouth and says in a trembling voice, "I-I'm Susan. And I already know who you are. Kammy's already told all of us about you. We're...uh...not suppose to talk to you."

It takes me a minute to register Susan's words. Why in the magikoopa world would Kammy not want me to talk with the younger magikoopas? That's a pretty dumb thing to do. These magikoopas should be my friends, not my enemies! I didn't want to relive high school all over again and end up friendless and hated. Still totally shocked, I smile at the magikoopa and tell her, "Hi Susan, it's nice meeting you. So why exactly doesn't Kammy want me talking to you and also, what did you mean when you said 'all of us'? Are there lots of young magikoopas here?"

Susan's eyes flick nervously all over the room before she dares to answer me. I guess she's worried she'll get caught by Kammy or something. After making sure that the two of us are indeed alone, Susan answers my question in her quiet voice, "Yes, there are lots of magikoopas here. We are training to be Bowser's proud minions someday. Right now, we are being trained. Kammy trains us actually. She doesn't want us talking to you because she says that you're here for evil reasons. She says that you want to overthrow Bowser and take charge of the castle and have it all for yourself."

Okay, something is totally wrong with this situation. I haven't even been here two days and there are already rumors being spread about me wanting to take over the castle! Is that crazy or what? Me taking over the castle is a pretty insane. Sure, I'm kind of powerful, but I'm not that powerful. Bowser has hundreds and hundreds of minions while I just have myself. Yeah, there's absolutely no way I'll be taking over the castle anytime soon. So who exactly does Kammy Koopa think she is to be saying these things about me?
"Hm..." I say, musing allowed. Susan is still hesitating in the hallway, obviously not wanting to get caught talking to me. I don't want her to get into trouble either, but I have one more question for her before I can send her on her way. Looking her in the eye, I tell her truthfully, "Look, Susan, the last thing I'm going to do is try to overtake the castle. There's no way I could do that even if I wanted to. Bowser is master here. I am only a lowly servant. Everything that Kammy has told you is a lie. Speaking of Kammy, where exactly is she? I'd love to meet her." And I'd love to wring her neck too.

"Uh...she's right through the doorway," Susan says, pointing towards the room only a few feet away from us. Now I can see why Susan is so scared. She's probably freaked out that Kammy will walk through the doorway at any moment and catch us talking together. Another loud boom sounds from inside the room. I can't help but wonder what exactly Kammy is doing in there. Oh well, I'm about to find out!

Starting down the hall once more, I thank Susan and wave her on her way. Susan seems grateful to get away and immediately scurries away down the hallway as I approach the door. Once I am at the door at the end of the hallway, I'm not sure what to do. Do I knock or do I just go in? I puzzle over this for a few minutes before deciding to just go in. After all, with all the racket going on in the room, there's no way that Kammy would be able to hear my knock anyways.

I push the door open and take a step inside. As soon as I'm inside, another loud crack sounds and a flash of red blurs before my eyes as a fireball goes flying across the room and then disappears in thin air. I find myself gawking for a moment before I remember what I'm here for. I need to meet Kammy. Making that my number one priority, I look around the room and try to figure out just which one of the magikoopas here is Kammy.

It's not hard to pick Kammy out of the crowd. She's in the middle of the room, directing smaller magikoopas on how to form fireballs. Kammy is short. Extremely short. Gray wisps of hair poke out from underneath a red-rimmed purple hat and she has a pair of purple-framed, pink-lensed glasses on. She's wearing a long pink robe that drapes onto the floor. My god, I don't think I've even seen a robe that long before! How does she manage to walk across the room without tripping?

As if she senses my gaze, Kammy Koopa immediately looks over in my direction and catches me staring. Oops, that's probably not the best way for her to find me. Staring in my opinion is very impolite. I quickly yank my gaze onto the floor and pretend to be carefully inspecting the tiles on the floor. Kammy has noticed me though and now she wants to talk to me. She tells something to the young magikoopa she is directing and then crosses the floor over to me.

Her walk is slowly but steady and she reaches me in only a few minutes. Kammy extends a hand in a jerky manner and says, "Kammy Koopa. Let me guess, you're the great and mighty Kamella, huh?" I can tell immediately that Kammy does not like me. She said the "high and mighty" thing with a voice that dripped with sarcasm and I can see her eyes scrutinizing every inch of me right now. I can feel a lump forming in my throat. It's clear that Kammy doesn't like what she sees.

It's obvious that Kammy Koopa and I are very different, especially when it comes to appearances. I'm wearing bright and flashy purple robes with a low neckline, neon blue nail polish, and bright green lipstick. I guess dressing this way probably seems immodest to Kammy, but Kammy is obviously the grandma-type who dresses like an old person. I'm not about to change my dressing techniques just for Kammy's sake.

Trying to find something nice to say and hoping that maybe we can start over and be friends, I attempt a smile at Kammy and say, "Yeah, I'm Kamella. It's nice to meet you. So you train the younger magikoopas here?" Despite the fact that I don't really like Kammy much, I'm going to be nice to her. Well, at least for now. My temper is short and if Kammy gets on my nerves, she's definitely going to have to watch out.

"Obviously," Kammy replies to my question with a roll of her eyes. "What else does it look like I'm doing?" I can't really think of a response to that, so I just stay silent. Glad to have made my speechless, Kammy goes on, "Of course, I used to be head magikoopa. I was Bowser's closest friend and advisor." Kammy gets a dream-like expression on her face as she says all this. The expression only lasts a minute though before it contorts in anger and Kammy appoints an accusatory finger at me as she adds, "That was how my life was until you came along and had to ruin everything for me. Bowser supposedly thinks you're the better magikoopa, but he's wrong. You're just a weakling."

A weakling? What a bitch! I've studied magikoopa law and have gone through all the years of magikoopa training. I've aced all my tests and have never gotten a bad grade. There is just no way I'm going to let that comment of Kammy's go. I tried to be nice to her, but it's too late for her now. She's gotten on my nerves and I'm mad.

Only now do I realize that there are no more loud noises coming from around the room. I look around to see that all the young magikoopas have stopped in the middle of their training to turn and see what Kammy and I are discussing. Glad to have their attention, a good idea fills my mind. Giving Kammy a smirk, I say, "Oh really? So you think you're the better magikoopa? Let's see, motherfucker. Let's have a duel right here and right now. No excuses."
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