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Space Cadet

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After school :]

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Patrick's POV :]

Okay, first day over. I didn't even make a fool of myself, wow. We piled on the bus, it was crowded and loud, but somehow it didn't bother me. I just followed Celeste blindly to the back of the bus. Joe and Pete sat across from us. I shyly took the seat for one, and she sat in front of me, never ceasing her smile. Everyone else on the bus was being obnoxious and annoying, most likely underclassmen. Surprisingly, I didn't care. All I could think of was, " Goddamn, she's gorgeous." I managed to sneak a look at her as I was putting on headphones. Her eyes seemed to sparkle and the sunlight danced playfully across her hair. Celeste was laughing at something Pete had said. He made her laugh with such ease, and she seemed to love it. What did Pete have that I didn't? Oh yeah, confidence. Damn it. Somehow this morning, I was fine. Then again, he wasn't there making me feel like a chump. She even laughed at my fake accent when usually no one does. I looked out the window, hoping to get lost in music and the scenery, instead of her eyes. I shook my head. She was out of my league. Celeste would never give me a second look. So, just friends. I could handle that. I could totally handle that. Hopefully, I won't do or say anything stupid.

"Hey, space cadet!" I heard her say.

"Huh?" I snapped out of my daze.

"We're here dude." Pete answered. I looked around.

"Oh, right, yeah." I gathered myself and followed.

We unloaded the bus and Celeste started to walk in the opposite direction of my house. My heart sank a little. Why was she affecting me so much? Come on, Patrick. Shake it off.

"Where are you going?" Pete asked.

"Dropping off my stuff, and my mom will want to know where I am."

"Oh, duh." he said laughing as he began to follow.

" I guess I'll meet you at my house." I said nervously.

"What?" she asked.

"My house. I'll meet you there?"

"No, we'll just go together. We're neighbors. Remember?" Pete looked at her as she spoke. Which turned from observant to shock when she grabbed me by the hand.

"C'mon, silly." She said smiling.


I just let her lead the way, completely flabbergasted. I felt a little disappointed when she let go. I looked to Pete and Joe. Joe was nonchalant and Pete had a smug, satisfied look. I wondered why. We got to her house and piled in. Her mom was in the kitchen, making something. We took a seat at the bar as Mrs. Laux flitted around the kitchen.

"That smells so good. What is it?" Pete asked.

"Fettuccine Alfredo, Bam. Hey, sweetie.--" She paused to lean over and kiss Celeste on the forehead then continued to ricochet around the room. "Joey. Oh and Patrick! Hello!"

" Hey, Mrs. Laux." I managed sheepishly. I felt really out of place, the other two guys seemed so used to it. I guess it's because I'm new.

"Hey, mom. We're going to Patrick's house. That's cool right?"

"Of course. We're actually having Patrick's family for dinner. So be home by six, okay?"

"Oh, cool. Sure." Celeste beamed with happiness. I didn't know if it was just her, or the fact I was going to be at her house for dinner. Oh, shit. I'm going to be at her house for dinner. Please, God. Please don't let me say anything dumb. Then again, it was just going to be us. I seemed to be fine when it was just us.

"Okay, well we're going now." She rose from her seat, and everyone followed suit.

"Lead the way, man." Pete said as we walked out the door.

I walked towards my house and almost like single file, they followed. I noticed something, though. Pete always had to be at her side. Maybe I should ask Joe about it. I shrugged it off and walked home ward. We walked in the door, Celeste right behind me. I heard piano echoing through the house, means my dad was home.

"Just put your stuff by the door, I have to go let my dad know we're all here."

"Yeah, sure." She smiled and nodded.
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