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Chapter 11

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Perhaps Andrea should have stayed with Joe? (Rated R for violence)

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Brendon allowed himself a sly smile; he simply couldn't wait until she saw him. The anticipation of the look of terror in her pretty green eyes almost made him salivate. She would certainly recognise him; although she hadn't seen him at the mansion, he had been the one threatening her beloved Joe outside the warehouse only hours before Patrick had razed the mansion to the ground. As he thought about it, the only thing that kept his smile intact was knowing that Patrick was securely locked inside the cramped vault awaiting an eternity of starvation and, in all probability, madness.

As he made his way through the corridors, her scent grew strong and his nostrils flared as he stopped one door away from her department. Quietly opening the door, Brendon smirked cruelly as he saw her. She was seated, almost slumped at her desk, the work piled high to her left. It was already seven o'clock; if she wanted to finish it, it would be at least another two hours. Checking her watch, she sighed again - she wanted to see Joe, to apologise for her behaviour that morning. She had been stressed and his words scared her, more even than she wanted to admit to herself. Her daydream was interrupted suddenly by the phone ringing. Smiling vaguely, she hoped desperately that it was Joe and as, unknown to her, Brendon watched from just inside the door, Andrea answered the phone.

“Andrea Logan,” she tried to sound professional and ready for anything, but she was tired, really tired and it would have to do.


“Oh Joe! I'm so glad you called!”

“Baby, you sound exhausted, why are you still there? Are you okay?”

“Joe,” she sighed softly at his caring, worried tone. “I'm fine.”

“What are you still doing there? I thought you'd have been here hours ago… certainly before it got dark.”

“Joe, I'm sorry I snapped at you this morning, I guess I didn't want to believe it. After everything that's happened, I just wanted to believe it was over.”

“I understand, baby, but you have to realise the danger you're in. They've got Patrick, we've been trying to figure out where he…”

“Patrick! Seriously?”

“I told you, this morning when I called.”

“Joe, it was five o'clock, I was barely awake.”

“Look, I'm coming to get you,” Joe sighed. “Wait there, you should be safe there.”

She felt something cold and soft brush lightly against her cheek and seemingly from nowhere the words.

“She's far from safe, Joe!” Brendon laughed into the phone.

Andrea screamed, partly from the threat and partly from the surprise of it all. Pushing her chair back away from her desk and dropping the phone, she gazed around quickly, trying hard to find the source of the words.

“Andrea! Oh, God no!” Joe screamed down the phone as he recognised Brendon's voice. “Get out of there!”

It was night-time and Joe knew that even if she managed to flee the building, if they wanted her, she was easy prey, but, so far away, it was all he could think of. There was nothing he could do to help her and it tore him apart.

“Pete!” he yelled, still clutching the phone to his ear in the hope that they had both imagined it, or that he was just scaring her and no more. “Pete! Get your ass in here!” he screamed.

Distracted immediately by a distant scream from Andrea and the sound of the dial tone as receiver was placed back on the cradle.

“What's wrong?” Pete arrived first, closely followed by Andy.

“Brendon's got Andrea! He's in her office, she doesn't stand a chance against him!”

Pete nodded; immediately his demeanour changed and his expression hardened. Despite his earlier words about Joe's caring for Andrea over Patrick, he still saw one of his friends suffering at their hands and he didn't like it. There was, of course, the fact that finding Brendon would ultimately lead them to Patrick.

“Let's go,” he replied gruffly.


“So,” Brendon's dark eyes twinkled as he smelled Andrea's fear. “You know you can't escape me, so all this running you're doing, it's only going to tire you out. Don't you want to look good for William?”

“No,” she replied, breathy and scared, “I want you to leave me the hell alone!”

Trying not to lose sight of Brendon, Andrea looked desperately around, searching for something - anything - she could use as a stake. But in the hi-tech office, there was nothing, nothing at all.

Brendon smiled and nodded as he slapped his hand on his chest.

“If it were me, my decision,” he shrugged before continuing conversationally, “I'd just kill you. You're really not my type. I don't know what either William or Joe see in you personally and I certainly don't know what you see in Joe! Must be the Florence Nightingale Effect, I mean, you did save his life.”

Rushing forward so fast as to suddenly appear at Andrea's side, he played with her hair, gripping it as she screamed in shock.

“What a shame he couldn't save you?”

Trying desperately to pull away, Andrea fought against Brendon, who only laughed at her for her efforts. Finally grabbing her wrist and holding it so firmly to the point that her hand went numb, Andrea was dragged from the office, fighting and screaming as she was pulled unwillingly to Beckett's new temporary home.

Led into the recently decorated basement room that still smelled of paint, Andrea cried out in shock and pain as Brendon spun her around and threw her to the floor. Pushing herself up until she was sitting, she cradled her still painful and possibly broken wrist. Immediately in front of her, perhaps only two feet away at most were a pair of long slender legs, immaculately dressed in a smart Italian suit. Not able to bring herself to look up, Andrea kept her mind firmly fixed on Joe, praying she would see him again.

“You're not pleased to see me?” Beckett asked with mock hurt in his tone.

Visibly trembling, partly with fear, partly with the effort of not crying, Andrea continued to look down. She had been independent and strong, but too many things had happened to her, too many times she'd stared death in the face. It seemed likely, that this time, death would take her. At least, considering the options of death and being turned into a vampire, she hoped it would be death.

Beckett reached down and, placing a finger under her chin, raised her head to look at him. Immediately she pulled away and looked down again.

“Brendon,” Beckett spoke, his voice dulled with anger.

Stepping forward, Brendon grabbed a handful of Andrea's hair and forced her head back until she looked directly at Beckett. He smiled as he saw the fear in her eyes, the pallor in her skin and noted her erratic breathing.

“Well now,” Beckett's smile widened to almost seem kindly meant, “your hunter friends have caused me so many problems. My home is gone, my Coven, my status. I'd say that entitled me to some revenge, wouldn't you?”

“No!” she spat, finding reserves of strength she didn't know she had. “You deserve to die!”

Seizing her blouse and dragging her to her feet, Beckett slammed her viciously into the nearest wall.

“You forget, my dear,” he snarled. “I am dead, and very soon, you will be too!”

Andrea's eyes widened in horror, moments before Beckett threw her to the floor once more.

“Here,” Beckett handed two silk ties to Brendon. “Tie her up.”

Brendon smirked with pleasure, but he knew it was likely he'd have to rein himself in.

“How tight?” he asked.

Beckett glanced down at the terrified woman and nodded as he looked up once more to speak to his second.

“As you like,” he replied, settling in a chair to watch.

Pushing Andrea face down onto the floor, Brendon sat astride her to limit her annoying and futile struggles. Pulling her hands behind her back, Brendon wrapped one of the ties around her already painful wrists and pulled it unimaginably tight. Screaming in agony as she felt at least two of the bones in her wrist dislodge and dislocate, Andrea gasped for breath as the pain coursed through her.

“Tight enough for you?” Brendon asked without response. “No? Okay then.”

Another firm tug on the ends of the tie caused a sickening cracking sound as her left wrist broke in several places. Almost passed out with the pain, Andrea barely noticed Brendon securing her hands with a double knot before moving onto her ankles. The first loop of silk pulled around her ankles ground her bones together in a sickeningly painful move. A laugh from her tormentor told her that he was enjoying her pain and glad to be the one inflicting it.

“Brendon,” Beckett interrupted, with an equally amused tone. “Are you sure that's tight enough?”

“Maybe not, after all,” Brendon leaned down to whisper, “we don't want you getting away do we?”

Gripping the ends, Brendon pulled the ties tighter still, stretching them thin as he did. As he did, both of Andrea's ankles fractured. The surge of pain drove her instantly into unconsciousness, carried there by Brendon's laughter. Securing the knot, Brendon stood up.

“Well, I don't think she's going anywhere.”

“No,” Beckett grinned. “Now then, I imagine the others are on their way here to find her.”

“And we capture them?” Brendon grinned.

“No,” Beckett shook his head. “I want them to suffer much more than that. I want Joseph to fret over his girlfriend before mourning her loss, I want Andrew to see the team fall apart, before I kill him and I want to see Peter struggle with his human blood addiction.”

“You're sure he'll have that?” Brendon asked.

Beckett nodded and smiled cruelly. “You saw how quickly and easily he ate Simon. Oh, yes, he's struggling with it as we speak.”

“Good!” Brendon snapped. “You're right, why should we make this quick for them?”

“Now then, come with me, we have a meeting to go to.”

“You mean, a buffet?”

Beckett grinned. “My dear Brendon, I hope you have an appetite.”
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