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vodka and razor blades

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Warning! mentioning of self harming

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Bob’s P.O.V
I could see the hurt in his eyes, as I saw him holding Jimmy’s hand, kissing him laughing with him. Jimmy, the little dick, I break up with Gerard and he jumps in bed with him as soon as possible. It just kills me to see them kiss, to see them touch each other in the way I should be touching him, holding his hand, stroking his face, holding his back or waist.

I know I did wrong, I regret it, but I did it for him. As he was pounding into me, I closed my eyes and thought of Gerard fucking me, hearing Gerard’s moans and pants instead of some other guy. Then he hit it…my spot, I could resist, I couldn’t resist moaning out, enjoying the sinful pleasure he was give me.

I wanted it all over and done with, so I could just think of me and Gerard and our future. I was planning everything, I was going to look at apartments, find the perfect one that was perfect for us and surprise him on his birthday, this as his present.

I’ve messed up, I know, well I’ve recently become friends with vodka and razor blades, the many cuts I have all over my arm, showing what a stupid idiot I was, to cause pain on myself for letting my angel suffer.

I desire it, I desire it all.

A/N: Hope you like the short Bob P.O.V!
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