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Book thiefing gone wrong

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Elliot. She is a thief. Nothing major. Just books. She has a thirst for them. For their storys. For their wizdome. She steals them. She has the face of an angel. But the heart of the devil. She ca...

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I start to run. That was a close one. All for The path way. Hm. Seems worth it. Only hope so. It would be a waist of time if it sucks. Oh well. Another prize for my colection.

I hold it like a gem. Run my fingures on the soft edges. They're soft and even. The cover shows only a dirt path in winter. I get chills just looking at it. My favorite season. No one can see you run in the blankets that come down. I can only stare as seconds fly past me.

"Elliot! This is twice today!" my best friend, Emma jones, she my right mind that never specks loud enough or too late. In this case, too late.

"So? It's just the trill I need to get through this day. This boring boring day." I shove the book in my lunch box.

"Ugh. I knew that book was bad news! But no one listens to Emma!" she complains. Please, I get enough from mom now her too? Where's Ariel? She's all for my stealing!

"Just give it a rest. It's time to go home." I open my locker and get my book bag and one book. It's not one I stole. Just a text book. I don't even have work for it. I did it already. Oh well. I have another gem so I'm fine.

I walk with Emma to our bus. She lives down the street from me. Together we own that bus. Eeven though we're ninth graders, all the others just shut up and listen to their iPods. The boys cause a problem but we have it under control.

When I step foot on the bus I smell sweat and bodies. It sicken me. Why do you think it's okay for guys to spray axe every where?! So that gag worthy stench doesn't get around.

"Hey, hot suff" Tony benatro called at me. I simply turn and glare. "Rumor has it that your the book thief. Any truth behind it?"

I scoff "Please. The book thief has got it all wrong. Too many people was them. If I was the book thief, no one would even know there was one." I turn my long brown hair in his face. Moments later I get a text saying good cover from Emma. "That it was" we laugh at the stupid minds of the student body. And the knowing, they know not to spill. They know what will happen.

"Oh yeah burns? Who do you think it is?" Reed lee yelled.

"I don't have a theory. Too many people. Who ever it is has to be smart, cunning, and a very good runner." end of sentance!

"So like Jaklynn Edwards? She's all those things." some one In The crowd yelled.

"Good guess. I'll put a bet on her!" I mask my self so well it's scary!

"I think it's a guy. No chick can be that smart." ugh. Jace withers. He one of my closest friends. There for he knows damn well who it is. He snickers in my ear. He lives sadly next door to Emma. So every day is fun!

"Shut it ass hole! We can do as much as a man!" I yell as we turn onto our street. I didn't even know we're moving!

"Looks like I'll be free of you in a few minutes." he throws his book bag over his sholder and stands.

"Ass hole." I push him out of my way and brush my hair in his face. He hates it when I do that!

As I move I hear some one saying."Tomarrow, I'm going to catch the book thief!"

As if. No matter what happends tomarrow, no ones going to catch me.
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