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She hunts my thoughts

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Jason's P.O.V.

I sit there with my note book safly tucked under my arm.

But one thing still chews at me, I can't get the book thief out of my mind. She naws at my mind, she won't let go. She has a simple beautiy to her. So simple yet so amazing. Wait a second! How am I talking about this?! She's just a sneaky little bitch who tryed to steal my note book. Screw her! Screw that stealing bitch!

I rub my eyes. Trying to get her out of my mind. As they shut i see her face. My eyes shoot open and my back straightens. I hate this. This hasn't happend to me since I was tweleve! Plus she a little freshman. I never did any thing that stupid last year. Ugh. Little bitch.

The bell rings. I sling my backpack over my shoulder. I start to walk, leaving this hell hole. I hate it here so much. Only six more years. I am planing to be a doctor. But the last four will be much better.

I go into the main hall way. Nothing left between me and my bus.

Suddenly I slam into the locker lined walls. I hear the words "Freak" being yelled. Warm hands touch me. I look, book thief was holding me. Anger filled her eyes as she looks at the football player who pushed me. "Stay te fuck away from him ass hole!" she screamed.

He looks amused. He takes her by the wrist. Something bubbles inside me. It feels red hot. But she doesn't keep it there for long. She twists it behind his back. She slames him to the ground. His face hit the floor hard. Blood started to pour out. He yelped. She let him go. Only because a teacher was coming.

He linked arms with me and acted like she was talking. Once the teacher left, she took her arm away. She smiles. It lightens her face.

"Thanks for letting me do that. I would have gotten another detention this week!" she laughs.

"Why did you do that?" I skip right to the chase. No need in hidng.

"Because you kept my secret. And I thought, I don't know, we could be friends." she shrugs. Even that small lift of her hair coases me to stare.

"I'd like that...?"


Elliot great name for a girl. No scarcazum. It's, beautiful.

I smile. "Elliot" she smiles back and nods.

"So what's in that book?" she looks at it and shivers. I want to hold her to keep her warm, but I don't.

"Stories, dreams and things that have happend to me." once she reads it, she'll laugh and leave. No one believes that these thing happend.

"I can feel it from here. It's dark. And kinda..." she with draws what she was about to say. I know what she was thinking.

"You can say it. I don't care"


"Whatever. You got a cell?"

"Nope I live in the stone ages. I'm a Jew! We invented cell phones!" she whips out a phone and hands it to me. I pull out mine and give it to her. I add my number.

"Here" I say quietly. She takes it and hands me my own. She smiles again. God, why is she so happy? How can any one be happy?

"Well I gotta go. My sisters picking me up. See you tomarrow?"

I nod.

After she's gone from sight, I take out my iPod. I start to blare slipknot, chiodos, and Hollywood undead. As they say: we are young, born in this world as it all falls apart. Spoken with a load of truth with ever word.
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