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The Legend of Zelda Sacred Water

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Ganondorf has attacked again and this time is victories against Link thanks to the help of another evil force. What happens when another hero from another world comes to rescue Link, Leonardo the T...

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The Legend of Zelda/Sacred Water

Chapter 1

Aid of a reptile

A war has been going on in hyrule, a war that could forever change hyrule. Even Link himself couldn't be prepared for what was coming his way. Although Link may of been able to defeat Ganondorf he had no idea what was coming his way. This new evil with the help of Ganondorf sealed the hero of all time in a magic chamber where he lays there as they take over hyrule. They have captured princess Zelda and are currently destroying the triforce power to blacken all of Hyrule. With the hero Link out of the picture who will stop them? The story continues in the lost woods.

A young Kokiri girl gathers a group of other kokiri's.

"are you sure this dark magic is going to work, we've tried it like fifty times now." Mido said as he sat next to the rest of them.

"of course it will work, all we have to do is really focus our minds." Cilly said

"are you sure we can teleport a warrior here by meditating?" Mido said

Cilly pulls out a book that is black with a gold stripe on the collar.

"I'm quite positive it will work, so everyone focus." Cilly said

Everyone closes there eyes and they begin to meditate.

An hour passes by.

"I can't take this anymore, I've had enough, it's useless!" Mido yelled.

Everyone walks off with Mido. Cilly sits there and cry's.

"don't worry Link I will find a way to get you back." Cilly said

Cilly wraps a brown sweater around herself and runs off with her book to the mountains. She finally reaches the mountains ten days later. Cilly lays the book on the ground and spreads some black dust onto the book. The book begins to get surrounded by flames. The sky begins to turn a purple black as it begins to rain, thunder, and lightening shoots around her.

"One last time won't hurt." Cilly said

Cilly closes her eyes and begins to meditate.

Many Centuries into the feature.

On the Roof Tops of New York city.

"Michalangelo!" Leonardo said as he approached him.

"come on Leo I'm taking a comic break." Mikey said.

"Leo let him have his break, me and you are up next." Raphael said.

Leonardo and Raphael jump into the air and throw out a kick. Raphael goes crashing to the ground as Leonardo lands on his feet.

"Hey Donny, how is that new hover board coming?" Leonardo said.

"it's doing ok, but I think we should head back to the sewers, night security is coming out pretty soon." Donatello said.

In the sewer.

Four Ninja Turtles train with each other.

"Leo, how about coming over here to train with the rest of us!" Raphael yelled.

"yah Leo, even Don got off of his computer to come train." Mikey said.

"give Leonardo a break you two, he's trying to mediate." Donatello said.

"race you to the video games Raph!" Mikey yelled.

Raph and Mikey run off as Donatello heads back over to his computer.

Soon the room begins to fill with electricity.

"what's going on?" Don said.

Donatello pulls out his bow staff and leaps out of his chair. Don runs off to go get Raph and Mikey. As he leaves the room, Leonardo disappears.

Back centuries ago.

Cilly opens her eyes as electricity suddenly begins shooting out of the book.

"what's going on, is it working?" Cilly said.

Finally after a minute standing right in front of her is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Leonardo. Cilly stands to her feet in excitement.

"can you understand what I'm saying?" Cilly asked.

"where am I?" Leo asked.

"yes the magic worked, not only did I transport him here but he can speak the language." Cilly said.

"gosh, I must be deep into meditation." Leonardo said.

Cilly grabs his arm.

"excuse me sir, your not meditating, I kinda brought you here." Cilly said.

"what, what do you mean?" Leonardo asked.

"sit down, I will explain everything to you." Cilly said.

Two hours pass by.

"so you want me to sneak into the castle and free this guy named Link." Leo asked.

"exactly." Cilly said.

"how will I get home?" Leonardo asked.

"don't worry I have a spell to send you home as soon as you free Link." Cilly said.

"how far is this castle from here." Leonardo asked.

Cilly points down the mountain.

"we have a long way to go, we better get moving." Cilly said.

The two of them head down the mountain. A week finally passes by when they reach the lost woods.

"It's much quicker coming down then up." Cilly told him.

"isn't it always like that?" Leo added.

"there are my friends." Cilly said

"look who's back." Mido said.

"hello everyone." Cilly said.

"so did you finally meditate a warrior here?" Mido asked.

everyone begins to laugh, at that second Leonardo steps out of the shadows holding one of his swords. Everyone's laughter goes to dead silences.

"I know he's not prince charming, but he fights under a study called Ninjutsu." Cilly told them.

Everyone runs past her to greet the Ninja Turtle Leonardo.

"well, I guess, your welcome." Cilly said.

After everyone says there hellos Leo walks back over to Cilly.

"where is the castle?" Leonardo asked.

"I'm not going with you, just keep walking that way, you will make it to the hyrule fields and if you keep going you'll see a bridge to enter the city." Cilly said.

"where do I go from there?" Leo asked.

"Just keep walking around and you should see it." Mido added in.

"do you guy's have any floor plants of the castle, which floor is he being held on." Leonardo asked.

Mido hands him a map.

"that should be helpful once you get inside." Mido said.

"be careful there are guards everywhere." Cilly said.

"I'm a ninja remember, I've been trained for this stuff." Leonardo told her.

Leo walks off with the map.

Hyrule Fields.

"I've got two guards to the right and two to the left." Leonardo said

As the Guards crisscross each other Leo quickly slides under them.

"dodged that bullet." Leo thought to himself.

The bridge begins to raise. Leo quickly leaps into the air and makes it through in time.

"this must be the city, now to find the castle." Leonardo said.

Leo runs into a dark ally.

"this is like an ancient New York City, I wonder how my bros are doing." Leo said.

Leo finally spots the castle. Leo does a side flip over the tall black fence guarding the castle.

"looks like I have myself a couple more guards, I can't afford to knock them out and another sees it and reports it." Leonardo said.

Leo continues to move with stealth as he slides and flips pass the guards. Leo finally makes it to the side of the castle. He pulls out his ninja grippers and begins to climb up the wall.

"I'm almost there, just a little more." Leo thought to himself.

Leonardo finally makes it.

"Looks like I will have to cut these bars to get in." Leo thought to himself.

Leo cut's the bars and lands on his feet with a small tap. Leonardo then pulls out his map to observe where he is.

"ok, Link is two floors below me." Leonardo said.

Leo begins to runs towards a door when it begins to open.

"oh great, busted." Leo said.

The door swings open and Ganondorf enters the room.

"I thought I heard something." Ganondorf says.

Leonardo looks down at Ganondorf as he holds himself between the logs on the ceiling.

Ganondorf once again exits the room. Leo quietly jumps down from the ceiling.

"that was to close, I better find a better way down." Leonardo says.

Leo opens a vent and hops in. Then he crawls through the vents.

Leonardo comes to a stop.

"this is as far as I can go." Leonardo says.

Leo opens the vent and jumps down. He is in a room filled with gold treasures, with an all red and gold carpet covering the room.

"wow it's all so beautiful." Leo said.

Leo turns around to see a cage. Laying inside the cage is Princess Zelda.

"wow, who is she." Leonardo said.

Leo walks up to the cage.

"She's even more beautiful then all that gold." Leo said.

He sits there and dazes off for a minute.

"Ok Leo, your a turtle, she's not, it couldn't work out, besides your suppose to be looking for Link." Leonardo said.

Leo takes one last glance at her.

"once I get Link out, I promise we'll be back." Leo said.

Leo leaves the room and begins running down some stony stairs. He finally reaches a floor with many halls.

"ok, this is the floor, ok now which path to pick." Leo said.

Leo looks down at the map. Leonardo picks the path pointing forward. Leo finally comes into a room with many laser beams and at the end a steal door.

"what is going on here, how do they have this type of technology?" Leo said.

Leo does a run jump a fly's right past the laser beams.

"that was to close, I bet they have an alarm system to." Leonardo said.

Leo cut's the lock off of the door and opens it. A red portal appears, it try's to suck Leonardo in. Leo sticks his hand in and uses all of his force and pulls out Link.

The door closes behind him and the lasers go off.

"now to get out of here." Leo said.

Leo runs out of that room and begins heading down the long steps. He finally makes it to out side.

"well I guess I get to go home, wait my promise." Leo said.

Leonardo glances at the castle and what he sees walk past the window leaves him breathless.

"shredd, no it can't be, I must be seeing things." Leonardo said.

Leonardo throws Link over his shoulders and jumps over the fence then makes his journey back to the lost woods.

Lost Woods.

"ha, I'm pretty sure the guards have caught him by now." Mido said.

Cilly: "no, he will be here I'm sure of it, just a couple more hours that's all."

Leo walks in on there conversation and lays Link onto the ground in front of them.

"sorry to make you two worried." Leo said.

Mido looks down at Link in surprise, he had no idea Leonardo would return.

"so may I go home now." Leonardo asked.

"I can't believe you did it?" Cilly said.

"well I said I was a ninja." Leo said.

"how did you sneak past them, how did you return with Link in the first two hours!" Cilly yelled.

"Cilly as much as I would like to explain I must return home." Leonardo said.

"oh sorry I can get you home in no time." Cilly said.

Link manages to speak out.

"no, you, you can't go I need your, your help." Link said.

Leo looks down at Link.

"he's speaking." Mido said.

"you don't need my help, you know these guy's more then I do." Leo told him.

"not, not exactly." Link said.

Link pulls out a ripped symbol out of his green Tunic and holds it out to Leo. Leonardo kneels over him and takes the piece of cloth. Leo grids his teeth together as he looks at the piece of cloth.

"what is it?" Mido asked.

"Leo, what's wrong?" Cilly asked.

"The Foot." Leonardo said.

To Be Continued
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