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Frank is long past the age of finding his Host, until he stumbles upon a beautiful man labeled as a "failed specimen", soon to be put to the death.

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Why couldn’t I just be normal like everyone else and find my Host? After all I’m 20 years old, we are supposed to find them when we turn 17. Not me. We have to imprint upon our Host- our humans for life to feed off of, to put it short. All my friends had them and were incredibly happy, but me, I was still stuck drinking synthetic blood from glass bottles, it was horrible.

My guide was taking me through the rooms, but none were catching my eye. They were all beautiful men , but none would ever be mine. We reached the end of the building and the sharp featured woman looked at me with worry. “Frank, no one?” She asked.

“No one.” I said sadly.

“Frank,” She pulled me closer. “This is the last Host warehouse in the country, you have to make a decision.”

I shook my head. “I’m sorry, there are none here I like, are you sure this is all that you have?” I asked gesturing to the humans.

She hesitated. “There is……another, but someone put him on hold, but if you offer a better price….”

“I’m loaded.” I declared. “Show me?”

She nodded, and I found myself being lead down through another hall, down through stairs, and into a long tunnel, she drew back the curtain to a large windowed room, inside was a pale thin blonde boy with big green eyes- no emotion or spark.

“No.” I said sadly.

She sighed and her phone rang, walking off to answer her call. I leaned against the wall, would I ever find the one, my him?

I noticed another curtained window down the hall, curiously, I wondered down, slowly pulling away the curtain. It was just any other room like any other, white walls and black furniture, but when my eyes laid on the boy casually sitting in his bed reading a comic.

I felt part of my being surge through the wall to him. He had to be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. He was taller then me, but who wasn’t? His skin was creamy pale, and his shoulder length raven hair fell perfectly around his heart shaped face. His eyes were fixed on the comic, he had the cutest nose, and lips that looked very inviting. His body wasn’t thin and muscular like all the men here, but he was gorgeous.

“Frank?” The woman had come back. “Frank what are you doing?”

Realizing my face was pressed to the glass, I stepped back to look at her. “Him,” I said breathlessly, “I want him.”

She frowned. “Frank, you can’t possibly want him, he’s one of the few failed specimens.”

The woman was crazy. “I have to have him.”

“He’s being put down in the morning.” She continued.

“What!” I demanded, they would not do anything to that man in there as long as I was still breathing. “I want him!” I looked back into the window only to have my eyes meet with his big hazel ones and full dark lashes. I was melting, this had to be what it felt like. “Listen, I don’t care the price, I have to have him.” I told her desperately.

After a moment she shrugged. “If that’s what you want, but he’s a failed specimen.”

“How so?”

“Appearance.” she said. “His body has a little more weight then standard, and his hair is so dark and his skin turned out a little too pale.”

“No, he’s perfect.” I said.

She retrieved a card from her jacket pocket. “Would you like to go in, maybe tell him who you are, and that you’ll be taking him home?”

Excitement surged through me, I told her yes and she swiped the card in the door reader and I was able to go in. The room smelt- oh dear god, he smelt wonderful, like heaven! My fangs shot out from my gums, but I would be ok, I had fed before coming here.

He looked up at me with innocent eyes, eyes I would get lost In if I wasn’t careful.

“Hello, I’m Frank.” I told him, feeling the urge to reach out and touch him.

“Hi Frank.” He said slowly.

I couldn’t help but smile, he was so beautiful. “What’s your name?”

“Gerard.” He said.

Gerard………I liked it, odd name but it fit him perfectly.

“Well Gerard, would you like to come with me?”

His eyes widened a little, his bottom lip quivered. “They told me it wasn’t until tomorrow.”

“What?” I asked confused, then I had remembered the woman saying “put down”. “No!” I said quickly, making him jump. “Fuck no, I’m not letting that happen to you!”

“Your not?”

“No!” I said. “I’m taking you, I want you to be my Host!”

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