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Last Chapter of Lycans.

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Vampires Will Never Hurt You But Lycans Might.

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Lilli-anna's P.O.V

Deep soul-eating black, jealous forrest green, swirly moody blues, jaded purple and couragious blood red; would be the perfect way to describe how I was feeling right now. Everyone was crowded round the bar hastily planning. Ideas were flowing and the mood was nothing but somber.
I froze halfway through explaining the latest idea. Everything was changing, the whole world seemed to be shifting. The future was re-writing itself. Every plan I had made was now pointless. The doors flew open, ripping right off their hinges and slamming into the walls either side.

Bert strode in alive and as well as I'd ever saw him.
"But...b-but your dead" gasped Rachel, out of the corner of my eye I saw her hands fly down to cover her swollen stomach. Bert let out a high, cold laugh.
"Or so you thought" he smirked. "No matter, you're just a silly little human, soon to be a silly little DEAD human" Frank let out a venom dripping hiss. I'd never seen him so pissed. His eyes went straight to coal black and his fangs were longer than I'd ever seen them. His whole body tensed up ready to rip Bert's throat out. Now this was more like it!
Georgia silently turned into her tiger form just left of me. I heard her front two paws almost silently land against the cold concrete. Myrnin was rubbing his hands getting ready for some blood shed. Even Mikey looked angry, his face contorted in sheer rage. I shuddered as I realised how much he looked like his brother in that moment. This could not happen...I had to be detatched...

The Elders looked impartial as ever but I could feel their smugness practically radiating off them in waves. Adrik's eyes burned deeply into tiger Gee's. A growl snapped out from between her powerful jaws. He was trying and failing to control her. I could feel her resistance slipping. Electricity was beginning to snap and crackle between my fingers, I couldn't help but give her a little boost. His head snapped back as though he had been punched by an invisable fist. His head raised back up, he looked confused. A smile tugged at my lips but I willed it to stay pulled down slightly at the corners in a displeased way.

Roscov's deep burgandy eyes examined each of us in turn. He saw my friends, my family, willing to die for me. His brain was whirring so fast I could barely keep up. But he wanted me to read his thoughts. He wanted me to see every plan of attack they had, for every minouvere we had they had one to match. He was showing me that no matter what happened he would win. But I could see there was one thing he hadn't accounted for or didn't know about it

Rachel's P.O.V

Ohgodohodohgodohgodohgod!!! This was it, the end of my life as I know it. My kid would never grow up, I'd never know how he or she turned out. Frankie would survive, he had to survive. I don't see how it was possible for him not to. Bert was intent on killing me, if that's what it took to save my family then I would. What was my life compared to those who I loved? Not like I was doing much with mine.

I took a deep breath before stepping around Frankie, past tiger Gee, running my hands through her fur did so. I felt her lean into my touch slightly. I gave Mikey's hand a gentle squeeze before making sure to lock eyes with Lilli. She saw my plan and nodded. I could swear I saw a slight tear in those jet black eyes but I'm human, so it was most likely a trick of the light.
I could hear Frankie screaming and cursing at me to come back to him. I knew Lilli and Mikey was holding him back. I felt something touch my leg as I walked towards my death. Georgia was walking with me to the bitter end. She hadn't wanted me to be completely alone. Frankie's voice was washed out, like I was underwater.

I stood before the Elders, my hands still covering my stomach, just natural instinct I guess. Bert licked his lips and winked at me, I shuddered gently. But regained my focus when I thought about why I was doing this.
I took a deep breath and began.
"I'm ready to die" I simply said. The Elders looked at me with great intrest.
"And why is this human?" I'm guessing this must have been the 'Grand High Vampire' because he was the first one to adress me.
"The name's Rachel" I snapped some what bravely. Tiger Gee nudged me, a warning of sorts. I gently nudged back, telling her I got it.
"Why am I ready to die? Because I don't want you to kill my family that's why. By getting rid of me then the problem of secrecy is solved" They all looked taken aback by my words.
"You all feel like that...that this human is family?" asked the red headed female Elder in suprise. I turned around to see my "family" nod back, Mikey nodded enthusiastically and Myrnin rolled his eyes before giving a small kurt nod, I think mostly because Lilli was kicking his shins. The look of sheer sadness on Frankie's beautiful face broke my heart. My beautiful fallen angel.
"Very well...obviously the problem is worse than I thought" I turned around to see them all nodding wisely at each other.
"There is very clearly one course of action here...Since you are very much all entangled in each others lives. Then you should all die, starting with the HUMAN girl"
Before I had even a chance to get my head around it I felt something pounce on me, cold skeleton like fingers closed around me neck, my pulse was beating wildly in my ears. This was it, I was going to die.

Lilli-anna's P.O.V

A blood curdeling scream of 'NOOOOO!' echo'd around the room. Frankie was running as faster than he'd ever done towards Rachel but it was too late. Bert dropped her limp body, a little bloody trickled out the corners of her mouth.
"I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU FOR REAL THIS TIME YOU BASTARD!!!" Frank screamed, before Bert could even re-act his neck had been snapped, definatly for real this time. He had fooled everyone. Made them see Myrnin snapping his neck and drinking the blood. Myrnin was insane anyway so it's why he never noticed about the whole no blood thing, He had made up for it later on that day though. Bert dropped to the ground as Frank went to town on him. Ripping apart Bert's body into little bits, throwing the occaisional part around the room. Carnage errupted around them. So the war had begun. Where the fuck was Ray?!

Frank was desperatly trying to get to the Elder's but Roscov used his powers of minipulation to stop him dead in his tracks. Georgia was runnning rings around the stray vampires, snapping her teeth at them when they got too close, leading them straight to Myrnin who with a quick flick of his wrist killed them. He had a feast that night.

Lightning and thunder crackled over head as Anastasia began changing the climate indoors, making it slighly harder to see. Not that we could get near Eldres anyway. She had created a force field of hurricane wind around them. Rachel's heartbeat was rapidly failing, she had five minutes left if she was lucky. I sat on the bar as everyone fought for their lives. I moved my hands slightly every now and again giving everyone the best advantages and the occaisional boosts. Ray still hadn't turned up and I made a mental note to kill him if I survived.

Mikey turned out to be suprisingly good at battle, he was pretty basic but occasioanlly he'd have these little moments of sheer genius. I couldn't help but keep a very close eye on him. He was the only living reminder of Gerard, I forced myself to think the word. I had to keep him close.

Just then Lycans came bursting in the side doors. Their muzzles were wrinkled as their snarls ripped through their bared fangs. Those basatrds! Thy had enlisted their own enemy for hundereds of years to help destroy us. I stood up and cracked my knuckles, getting ready for the fight of my life. When one of them padded over to me, it had reddish brown fur and deep brown eyes the same colour of...Ray's?
"Ray?" I asked. The fighting had stopped, no-one moved from there fighting stances. Anastasia kept her hurricane shield up.
The Lycan bowed it's head.
"How could you?" I snarled. Oh now I was mad! The Lycan looked into my eyes.
I'm keeping my word. I'm-we're- here to the bitter end...I admit in the beginning I was a spy but I see now who the real enemy is his eyes flicked to the Elders and back. I could see the truth in them.
"Show us what ya got pretty boy" I teased. He rolled his eyes and head butted my hand like a sort of high-five. I couldn't help but feel un-easy with all thse Lycans stinking up the place but I saw the truth in Ray's eyes. There was no way to hide it.

I stalked forward, Georgia falling into step next to me.
"Till the end" I smirked. She gave her wheezy tiger giggle. Before giving a slight growl as a command to all the Lycans who now flanked us. Frank was craddling Rachel's body, as tears coursed down his face. He was whispering sweet nothings to her, simple words of love and empty promises of making her well.

My power wasn't going to last much longer and neither was I but I wasn't going dwell on that just yet. I planted my feet ready for the resistance I was about to feel. The Elders looked too smug, well I was about to change that. I flicked both of my hands out in front of me. Creating a hole in the shield. Anastasia smirked, not feeling the intrusion yet. I pusahed my hands outwards and her shield exploded momentarily stunning everyone before tiger Gee roared lunged forward into a full speed run, the Lycans growled running after her into battle.

Anastasia was blown backwards onto her butt by my push. She jumped back up and hissed, before transfering her power to her hands were she would have a higher concentration of it. She pushed back with a jet of sheer flames. I could smell the singed hair. She kept this up until I fought back, my power was stronger for now but I didn't know how long it would last. I could hear the whimpers and thudding of dead Lycans. Georgia was just managing to stay in-front of Roscov's beam. But I couldn't help her just yet. Adrik began controling some of the Lycans, one of them lunged for me but Anastasia had me locked in. Out of no-where Frank pounced on it. The Lycan fell straight to the ground and snapped out of its trance. It gave Frank a slight nod of thanks before re-joining the fight.

Ray true to his word guarded a dying Rachel with his life. Mikey stuck with Myrnin prefering to herd them rather then actually kill anyone. Concidering how he was I suppose that was better for him.

I nodded at Anastasia for Frank to strike. He smirked showing off his impossible large fangs and lunged at her, sinking them straight into her neck. She howled and tried to rip Frank off her. There were now more dead Lycans than alive ones which was worrying but that's not was I was thinking about. With Anastasia suitably distracted I turned my attention to Adrik. I stroled over to him, he ordered Lycans to attack me but I brushed them off with a wave of my hand turning them back to their original target, him. I completely blocked his power and he began stumbling backwards away from us. He tripped over a conveniently placed crouching Lycan. I nodded for them to continue.

I turned my back against them as his cries and shrieks echod around the room. Frank looked particularly ferral battling against Anastasia who was using every cheat in the book and then some. I gave Frank a little boost and he snapped her arm off. I heard her howl in rage.
"She's mine" I smirked and ran over. Frank backed off and went to check on Rachel. I crept over and back handed her while she was kneeling on the floor, looking for her arm. Which Frank had taken with him and was now trying to strangle him.
"That was for Gerard" I hissed. She flipped over in mid-air and landed on her back. A bright red hand print now decorationg her face. I saw her begin to jump up but stuck my foot out so her neck bounced off it and sent her tumbling back against the floor. I pinned her there, the heel of my boot digging sharply in. Her breathing was course, I could see the fire building in her eyes. She was building up for one sharp burst. I forced it back against her and she screamed as the fire burned her inside, her eyes went blank and her skin fell in a pile on the floor as all that was left inside was ash. Kill or be killed.

2 Elders down, one to go. Roscov swept a beam around him, only I could see it. The rest of the Lycans except Ray fell to the ground like stone, dead. Ray let out a solitary howl for his fallen commrades.
"This ends now" I gasped. My power was vastly running out and the evil was beginning to fade.
"You're weak" Roscov snarled. "No match for my infinate power. And after you're gone I'm going to kill all your "family". You're pathetic you know that." Roscov continued on on his monolog. I could feel my anger building. No-one and I mean no-one talks about my friends and family like that. One last final burst of energy built up, now all I neeed was a distraction.
Mikey came running full force at him, screaming like a banshee.
"SHUT UP!!! SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT MY FAMILY, YOU KNOW NO-" Roscov clicked his fingers and with that Mikey's life was over. That was the final straw. I used the 2 second gap inbetween Rsocov killing someone and his power returning to fire my beam. He laughed gloatingly before freezing. He looked down at himself. A hole, taking up pretty much all of his torso had been blown out of him. He looked down in horror before exploding in a shower of dust. We'd done the impossible! We had killed the Elders.

The last of the evil drained out of me, I felt everything return to normal. Before everything turned black.

Georgia's P.O.V

I felt the last of my body realign back into place and ran over as my best friend crumbled to the floor next to a dead Mikey. Her hair once more was bright purple and in loose ringlets. Her eyes, if they had been open, would have been the brightest electric blue.
"Lilli, oh please talk to me, please please please!" Nothing. I slapped her and still nothing happened.
"I said please and everything" I whined slightly, nudging her, just like I always did. And then she'd roll her eyes and still say no.
"I can see them Gee...they're all smiling and waving...they want me to join them...I-I don't think I have a choice" a hysterical giggle escaped her lips.
"Who do you see?" I whispered, brushing hair off her face.
"I see...I sister, Emmeline, my poor sweet Mikey and Gerard...oh my beautiful Gerard, I've missed you" I'd never heard such sheer happiness in her voice before. I almost burst into tears watching my best friend converse with the dead that I knew she could probably see.
"Good-bye Miss Cherry" I whispered, quickly kissed her cheek and then turned away before I completely lost it and cried. I motioned for everyone to come say their good-bye's, she only had minutes left.

Ray gently nudged her cheek and gave it a small lick. Before Myrnin shook her hand saying how it was a shame he never got to at least have a little nibble at her because he was sure she was taste rather splendid. I could still hear her babbling to Gerard but her voice was fading. Frank ran from Rachel's side. Lilli look up at him with wide innocent eyes.
"Now, do it now. Laters midget" she laughed slightly before voilently coughing. Frank hugged her body, it seemed to be shrinking and becoming more frail by the minute. Frank ran back over to Rachel. He didn't know what to do.
Rachel was cirlcing the drain and he knew it.
"Do it Frankie" came Lilli's weak cry.
"This is it" she giggled. "I can feel it" Her eyes rolled back into her head, her skin began to bubble and change. Her hair began to grow and change colour, the curls straightening themselves out. Her body became painfully thin. It rose into the air and exploded into a little pure white ball of light. It was like something out of the X-Files. A black ball floated down from the ceiling and circled gracefully around the white ball. They twirled and danced in mid-air. They came to each of us in turn, bobbing slightly. I'm guessing it was like their final good-bye. They circled faster and faster together before shooting right through the ceiling, heaven-wards.

Frankie's P.O.V

Rachel's life was about to be over in a matter of seconds. If I turned her it would have to be now. You couldn't change someone who was...dead...
"I'm so sorry" I whispered before sinking my fangs into the soft warm flesh of her neck. I felt the warm blood gush into my mouth. I moaned slightly from the beautiful taste. Tears began to pour again as I injected the venom. I put a lot in, hoping it would change her faster.
"I'm so sorry" I whispered as her screams began.

[*Well chicks, that's it. It's the end :( I know I've left it open for a sequel, ish. But I don't think they'll be one. Even thought I'm pretty sure no-one wants one. Lol. I love you guys so so so much. This story's been here for me through a lotta tough shit. It's my baby of sorts. I've poured such real emotion into it and it still sucked! Ah well, laters biatches! review one last time. Pwease?

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