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Stranger In A Strange Land

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A little surprise and a fun night for one lucky gal ;) [oneshot]

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I tried to make it as filthy as possible without giving too much away...I want you to use your imagination ;) (and I don't feel all too comfortable writing extremely erotic stuff xD)

Thank you to katm288 for giving me this idea while talking to her the other's an idea that came up during one of our many perverted conversations xD I LOVE YOU KAITIE! haha. Oh, and it's also based around one of our inside jokes so if you find it stupid, it'd make a lot more sense if you knew how we came up with it hehe.

PS I know the way the characters meet is similar to my story A Little Piece Of Heaven, but it has different content.

Sorry for the rant haha. Now, please enjoy my first 30 Seconds To Mars story :)


ding. 'New Message From Kaitie'. I looked at my facebook page and laughed at the comment made, "you hoeslut!" Only we would call each other such names and still mean it in a loving way.

My conversation with my best friend was rudely interrupted by a knock on the door. I rolled my eyes and sent a message on the chat box, "I'll brb. Someone at the door." I got up from the couch to open the door and when I did, I wouldn't believe what I was seeing. All my life (or since the beginning of my teenaged years), I have dreamed about this but never thought it would come true. There he was, Jared Leto, standing in all his glory. Wearing nothing but his jeans...and kinda wet. "Ummmm..." "Uh hi! Can I borrow your phone?" "Uh, sure. Come in." I gave him the phone and quickly ran over to my computer. "JARED FUCKEN LETO IS IN MY HOUSE!!!" "No way! I don't believe you...." I pulled out my phone and quickly, and sneakingly, snapped a picture of him and sent it to Kaitie. Seconds later, my computer dinged. "HOLY SHIT! He really is there!...He needs a taco." I laughed in hysterics but soon heard him get off the phone. "LMAO! For sures. Ok, brb again." I looked up at the man standing in front of me and stood up and smiled.

"Okay, so this is gonna sound creepy but my ride won't be here for a few hours and I have no where else to wait, do you mind if I stay here?" HOLY FUCKEN SHIT! "Umm sure. Sit you want anything to drink?" "No I'm good." I sat down next to him after closing the computer and turned on the TV. After a while, the awkward silence was getting to me and him being shirtless and wet didn't help things. I just sat there thinking thank God I put on makeup and did my hair. I decided to break that silence, "um, okay, I need to ask...why are you shirtless and wet?" "Oh, one word, Shannon." I was confused. "Okay so let me tell you how I got into this situation. So me, Shannon, and Tomo were all hanging out by that fountain area. All of a sudden, Shannon pushed me into the fountain. So after cursing and laughing, I got out and took off my shirt so it could dry a little. And being the assholes they are, the guys took my shirt and ran off to the car and drove away. My phone was in my pocket when they pushed me in so it got water damaged and I wasn't able to call for a ride." Now, because it's me, I couldn't hide the laughter. I was cracking up so much from that story. It's so random! "Oh, thanks." He added a few chuckles here and there. "I'm sorrym it's just something that you don't hear everyday!"

So about an hour passed and within that hour, we got to talking and learned a whole lot bout each other. So time went on, and I just couldn't hold back's Jared! "So, I'm just gonna put this out there...I need a taco. And you probably would like one too." "Um, what?" "Nevermind." I took it upon myself to make the first move. I took off my hoodie revealing the low cut shirt I was wearing. It's times like these where I'm glad a have a rather full chest (xD). "Whoa..." I then attached myself to him and after a while I think he got what I meant and, surprisingly, he didn't pull away. Since it was already late, around 11 PM, I was thinking I should stop it before it got any further considering he would get picked up soon. It would be rather embarrassing getting into a car with a pitched tent ('cause, believe me, I could feel a tent starting to be built). He thought the same too and pulled away...but decided on a different decision. "Wait wait wait, if this is going to happen, I need to make another quick phone call." "What do you mean?" "Tell them to pick me up tomorrow." He winked and headed towards the phone. Oh my God. Is this really happening? Soon enough, he came back with a smirk plastered on his face, "now, where were we?" And he finished what we started.

The next morning, I woke up feeling disappointed knowing that he was leaving in a few hours. I looked around me and saw the aftermath of last nights actions. "oh my...I have some cleaning up to do." I looked next to me and saw him...the sex god. He still had no shirt on xD. I studied his resting face, the curves of his cheeks, the way his hair limply fell over his eyes...he was beautiful. He soon opened his eyes and those piercing blues were staring back at me. "Morning."

About an hour later, his ride was here. Bummer. We exchanged numbers and I waited at the door and watched as he got into the car and drove away. I went back inside and headed towards my computer so I could tell Kaitie her "what if...?" came true. As I logged onto facebook, my phone buzzed. Seeing it was from Jared, I quickly opened it and smiled as I saw what he wrote and I knew something is starting with is, "I need a taco..."

The End, hope you liked :)

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