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Broken hearts

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Rick and Ann discover they have something in common.

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Alright! This is my second Fic featuring Harvest Moon Characters. (I'm a fan, so sue me)
In this fic will feature a pairing nobody ever thought of before evil laugh.......................................................Okay, okay. It will be a short little oneshot featuring AnnXRick. Mentioning other pairings.

Disclaimer: I DO NOT and WILL NEVER own Harvest Moon More Friends of Mineral Town (at least not in any other form than in game form)

Broken Hearts

It was terribly lonely after Cliff left her for the new farmer, Claire. Ann could understand why Cliff left her, but could not quite forgive herself for giving him up so easily. After all who would spend the rest of their with someone who loved to clean?
Cliff was everything to her. He was sweet, considerate and gentle. Everything that Ann was not. She was quite rough and boisterous, but always had the best intentions. So what if her plans never worked out. It was the thought that counted, right?
Feeling rather miserable, Ann went on her usual morning walk to the spring. Today, however, she decided to take a detour and visit Claire first. Claire was after all one of her closest friends. Passing the Poultry Farm she noticed Rick sitting alone, talking to one of the chickens. The sight was not odd, Rick often talked to his chickens, but what he said caught Ann's attention.
'Ah, let's face it. I'll die all alone. No one will love a chicken freak....even sweet Karen deceided she was better off with Gray...everyone got someone except for me...'
'You are not the only one,' Ann said as she sat next to Rick. He looked questioningly at her. 'Cliff ran off with Claire.'
'Oh, I see. So we both will die all alone.'
'I guess so,' Ann sighed. 'Everyone's got someone. Elli got Doctor. Gray and Karen, Cliff and Claire...'
'Popuri and Kai,' Rick continued, 'Mary and Harris.'
'I thought Harris was waiting for Aja to return?' Ann questioned.
'Nah, heard Sasha say she got married in the city. Harris was pretty broken when he found out, but Mary seemed to cure him of his hurt.'
'What is?' Rick asked. This was the most he had ever talked to Ann. Usually she minded her own business and he did likewise. Now it seemed they were drawn together due to their broken hearts.
'I always thought Gray would end up with Mary, I mean he hangs out at the library often enough. And I always thought you and Karen would make it too...'
'I always thought you and Cliff had it good,' Rick said.
'Yeah...until...' Ann let the thought die, but Rick knew what she wanted to say. It went good until Claire came along. 'I don't blame him though. She's funny, sweet, adventurous...all the things I am not. I mean who wants to be with a neatbug tomboy?' Ann ranted as a single tear slipped down her cheek. She rubbed angrily at it.
'You think you've got it bad? I'm known as the 'chicken-freak'! Who would want to spend their time with a guy that talks to his chickens?'
'Why don't we then spend the time others don't want to spend with us together?' Ann asked, her blue eyes sparkled.
Rick smiled for the first time since Karen left him.
'Why don't we die with broken hearts together?'
Ann smiled back at Rick. For now they only needed to be with each other. Two broken hearts healing together.


Terrible, I know. Ann and Rick just doesn't seem to work. But leave your comments and let me know. Maybe I'll turn this into a long fic depending on your comments ;)
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