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Walking Contradictions (Gee/OFC)

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When Amelia spots a competition to be the support group for the popular Band ‘My Chemical Romance’ she takes a long shot and sends in a video of her locally popular band “Walking contradictio...

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This one's pretty short, also, I don't own MCR, I would be very rich if I did, I also wouldn't be here writing about them ^^

The distant sound of drums clattering could be heard in the spare room of Amelia Capel’s New York Flat. She and her band were setting up for a practice session that occurred every three or so days, whenever all the members had time off of work at the same time. As Amelia walked out of the room she informed her band mates she was simply popping out to check the mail.

She returned moments later a single letter in her hand, quickly opening it she quickly read through it, her eyes widening as she scanned it.

“Fuck” The simple cuss word escaped her lips in the form of a squeak.

“’Sup Lee?” came her brother, Milo’s voice.

“Read.” Was all she could say holding out the letter to him.

“Final warning, again?” Came Zac’s smooth voice, a smirk plastered on his handsome face.

“Shit, this is amazing!?” Milo’s said beaming a smile at his little sister. “Why didn’t you tell us you’d entered something like this?” he questioned raising an eyebrow.

“What were the fucking chances of us landing something like this? I entered on the off chance, I didn’t think we’d actually be like, picked or something!?” she answered, leaning on her kitchen counter, now the whole band was staring in awe at the letter, as though it was made from gold.

“So unless, for some reason we make a seriously bad impression, we’ve just landed what could be out ticket to the fame we’ve wanted for three years, wow,” Sam stated, seemingly in awe.

“Fuck practice, tonight I think we celebrate” Milo grinned, grabbing his leather jacket, which was hanging on the back of a stool in the kitchen

“I’m up for that,” Zac stated.

For Amelia, what she had deemed a long shot, a stab in the dark, was like a dream come true; literally. ‘My Chemical Romance’ was one of her favourite bands, she had been to see them live four times, and loved their unique style and clever meaningful lyrics. Never did she think she would have the opportunity to meet the band she looked up to almost as idols. This also had the potential to open up doors for them, into the world of music and fame, hopefully landing them some kind of contract.

As she walked to the nearest bar with her fellow band mates, she pulled out a cigarette, and looked over them all, thinking of the past.

Milo, had always been there, laughing at her mistakes, or picking her up when she fell, getting her in trouble on numerous occasions, but most of all being there when she was down and protecting her. His protectiveness was sometimes annoying, often being over the top, but it was his job, as her older brother.

Zac was Milo’s best friend, but also Amelia’s ex-boyfriend. As you can imagine, at the time Milo wasn’t too happy about this, and often portrayed his feelings on the matter. She had dated him for two years from the age of fifteen until she was seventeen, he had been her first real boyfriend, and held a part of her, she would never get back,(I’ll let you figure that one out) this meant she could never truly hate him, as much as they may bicker and irritate at times.
Sam, was a friend of a friend of Amelia’s, before he joined the band, Amelia had mentioned to a friend they needed a drummer, and had joined a few days after Amelia met him, and showed him to the rest of the band, he completed them being the essential missing piece. Over the three years the band had been together, he just got better and better, and they became more and more like a family.

She put the cigarette to her lips and inhaled deeply, breathing out seconds later, a stream of grey smoke leaving her nose and floating off to disperse in the crisp evening air. She grinned listening to the excited chatter of her band mates, her state of mind didn’t allowed her to speak right now, she was ripe with excitement, as well as a creeping nervousness; in just over a week she would meet a man she idolized, and happened to think was extremely attractive, and she had to do it without coming across like a crazed fan girl, the thought intimidated her a great deal. The day she would Meet Gerard Way would be something she would lose sleep over, and then dream about when she finally got to sleep, only to wake up and think about it some more. She shuddered, taking the final drag of her cigarette, and flicking it to the floor, watching as it rolled off in a flurry of orange sparks.

They reached the bar, a few long minutes later and took a seat in the far corner, wasting no time, and ordering in a couple of rounds of shots. Tonight, they weren’t worried about anything, nothing at all could phase them or effect the mood.

After little over an hour of drinking and banter, they were all pretty much gone. Drunk as fools. Amelia was walking back from the toilet when a favourite song of hers came on. ‘Minority’ by Green Day. A drunken grin spread across her drowsy features as she climbed atop the table they had been sitting and began to sing, swaying her hips and dancing in time to the song.

Only, she had a slight misjudgement in her drunken state, putting her foot a few centimetres too far she slipped. And the last thing she remembered falling, the world seemingly turning upside down and a sharp pain in the back of her head then, nothing. Nothing.

Nothing that was until she woke up, surrounded by white. A hospital, she knew that almost immediately, for she remembered her drunken antics. She mentally scolded herself, only to stop and clear her head as she felt a light stabbing pain.

A doctor later informed her that she had taken quite a blow to the head, and had been drifting in and out of consciousness for three days, and informed her she had to stay in for another couple of days, and if no complications arose, she should be ok to leave after those two days were up. She let out a sigh of relief as she realized everything would be ok for the band meeting, which was just six days away.

Upon inspecting herself in the mirror, she noticed a cut by her right eye, which had a couple of stitches in, a couple of bruises and a fat lip. She looked like she’s been in a particularly rough fight. Her black and blue fringe had been pinned out of her face, and she looked rough. A sigh escaped her lips, it would be difficult to look her best the coming Friday...
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