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I was with Ray, Brian, Matt and Zacky by the toilets, Ray nudged me as Mikey walked into the toilets, Matt nudged Ray, Ray nudged me. I followed them into the toilets. Zacky put up the out of order sign on the door.
Matt grabbed Mikey from behind and pushed him up against the wall, I heard something smash.
“Hello fag, isn’t this lucky that we caught you in time, we’re going to have fun with you,” Brian said holding Mikey’s hair and pulling his face to face upwards.
Ray punched Mikey in the stomach and then in the jaw. Mikey let out a cry of pain.
“Come on Ray, you’re better than this,” Matt said.
Ray punched Mikey in the chest.
“Come on Frankie boy, you give him some,” Brian said gripping harder on to Mikey’s hair, drawing another cry of pain.
“I-umm…” I stuttered.
“Come on Frank,” Ray said. I walked over and looked at Mikey. He’s eyes were pleading me to not hurt him. A tear ran down his cheek and he was bleeding. I couldn’t look at him, the person I was falling for was pleading and crying for me not to hurt him.
“Frank you do this or else,” Matt said still holding Mikey down on his knees.
I punched Mikey in the stomach. He cried even more.
“Please…stop…” he cried.
“Aww but we’re having fun,” Ray said. I looked over to Zacky who just watched with wide eyes, and looked frightened.
“Guys, just leave him now, we can finish him off tomorrow,” I said.
“Are you sticking up for him?” Ray asked.
“No, of course not,” I said.
“Fine,” Matt said pushing Mikey on the floor, who hit into the wall and just lay there.
Ray, Matt and Brian left. Zacky looked at me.
“Zacky just go, if they ask say I was… chatting up a cheerleader or something,” I said.
He nodded and went. I could tell he wasn’t violent, he wasn’t like that.
I bent over to Mikey.
“Are you okay?” I asked as I touched his arm.
“Get off me!” he yelled.
“Mikey please,” I said.
“No, you let them, you even joined in for fuck sake, just leave me,” he said.
“No, I’m not going to leave you, and I’m sorry Mikey,” I said.
“You don’t mean it,” he said as a tear rolled down his face.
“I do Mikey,” I said.
“Now come on, I’m taking you home,” I said.
I gently pulled him up, hearing him gasp, probably from the pain.
I carried him outside and sat him in the passenger seat.
“I thought you liked me Frank,” Mikey said as a tear rolled down my face.
“I do, really,” he said.
“Then why did you do that? Why did you let it happen?” he asked. I turned to him, I wiped his cheek.
“I’m sorry, I really am,” I said.
“No your not, I knew you were just using me,” he said.
“Never Mikey, I could never use you, I mean it Mikey, you are something special to me,” I said.
“But you let that happen,” he said. I felt my heart being ripped open when I saw him like this, when I saw what happened, when I saw him like this, when I heard these words.
I started driving back to mine instead, I knew my mom wasn’t in. I pulled up and opened the door for Mikey and helped him out.
“I can manage,” he said.
“Well I want to help,” I said.
I got him inside and sat him on the sofa, I looked at his beautiful face. A split lip, bleeding nose, black eye, and probably some bruises over his cover little body.
“I’m going to clean you up,” I said. I got the first aid kit and sat in front of him to clean him up.
He stiffened up as I gently touched him.
“Please don’t be like this Mikey,” I said.
“Be like what? I’ve just been beaten up what do you expect from me?” he asked.
“I’m sorry,” I said, I stroked his cheek gently.
“I want to make up for it,” I said.
“How?” he asked.
“I want you to…f-fuck me,” I said. Did I really say that?
“What?” he asked. I kissed him softly on the lips.
“I want to make up for it please,” I said.
“Frankie, no, I don’t want you to just offer yourself to me just because you feel guilty,” he said stroking my cheek, but for some reason I wanted it, I wanted him to fuck me.
“Mikey, I want it, I want you,” I said.
He kissed me softly as I got up onto the sofa and straddled him.
I started grinding our crotches together.
“Fuck Frank…” he moaned.
“Oh God Mikey, I want you now… I want you to fuck me,” I moaned.
“Frankie, I want it to be more than a fuck… I want it to be love making,” he said into my ear then started to bite my lobe.
“I think we should take it upstairs,” I moaned into his ear.
I took his hand and led him upstairs and into my bedroom.
He pushed me on the bed and straddled me.
“Babe I want it now…” I moaned into his ear as he started kissing and biting my neck.
“Shh…Frankie… be patient,” he said into my ear.
He pulled my t-shirt off and exclaimed my body, he started to kissed, lick, bite and suck my chest as I arched my back when ever he sucked my nipples.
“Fuck Mikey…” I moaned. He started grinding his hips into mine as we both moan and cried out with pleasure.
“You now,” I panted. I turned us over, me straddling him, I took his t-shirt and flung it on the floor and started doing what he did to me.
“Frankie…” he moaned as he ran his fingers threw my hair. I gently kissed the new bruises, shuddering at the memory of what I did and what I witnessed, but when I looked at him all I saw was beauty, more beauty than I ever saw.
I dragged his zipper down and tugged his jeans down, with difficulty as they were so tight that they clung to him.
I saw the large tent in his boxers, I was kind of scared about having him inside me, as it was my first time in that way… and he wasn’t small… but I wanted it, I wanted him.
I rubbed him threw his boxers and he arched his back and moaned out, I started teasing his boxers down gently, as soon as I had his down I tugged my jeans down and took my boxers off quickly.
“Lube?” Mikey asked.
“Umm… no,” I answered.
“You don’t have lube?” he asked.
“No, well I don’t really use lube,” I answered.
“Fine, we’ll have to use… spit,” he said.
“Spit?” I asked.
He nodded. Then I nodded. I lay down on my back as Mikey straddled me and put two fingers up to my lips, I took them into my mouth and coated them in spit.
He pulled them out of my mouth and down my body and lined up to my entrance.
“Are you sure about this?” he asked.
“I’m positive,” I answered.
He pushed one inside me, I gasped and grabbed hold on the bed sheets. He pulled it in and out of me, then added the second, I hissed and closed my eyes.
“Are you okay?” he asked.
I nodded.
He spat on his hands and rubbed it on his dick.
“Are you sure your ready?” he asked.
“Yes, and if you ask once more I will fringing…Shit!” I screamed out as Mikey pushed into me, it hurt like hell, it made a tear roll down my face.
“Frankie… shit I’m sorry,” he said. He gently kissed the tear away.
“No, it’ll get better, carry on please,” I said.
He pulled out, I hissed and gripped on to the bed sheets.
He didn’t move again.
“Please Mikey,” I said.
He carried on pushing into me and pulling out, soon the pain was subsided with pleasure, my whimpers turned to moans and pants.
“Oh God Mikey… yes… more!” I cried out.
“Fuck Frankie… you’re so tight” he moaned out as he picked up the speed up.
Our Bodies pressed together, covered in sweat, as I wrapped my legs around his waist and started pumping my dick. Mikey’s hands took over mine, gently pumping my dick into heaven.
“Fuck!” I screamed out as a shot of pleasure was sent straight threw my body.
“Did I hit it?” he asked.
“Hit what?” I asked.
“Your spot?” he asked.
“What spot?” I asked.
“Frankie, you have a pleasure spot, I guess I just hit it,” he said.
“Well…do it again,” I said. He did, he slammed straight into it making me scream out with pleasure.
“Fuck yes! Oh God!” I cried out as he carried on slamming into my spot.
“Frankie I’m not going to last long,” Mikey moaned.
“Oh god,” was all I could mange to say as I exploded into Mikey’s hands, moaning his name as I did.
I felt Mikey fill me deep inside.
“Fuck Frank,” he moaned, he lay down next to me, wiping the cum away with a t-shirt.
I cuddled up next to him.
“I love you,” I said.
He stiffened.
“You do?” he asked.
“Yes, I don’t care that we haven’t had much time together, I know that I liked you before we were put as partners, I was always catching myself watching you, staring at you, admiring you, it’s been for some time now,” I said.
He stroked my cheek.
“I love you too,” he said.
“Even though I did this…” I said as I traced my fingers along the cuts and bruises. He grabbed my hand.
“I know, but we’ll try,” he said. I kissed him softly and wrapped my arms around his small body; he was mine and won’t let anything hurt him, not anything.

A/N: What should happen next? Well I know and I’m not telling… well not for now, but I like it when people suggest, please do, I gives me inspiration, if you do I shall love you forever!
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