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Frank gives in to his needs...

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Curious - Frank's POV

My curiosity got the better of me, as my restless fingertips expertly flew across they keyboard.
The burning desire to do this had been present for a while, wrapping around my neck like a lasso and pulling me in deep.
I had finally surrendered to the urge...

I flicked my tongue over the cool metal that pierced my lip, pushing my ear-buds into my ears. The sound of gentle moans and soft gasps filled my head. I sat stiff in my desk chair as my eyes shifted nervously around the room - like a little kid that knows they're doing something bad. I tried to relax a little, but it wasn't working. I've never done this before. I almost felt ashamed that I was even trying it. The thought to just turn it off and forget about it ran through my mind repeatedly, but my lower regions wouldn't co-operate.

"Nuh" the breathy moan floated around in my skull and I felt a pang of heat spread throughout my system.

Kids. They do this all the time. This is nothing out of the ordinary, right? Then why do I feel so dirty.

"Mmm... baby"

Moaning. Groaning. Panting. Thrusting.

"Uh... harder"

Screaming. Biting. Scratching. Begging.

"I think I'm gonna..."

I felt a hand rest on my shoulder and damn near shit my pants. I spun around in my desk chair, accidentally ripping my headphones out of my laptop in the process. My heart was beating a million times a second. I looked up at the person, my eyes widening as I felt the shame settle in my gut again.

Gerard stared back at me looking nothing short of shocked.

"Th-this isn't what it looks like," I said on instinct, feeling stupid once the words left my mouth.

Moans floated through my speakers, making it clear that this was exactly what it looked like. I quickly turned off the monitor.

Why was he here? I don't know.
Was this the most embarressing situation I've ever been in? Probably.
Could my face get any redder? I don't think so.

He just smirked that smirk of his. Amusement very clear in his eyes. He was enjoying this. Mother fucker.

"Really?" was all he said, moving closer to me, his eyes dropping to the sin between my legs. His warm breath brushed over my face, tickling my skin the way it always does when he's this close to me.

I stepped away from him, trying to cover myself with my hands, "I was curious, okay!"

Gerard broke down in a fit of laughter, throwing his head back in the process. He flung himself on my unmade bed, continuing to cackle loudly.

A light chuckle had somehow found its way to my lips. I guess this is sort of funny.

My arousal had died down, as the room fell silent.

He lied on his stomach, holding his head in his hands and moving his legs back and forth, like little girls do.

"Oh, Frankie-boy... you have no idea how much I needed that laugh," Gerard said, smiling in my direction.

I smirked a little, "I'm glad I could be of service"


It's been a while. Hope this was enough to make up for it.
x Nicole
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