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Party Hard

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"One minute I’m in my own world playing pansy and then the next I’m staring at Gerard’s underwear, where his pants should’ve been" Ferard

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Frank's POV

The day had started like any other. Roll out of bed, eat, watch tv/ video games, get dress, play the show. There was plenty of drinking going on the whole time more so of Gerard drinking all of our beer than anything.

We all knew Gerard was wasted before we went on stage. He had stumbled around the bus trying to find his belt for a half hour mumbling random things. The whole time this was going on Mikey and Ray were in a giggling fit about something. I don't know what had happened but I knew it evolved Ray's hair and a belt with a heavy duty buckle aka Gerard's missing belt.

Gerard never found his belt because it "took to much work," or so he said. He ended up flopping down on the couch having, yet another, beer. By the time we went on for the show it was safe to say Gerard was anything less than plastered.

The majority or the show has gone on like it always did. There was, however, a lot more goofing around in the sexual manner from Gerard. I remember watching Gerard's pants get lower and lower on his hips as the show went on not paying any mind to it.

It was in the middle of "You know what they do to guys like us in prison," when things went to hell. One minute I'm in my own world playing pansy and then the next I'm staring at Gerard's underwear, where his pants should've been. His pants fell down! HIS FUCKING PANTS FELL DOWN!!!

Me, being the amazing buddy that I am knew that Gerard hadn't noticed, and he wouldn't anytime soon. So Istopped my playing and slid in front of Gerard trying to pull his pants up and put them back where they were supposed to be on his hips. Gerard being the completely wasted man that he was started pelvic thrusting into my face thinking it was time for well you know, THAT.

All I could do was turn my head to avoid his dick, and try to get his pants up as fast as I could.

"Gerard," I argued, "not nowwww."

"Oh god, Frankieeeeeee," He moaned in response.

I finally got fed up with his actions and pushed him over knocking him onto his back. I straddled his waist after getting his pants to where all I had to do was button them up. After securely fastening Gerard's pants to his body I lifted myself off of him and didn't go near him for the rest of the night.

Before we went to bed that night I made sure that Gerard knew to keep one eye open at all times. >:D

oh, hot DAMNNNNNNN!!!! I'm back mofossssss, lol. I haven't been on ficwad in what feels like ages. I'm on Mibba a lot now but I'm gunna try to get things rolling on here again. So i just finished this, its not edited so I'm sorry about that haha, I've been telling my friends I was going to write this idea into a fic for a little over 2 lol. I've had writers block and what better way to get over it than with a story that's been locked in a cage for 2 years xD
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