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gotta be ok

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based on 'divorce party' csi-miami. NCIS crossover

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based off csi miami episode 'divorce party'.
adriana's pov-
he was always when we were like this. he planted a soft kiss on my forehead.
"please tell me the truth this time." dean was near pleading this time.
"he's my father." that single sentence sent our worlds crashing.
john winchester was living a double life.a hunter and a marine...married to my mother and dean's mother.
we both knew what this meant.
"what are we going to do?" dean asked," he's not going to let us keep our baby."
"we can run away together then," i replied," we don't need him.....we have other family we can stay with."
"those agents aren't family....they're law enforcement," dean told me.
"gibbs said i could stay with him whenever i needed to...i'm sure he'll understand," i replied," NCIS are better than the local LEO's."
dean sighed,"sure we can trust them?"
i nodded,"i've worked with them on a few cases....they're trustworthy.just trust me,okay?"
"fine," he nodded.
"where do you think you're going?" john asked.
"somewhere," i said,"not like you care anyway..what with your double life."
he grabbed hold of my arm,squeezing tight.
"and how do you know about that?" he asked.
"dean told me," i replied," so i'm going weither you like it or not."
"oh no you're not....i don't want you seeing dean anymore," he replied.
i yanked my arm free of his grip and ran out of the house,down to the street and got in the waiting impala.
"you okay?" dean asked.
i nodded."sure.just drive."
Dean looked at me "did my dad piss you off?"
"he just thinks he can control me..." a tear fell from my eye.
" can stay with me. it'll be okay" dean smiled then he kissed me.
"you live in his house! i just wish he'd stay in camp's far enough away. although california is way too good for scum like him,"i told him.
"i know what he's done is wrong but he's still our dad and that was harsh," dean replied.
i sighed,"i know but he gets me so angry."
"don't let him get to you like this," dean told me.
"i'm trying not to," i said.
gibbs seemed okay with us staying with him. we'd told him everything.
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