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We're Young & In Love. Heart Attacks Waiting To Happen.

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Chapter 5. Mixed Feelings.

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I sat outside on the swings with Ryan and Alejandro at the park by the apartment; I was completely lost with a decision, but invited them both over today.
“nervous?” Ryan asked and I nodded “they better not kill each other”
I saw Gerard’s car park and smiled immediately as he got out and ran over to me and I got off the swing and he lifted me up for a hug as I squealed and hugged his neck
I felt him softly kiss my cheek before putting me down
“Gerard, this is my roommate Ryan and his puppy Alejandro” I said and they awkwardly waved to each other
“so where’s Brendon? Late? Like his period?” Gerard asked and Ryan laughed
“be nice” I frowned and jumped back on the swing
Ryan and Gerard were playing with Alejandro on the playground when a few minutes later, Brendon pulled up. I got off my swing and ran over to him and he laughed and hugged me “hello, sorry I’m late”
“it’s okay” I smiled and he pulled something out of his car, it was a brown teddy bear and he handed it to me
“oh my gosh” I smiled and hugged him again “you didn’t have to”
“well I can’t have it in my room without looking gay” he laughed and shut the car door
“thank you so much” I said
“you get another gift if you come out with me tomorrow night” he added
“aww okay” I smiled and kissed his cheek and we walked over to the boys
“oh, Ryan’s here” he commented
“he felt the need to protect me” I laughed “plus he wanted the puppy to come out too”
Ryan smiled at Brendon and Gerard came forward “so we meet”
“indeed” Brendon said and they shook hands
“I thought it’d be nice if we all hung out together” I said “…on a playground”
“it’s cool, playgrounds are fun” Gerard smiled picking Alejandro up and putting him on some blocks to play with
After a while, Brendon went and got his guitar and we all sat and listened to him play and sing. Gerard put his arm around me, but I behaved and put my hands on my lap and smiled at Brendon as he sang. I wasn’t familiar with the song, but it sure was pretty. After the song we applauded and Gerard got my attention
“I have to go” he said
“but why?” I frowned
“it’s getting late, mom wanted me home so..” he said getting up and I was forced to follow him to his car
“do you really have to go Gerard?” I asked sadly, wondering if he just didn’t wanna be around Brendon
“I do sweetie” he said
I gave him a hug and he started making out with me and I felt really sad
“you look like you’re about to cry” he frowned
“I dont want you to go” I said softly
“come home with me” he said
“I cant ditch Brendon” I said letting go of him “I’ll seeya.”
He nodded and got in his car and I walked back to Brendon and Ryan
“leaving so soon?“ Brendon said and I shrugged “guess so”
“it’s getting dark, shall we go inside?” Ryan asked and I nodded “wanna come in too? Or are you gonna ditch me also” I asked Brendon and he smiled “I’m not that rude”
We went up the lift and into the apartment and Ryan went to feed Alejandro, I and Brendon went to my room and cuddled onto my bed
“what do you see in Gerard?“ he asked as I looked up at him
“he’s hot” I smiled
“just ruin my self esteem” he smiled back
“he’s just something different to me… I really like him” I said without realised that hurt Brendon
“oh” he said
“I like you too B, or you wouldn’t be here with me” I said
“I know” he sighed and squeezed me tighter
Eventually, I fell asleep and didn’t wake up until I was poked and saw Ryan
“I made dinner… if you guys wanted something to eat” he smiled
“aww, thanks Ry” I smiled and woke Brendon
“hmmm?” he mumbled as I kissed his cheek “do you want dinner?”
He shook his head and opened his tired eyes as I gently stroked his face
“how’s your legs by the way?” he asked
“they’re still sore” I said “I’m only little“
“I know” he smiled “you do realise I’m incredibly horny after a nap”
“don’t ruin the moment Brendon” I frowned “I’m gonna go eat“
I got out of bed and went into the kitchen and ate, when I went back, Brendon was on his phone
“are you sure you don’t want dinner? I can bring it here” I said and he looked over at me and smiled “no thanks”
I went and sat on his pelvis with my legs on either side of his hips and he laughed and sat up “is my girl full now?”
“ahuh” I smiled “who you texting?” I asked
“no one” he said putting his phone down and I smiled and got off him to lay beside him
“I’m actually really tired, are you?” he asked
“I always get sleepy when I’m in bed with someone” I said
He pulled me closer and we started to make out and I fell asleep as he held me close.
“Do you know what I hate about the bachelor/bachelorette? It’s pretty much an excuse to make out with more than one person and not feel bad, it’s all a game. Brendon just went home and now I’m all alone, in my room. I’m seeing Brendon tonight anyway, so I quickly stopped by Gerard’s house this afternoon…”
I was at his front door and gently knocked and his brother opened up
“oh hey” he said pushing his glasses up “uh, Gerard’s asleep”
I smiled “oh… I’ll just wake him”
He let me inside and I quietly looked around their house
“your house is adorable” I said looking at Mikey
“oh thanks…. We’ve been here since we were really little” he said “want me to show you Gerard’s room?”
“yes please” I nodded and followed him down the hall to the end on the left to a slightly opened door, he opened it and had a look before entering, I had a look to see he was still sleeping
“Gerard? Are you dead?” Mikey asked and I laughed as he came out “he’s still breathing unfortunately”
“thanks” I said going inside, tempted to open the curtain since it was so dark
I bent down and heard him lightly snoring
“Gerard?” I said gently stroking his face until he eventually woke up and saw me
“hey” I said softly with a smile
“what are you doing here?” he asked squinting and sitting up rubbing his eyes

“I came to see you. Missed you last night” I said
“how was it?” he asked messing his hair
“it was okay” I said sitting on a small gap on his bed before he moved over so I could sit properly
“I didn’t mean to leave” he frowned
“it’s alright” I smiled and he kissed my cheek “do you wanna come snuggle?”
“I want you out of bed and this dark space” I said
“okay, give me a minute“ he said and I stood up and looked around his room- it was filled with cds, pens, markers, books… it all looked old fashioned, nothing too colourful. I turned to call him an emo and I saw that he took his shirt off and was looking for another one.
I found him increasingly attractive when he didn’t have a shirt on. But alas, he found one and put it on “I’m just gonna go to the bathroom”
I nodded and went and waited in the lounge room, looking outside to the nice day seeing as though it was 2 in the afternoon. Then I started to hear a familiar faint voice, it wasn’t Mikey or Gerard though, I assumed it was a guest and just continued staring outside
“I am telling you, you have to buy it, it is the best collection you will have ever heard” the voice said, coming closer
“fine, let me blow more money as soon as I get it Ray” Mikey said and then I realised it infact was Ray with his boppy hair, he smiled at me “oh hello”
I waved a little and he gave me a nice hug
“what are you doing here? Did they kidnap you?” he asked putting his hands on his hips and I laughed “no, I actually came to visit”
“huh.” He said sounding impressed looking at Mikey “you guys have other friends visit? I feel like you’ve been cheating on me Michael”
He just shook his head and turned to me “we’re going to drop Ray’s sister off at their aunties and going to the movies, wanna come?”
“you have a sister?” I said to Ray
“yeah” he nodded “Lorie!” he turned and called out and a small girl came through the lounge and looked at me before going to Ray and clasping his hand
“aww” I smiled “how old is she?”
“seven” Ray said “but we don’t want her during the movie so we’re taking her to my aunts”
“I can look after her?” I said and he looked at me “huh?” he smiled, confused
“I’m free for a few hours, I’m actually nice” I said and Ray looked at Mikey
I didn’t think he trusted me, which was fair
“maybe Gerard could help” Mikey laughed as he walked into the room “help what?”
“babysit” Ray smiled
“babysit who?” Gerard asked looking at me
“I offered, and she’s just so cute!” I smiled “and kids love me”
“so first you wake me up at 2pm today, now you offer to be loving and look after a kid?” Gerard said and I grinned “you don’t need to be around”
“I don’t trust you, we’ll look after her Ray” he said and Ray bent down to Lorie “you’re gonna stay here with Gerard okay?”
She nodded and walked over to Gerard
“alright, have fun” Mikey said before they both waved and left us
“I think she doesn’t like me” I frowned to Gerard before walking into the lounge before I heard “how can you not like her? Have you seen her butt?”
I sat on the couch and he brought her over and she sat beside me and looked at me and Gerard sat on the other side
“why don’t you give her a hug Lorie?” he suggested and she crawled onto my lap obediently and hugged me for a while
“awww” I smiled and played with the red ringlets in her hair “you’re gorgeous”
She got off me and looked at Gerard “can we watch cartoons?”
He nodded and turned the TV on and I went into the kitchen to get a drink and Gerard snuck up behind me and I jumped as he put his arms around me
“hey, I’m trying to drink” I smiled and quickly took a sip of my water and he kissed the side of my neck and put his head on mine
“I should get some food for Lorie” he said
“want me to go ask if she’s hungry?” I asked
“yeah okay” he said letting go and I quickly went to the lounge room and kneeled infront of her and she looked at me
“are you hungry darling?” I smiled gently stroking her face and she shrugged
“did you eat before when Ray was here?” I asked and she shook her head
I stood up and lifted her up and took her into the kitchen with me
“she said she didn’t eat before” I said and Gerard was looking in the fridge “I can make spaghetti Lorie”
“yeah!” she said enthuastically
“oh wow, you can cook?” I said
“I’m part Italian” he said pulling some things out
“okay then, do you wanna watch cartoons again?” I asked Lorie and she nodded
I walked with her back into the lounge room and sat her down and went back into the kitchen to watch Gerard cook
“it’s kinda hot that you can do this” I smiled and he did too “I don’t mind cooking. Lorie likes it because I don’t put vegetables in it”
I laughed and sat on the table, after a while Lorie came into the kitchen and I smiled at her, she glanced at Gerard who was in his zone and she walked upto me and gently tapped my jeans and I bent down to her
“can I have a drink?” she asked
“yeah sure thing” I smiled and Gerard turned around “oh hey Lorie”
I grabbed a glass and opened the fridge and she picked juice. I felt happy pouring it for her, I always wanted a sibling, it was nice to take care of her. I handed the glass to her and she thanked me and held the cup up high to drink from it. I put the juice back into the fridge
“do you wanna sit at the table? Gerard’s nearly done” I said and she nodded and pulled the chair beside her and sat down
Gerard put her food into the bowl and I grabbed a fork and put it infront of her
“it’s a little bit hot” I warned “do I have to blow it for you?”
“just wait til it cools down” Gerard said and Lorie just sat there patiently staring at her food, so I ended up doing the same
“hey Gerard can I have some too?” I asked
“of course” he said sitting with me with two bowls
“aww thanks” I smiled
We all started eating and Gerard put his hand on my thigh under the table but kept eating like nothing was wrong while I glared at him, eventually, he looked over at me “what?”
I shook my head and ate
“do you know when you’re gonna finally decide?” he asked out of curiosity
“soon” I said looking up at him “why?”
“a little worried” he shrugged
“don’t be” I smiled “what happens, happens. I still would be friends”
“but that’s not what I want” he said
“we’ll have to see” I said and he started to kiss me and it made me a little upset, I knew he only did it to try and win me over.
I pulled myself away and picked up my plate and washed it in the sink, Lorie came up beside me holding her plate up to me
“thank you sweetie” I smiled and put them in the sink and looked at Gerard and he lifted his plates up for me too
“you don’t need to do the dishes” he said
“it’s fine” I said avoiding eye contact
He hugged me from behind and then went to play with Lorie.
"What the hell have I gotten myself into? Is the question I have been left to ask myself these past few days.

I had explained to Lorie that Juliet was a friend of mine before, but now that she saw me kiss her, she questioned it.
“is she your girlfriend?” she asked
“…kinda” I said
“she’s pretty” she said playing with the ends of her hair
“I know” I nodded
“are you gonna marry her?” she asked and I smiled “don’t ask that”
She giggled and sat on my lap to watch cartoons
I hope you enjoyed that!
I've been doing exams to prepare for my final weeks of high school so sorry for not posting
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