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Time of sage

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*CAUTION* If you dislike or hate about changing sex of somebody, please avoid it. GlennxMagus. After defeating Lavos the menace of planet, Frog was ordered to carry back Queen Leene's necklace. ...

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Glenn, the knight of Guardia is sitting on his bed, and holding his head in hands.
This night is very quiet, as if it's trying to make heavier his trouble.
Without clothes, Glenn repeats his questions to himself again.
More than wearing something, it is important... "Why he had intimate relationship with this woman some times?"
Behind Glenn, that lady is sleeping. Of course she isn't ordinary woman, that's why he is perplexed.
He look back 3 months ago, and make deep, heavy sigh...


3 months ago, Glenn was still cursed and stay in Frog's form.
So he didn't tell his true name, and spent days as Frog.
One day, Queen Leene gave an order to Frog.
"Frog, please take back my necklace from castle of fiends.
That necklace, I brought as one of bridal accessories, but a pink-haired fiend stole this."
It might be Flea. This sorcerer looks like beautiful and charmful woman, but it was not.
He loved beautiful things so much.
"For your majesty, queen. I willst carry yours here."

Walking through castle of 3 high classed demons, Frog found the door behind statue.
Door was closed by a magic lock, he needed some spell to open it in safe.
He had gotten magic ability from Specchio, but he didn't have magic to use in this way.

Frog stood in front of statue, and thought he should find somewhere to slip into the room
or make new gateway with his sword.
After short rest, when he decide to restart his search, a sound attract his attention.
Sound of small crack of brick fall onto floor.
It came from upper floor, Frog turned his head for there.

"...What are you doing at here, Frog."
"That's a my question, Magus."
Blue-haired mage was standing beside upstairs.
Frog heard this younger man was on the travel to find his lost sister, Lady SchaLa...
but he noticed, it was still not succeeded.
If Magus had found her, he won't looks so tired.
"Oh, but thou art here in good timing.
Doth you know how to open this door?"
Frog pointed hidden door, Magus narrowed his eyes.
Crimson eyes blinked and sorcerer came near, his palm touched the door.
That was made by stone, with relief of gargoyle holding a red orb in hands.
Orb blinked when Mage's finger touched, Frog looked up him and asked if he didn't know
way to unlock.
"Don't you have to open it?"
Magus answered with sneer, and casted a spell of fire.
Short words made small flame, and inhaled into orb.
Jewel flashed briefly, and door moved upper.
"This lock react with magic... even if you know it, you won't able to clear,"
"... Thanks Magus,"
Reluctantly Frog murmured, he could manage only element of water, so he would have called
Lucca if he had Epoch now.

Behind of the door, two found a room.
Frog thought Flea should used this room... how Ozzie could wore those sexy tight dresses or
dresses for night party, why Slash had to use those cosmetics upon his face?
Frog shook his head quickly, threw away horrifying and revolting images from his brain.

On the dresser, necklace was set on small torso.
It was worthy of royal marriage, rare jewels and great techniques had been spent
generously to make that.
Magus nodded in his mind, Flea loved beautiful things so it's unreasonable he want to have this.
They approach to the desk to take necklace, but they stopped by some strange crack sounds.

First one was from under swordman's foot.
Sound chained one after another, finally strange rosy-pinked smoke came from front wall, behind
the make-up desk.
Frog summoned water in an instant, and covered his head like a gas mask.
"What is this, Magus!
...Magus? Hey, where art thou!?"
Hard coughing sounds answered.
He should been caught in this dangerous-looking smoke, Frog guessed Flea and God knows
about effect of this.
As seconds passes, smoke turned into mousse in front of his sight, and sorcerer was nowhere.
User of water spelled stronger incantation to wash away it, not to crash the necklace,
but he didn't care about Magus.
He was a load of darkness once, so it wouldn't make any effects.

That thought was fulled by mistakes, but Frog didn't know yet.

Controled water splashed all pink mousse away, just awhile cleaning Frog heard that.
A sound something slipped by water, a sound something or somebody bumped against
wall or furniture, and a sound fall on the floor.
Before he grasp what those sound mean, heat rushed up his spin to brain.
Nearly drowned by water mask, he coughed and coughed so hard, water covered his head was
broken with move.
Moved his hand to wipe face, and he found there's no feeling of wet skin of frog.
What he felt first was stubble, next was grown hair, he traced his face.
He wasn't "Frog" anymore, there's human face, human body...
Now, he got back his old true form of man, as "Glenn".
"Magus, is this thy nasty about I hadn't guarded thou!?
Why did thou undo my curse when my head stayed in water?"
Glenn shouted bad no reply.
He felt something made his spin cold, and called the sorcerer.
Pink Mousse was almost washed away at that time, after all of water gone, Glenn found the nightmare was happen.

Pointed toes of Magus's boots, cape, clothes he wore were very wet and showed off line of body.
Glenn could see what had happend, but he couldn't realize that... or didn't want to.
"Ma... Magus?"

Glenn stood motionlessly, after few minutes he just pinched his cheek.
Sharp pain told him what he saw was truth.
"Oh my......"

Long blue hair spread on stone floor, eyes closed, Magus lied at there.
Fortunately Magus lost consciousness, so didn't know how he was now.
He lost his sharp and strength-full body, instead he had soft, curvaceous one......
woman's body.


Things happened after that was hard to remember without headache.
Magus lost his all memories both of as Magus and as Janus, because of she crashed
her back of head hardly to the dresser by water Glenn casted.
Glenn bring her castle with him for the time of being, but it was beginning of new problems.

After handed necklace to Queen Leene, Queen asked who was the lady he accompanied.
He couldn't found enough words to tell the truth, and at lost how to say.
In the end she was treated memoryless, lone woman.
After long confused conversation, he don't know why, Glenn was ordered to take care this lady.
Of course he knows her identify, and with sense of responsibility as knight,
he agreed this order.

(If I could tell this woman is Load Magus, accidentaly lost memories and changed sex...
if I could thought more calmly... or could realize things were going wrong...)

As they lived together, something changed.
Glenn can't found when that wrongness began, when he had chances to correct that.
In own course of fate, chance or natural, they become closer and closer, in these days
they even share bed, spent night together, and do things man and woman do together.

Glenn finished his recollection, and look back his rear.
Long blue haired lady is sleeping, her face resembles to her lost sister Schala.

He ask "why" to himself.
Now Glenn was so cool-headed like Sage, after dissolve of desire but no answer satisfy
his mind.


I couldn't make sentence to explanation this title.
"Time of sage", or "sage time" is said that comes after intercourse.
Desires are solved, so their mind runs like sage's.
......Oh, I'm in "sage time" now, of course!
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