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Long walks, and odd men

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Don't talk to strangers. And don't take candy from them. Simple as that.

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I strolled down the street, messenger bag over my shoulder, trying to figure out where I could go. I didn’t have any relatives in Jersey. Well, living ones anyway. I could go live in the graveyard. My grandmother could watch me from six feet under. Then again, I could go to my best friend’s house. It was only thirty minutes away. By car.

I took a turn down an alley way. It was colder than the usual November air. The sky was cloudy, like it was going to rain.

I stopped and put my head in my hands. Tears flowed from my eyes.

I heard something behind me. I turned around, quickly. There was nothing there. I wiped my eyes as I continued to cry.

“Are you lost?” I jumped at the sound of a soft voice that was directly behind me.

“N-No.” I spun around and flashed a smile that I didn’t even believe.

“Are you alright? You look like you have been crying.” The man asked. He was very pale and had black hair that reached his chin. He looked to be about three or four inches taller than myself.

“I suppose.” I mumbled, feeling a bit awkward about this random guy getting all up in my business.

“Where are you going?” He took a step towards me.

“Uh, to my friend’s house.” I took a step back.

“Where is that?”

“Like, thirty minutes away.” I took another step away, starting to feel a little bit scared.

“I can give you a ride, if you want.” His light hazel eyes sparkled with the thought.

“I’m fine.” I said quickly, taking a few more paces away from him. “I don’t normally get rides from strangers.”

“Well, I’m Gerard.” He grinned, exposing his pretty white teeth. “There, now you know me.”

“Well, that’s not really what I meant.” I rolled my eyes.

“Well, then what did you mean?” He raised an eyebrow at me.

“I meant, I don’t get rides from people that I’ve known for like five seconds.” I sighed.

“You’ve known me for about fifteen.” He smirked, winking.

“I can walk. I’ll be fine.” I turned and started down the alley.

“Alright.” He called after me. “Good bye, Hazel.” He mumbled.

“How did you-” My voice stopped short as I turned to see he was gone.

Now, if that wasn’t strange, I didn’t know what was.
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