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Fleur learns some of Harry's adventures at Hogwarts, and then we find out how powerful Harry really is.

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Hello again, to start off, for those who think that Fleur and Harry’s relationship is advancing a little fast, the truth is you’re right, my only defense is that the bond they share is very comprehensive, imagine sharing another persons thoughts and feelings, it is one of the few ways that you could know someone completely and utterly, which is the foundation to any lasting relationship.

Disclaimer: After 6 chapters of reading these things, if you still think that I own Harry Potter or his universe, you truly are a moron, and I order you to go read law books until your head explodes.

Recap of Chapter 6:
Thank you Slipknife, and now we really must be going.” Harry said
“I understand Mr. Potter, if you need anything else, or have questions, do not hesitate to write to me, just send your post directly to me, no point possibly endangering your security because of potential leaks in my bank.”
Harry thanked Slipknife once again and then, leaning on each other, Harry and Fleur left the bank and apperated to The Delacour Ancestral Home, their body guards close behind.

Cah11 humbly presents
Chapter 7: Training

As Harry and Fleur walked back into the Delacour House, Harry brought up the question that had been bugging him ever since he had discovered his true heritage. “Fleur, if I am king of the veela, and no one really knows the full extent of my powers, how am I supposed to learn what the full extent of my powers are? How am I supposed to be trained when we have no idea what I can be trained in?”

“Honestly I don’t know Harry,” Fleur said with a sad smile, “My plan is to train you in all the usual areas a young veela would train in, and then work from there to find out what you are good at, not good at, and see if we can accidentally unlock some of your lesser known powers.”
“And who pray tell would want to undertake this dangerous business of training a full powered veela who has no idea what he is doing?”

“Why me and my daughter will.” came a voice from behind them.

Fleur jumped in surprise and said, “Mother, don’t scare me like that!”

Harry did not even flinch simply turned and frowned at Mrs. Delacour and said, “I don’t want to accidentally hurt you or Fleur for that matter, if we don’t know the extent of my power, how can I be sure that I will not accidentally harm you?”

“You can be sure because you love Fleur, and Fleur loves me, and you are feeling protective of me, so therefore through extension you must love me in some sort of capacity. Thus when you are practicing you will be careful and will hold back your powers unless I tell you otherwise. Now I will start training you tonight at the same time as when I am training Gabrielle, you will train near her, but I will ask you to do simpler things then her at first, I expect you to surpass her in skill within a month, then your primary tutor will become Fleur with me simply fulfilling a role as observer to make sure you don’t try anything above your skill and most of all so you stay on task, it will be difficult at times as you will have to practice the more…archaic powers of the veela as well as the other powers, but I don’t think we will have too many instances beyond possibly the first time.”

Fleur shivered remembering the time she spent practicing the more, as her mother described them, “archaic” powers of the veela, namely the veela allure, and the empathy ability to allow them to sense emotions and broad feeling. This had consisted of going to the nearest muggle village at night and “kidnapping” muggle teenagers to be used as test subjects, Fleur had always thought it was wrong, like a perverted form of torture of the mind, to be a hormonal teenager tied to a chair and then subjected to an allure that made the projector appear the most beautiful creature in existence and not being able to do anything about it. The same boy as never used more than once, and after the session his memory was modified so he would not remember the event, but Fleur still felt guilty that to practice their powers they had to use unwilling subjects who had no choice.

“Why do I have to practice on Fleur?” Harry asked blushing, “I don’t want to accidentally enthrall her and then have to figure out how to turn it off before she jumps me as it were.”
Fleur blushed too and said, “Believe me Harry the alternative would sit even worse with you. Don’t worry, I expect there will be accidents, and if there is, well that’s why my mother is there, to stop us before anything to…extracurricular happens.”

Harry blushed harder and acquiesced saying, “Alright, but I don’t like it, we’ll be messing with things that no one in living memory has seen before, except maybe Flamel, and he’s finally dead too.”

“Alright, it’s settled then, your training will start at 7:00 tonight out in the backyard, you and Fleur will meet me and Gabrielle back there and I will start you on basic veela magic and the general uses. Once we are finished there, we will move on to learning advanced veela powers and finer control over the basic ones. After that is where the guess work starts, a normal veela cannot transform and hold their allure at the same time, it just requires too much concentration to transform, but it is rumored that the veela king could maintain the allure and transform at the same time. We will find out if this and many other things are true, or merely false reports used to boost the kings reputations among the magical community.”

As it was only 10:00 in the morning, Harry and Fleur had a lot of time to kill before Harry’s first lesson, therefore they decided to take a walk around the Delacour estate and then have a picnic lunch somewhere on the property that Fleur assured Harry was the perfect place for a picnic. As they walked around, Fleur asked Harry to recount his adventures at Hogwarts to her, and Harry did, although slightly resignedly, he did not want Fleur’s pity for all the things that had happened to him, it just was not needed, or so he thought.

Harry told the story of his first year, he told Fleur about arriving at Hogwarts, the excitement and wonder it had evoked in him, and then the adventure and terror as he fought a troll, saved a dragon, unwittingly came face to face with Voldemort’s servant in the forbidden forest, and then came face to face with Voldemort himself soon there after. Hel told her of the conversation he had with Quill and with Voldemort and the final confrontation over the Sorcerers Stone. Harry then launched into the story of his second year, describing how he discovered he was a parslemouth, describing the voices he would hear through the walls, and the slew of attacks that occurred, in the end he tried to give a very watered down version of what happened in the Chamber of Secrets to Fleur but she could sense through the bond that he was holding back on her and called him out on it. In the end he told her the full story second by second, and by the end Fleur was so pale, Harry was afraid she was going to pass out.

“You killed an ancient, hundred foot basilisk in your second year with nothing but a phoenix, a sword, and an old hat, that’s insane, how did you survive?” Fleur asked.

“I don’t really know, luck I guess, I did get stabbed by one of the snakes fangs though. The only reason I survived that is because Dumbledore’s phoenix healed me with his tears and kept the poison from killing me.” Harry then proceeded to show Fleur the large, circular scar on his arm from the fang.

“That’s amazing.” Fleur whispered. Then she put her arms around Harry and hugged him while he began to tell her of his other adventures at Hogwarts.

It was now 7:00 pm and Harry, Fleur, Gabrielle, and Mrs. Delacour were standing in an open field that was on the Delacour property. Mrs. Delacour had started with Gabrielle first and had told her to begin forming fireballs in her hands and to toss them at targets that reformed themselves after every hit. Then she moved over to Harry and said, “Ok, so, the first thing you must know about veela is that our powers are heavily fueled by our emotions, unlike occlumancy, which requires a clear and empty mind, veela powers require the opposite, you must immerse yourself in you emotions to properly access your powers. The first thing we are going to try is your allure, to use this power you must immerse yourself in happy memories.”

“Like when I cast the patronus charm?” Harry asked.

“Yes like that.” Mrs. Delacour replied delighted that Harry already had a basis for the concept to work with. “Now there are two types of allure, there is the general wide area allure which will enthrall all females within you general vicinity, and there is the focused allure that only affects an individual that you are focusing on. We will start with the general allure as that will take less concentration and will be easier to do.”

“Ok.” Harry replied and with that Harry began to draw up memories form his past that he remembered fondly, the times he spent with Ron and Hermione at Hogwarts, just hanging out, the time he spent with Sirius, the memory of his family staring back at him through the Mirror of Erised. As he did so a soft golden glow began to emanate from Harry and immediately Mrs. Delacour, Fleur, and Gabrielle were hit by a wall of allure so powerful that they knew that they would only have a few minutes to get Harry to reel his powers back in before he overcame their power and they were enthralled. Harry’s body seemed to glow with an unearthly light, a wind known only to him began to blow his long hair around his face, and every feature seemed to become more defined, as though his body were trying to advertise itself.

“Harry stop, stop!” Mrs. Delacour said trying to avoid the thoughts running through her head as Harry’s power slowly overcame hers’. It was amazing, he had the most powerful allure she had ever seen, and this was coming from a woman who was a pure blooded veela. Mrs. Delacour looked around; she could tell that both her daughters had already succumbed to the allures influence, they had both stopped moving and were simply staring at Harry jaws slack, their eyes running up and down his body, as though he was the first mature male either of them had ever seen. Immediately Mrs. Delacour knew she had to get the situation in hand, her own powers were fighting a losing battle with Harry’s and she only had a few moments before she succumbed completely, which might lead to some awkward activities that she really did not want to be involved in, nor did she want her youngest daughter participating.

Quickly she ran up to Harry and grabbing his shoulders yelled “Harry, STOP!”

“Wha-what, what happened?” Harry asked opening his eyes and looking confused, “Did it work? Did my allure work?”

“Oh, it works,” Mrs. Delacour assured Harry, “In fact it works so well you completely enthralled both my daughters in seconds after you started projecting it, and nearly had me enthralled before you reeled it back in. Harry this is significant, as a pure blooded veela, I can say that that is the most powerful allure I have ever seen or experienced, you could enthrall anyone given enough time, even a master occlumense would eventually fall to your allure.”

Harry looked over at Fleur and was embarrassed to see that she was openly ogling his body, when she noticed that he had noticed she suddenly seemed to come back to herself and both Harry and Fleur blushed crimson. Looking over Harry noticed that Gabrielle was having a similar reaction as Fleur, with similar results as well.

Harry quickly changed the subject to break the awkward silence, “Mrs. Delacour I have a question about the allure.” And after receiving permission to ask, Harry went on, “The three veela that enthralled me at the night club in Paris, from what Fleur has told me, they were not especially powerful veela, how is it then that they were able to bypass my occlumency shields and enthrall me?”

Mrs. Delacour thought about it for a moment then said, “Well for a start they had the advantage of you not knowing they were veela, you had nothing but your passive shields up yes?”
“Yea.” Harry said looking confused.

“Then that was part of the problem, The veela allure can be blocked completely as you know, but the full shield has to be raised to be effective, if the passive shield is the only thing up, then you will block one part of the allure, but not the other.”

“Wait; there are two parts to the allure?” Harry asked surprised.

“Yes,” Mrs. Delacour said, “There is of course the mental part, which influences your brain directly and changes your perceptions of the veela enthralling you, so that they appear to be the most beautiful being on Earth, regardless of any other females nearby, however there is a second part to the allure, a part that hardly anyone outside of the veela community knows about. The second part of the allure affects the body directly, causing it to produce increased amounts of endorphins, a chemical that you body produces naturally when something brings you pleasure, basically they make you feel happy. The allure also causes you body to become much more sensitive to stimulation of your erogenous zones, and makes you more sensitive to visual stimulation. They also had the advantage of numbers, three veela, even if their powers are weak, are still capable of enthralling a strong occlumense if they work together as those three were. And finally they were smart, I’m guessing they did not just walk up to you and slam you with the allure right away, correct?”

“Yes…” Harry said slowly.

“Well then they obviously caught you first by introducing the allure a little at a time, this is a tactic that we veela have learned is very effective against master occlumancers, essentially they fed you bits of the allure at a time so you would not notice it until it was too late and you were enthralled. In the beginning I imagine you thought it was just a natural reaction to three beautiful women, correct.”

Harry blushed and said, “Yea, they seemed normal enough, they didn’t appear to have silver hair, so I thought they weren’t veela, just three hot girls.”

Mrs. Delacour smiled knowingly, “They probably used glamour charms to hide their hair color, I imagine that by the time you realized they were veela, your conscious mind was beyond caring, correct?” Harry’s even deeper blush was all the answer she needed.

“Anyway, back to training, the next power we are going to test is your battle form. All veela have a battle from that allows them to deploy fireballs and flight in defense and attack, all veela, without exception, take the crossed form of some species of bird, and human. What cross you turn into varies depending on the individuals character, and their power level, no one is quite sure anymore what form the king took, but it is said that his form was uplifting to any allied with the veela, and very disheartening to any who were his foes. There is even a story, some call it a myth of a battle before the fall, where we veela clashed with a wizard army for ten days before the king could arrive to the field, by that time our numbers had been severely reduced, they outnumbered us a hundred to one. The king showed up suddenly and at the sight of so many of his brethren dead became so enraged that he transformed into a wizard’s true nightmare, and a veela’s true vision simultaneously. The story ends with us winning the battle because of the king’s battle form; this is the power you supposedly wield.”

Harry stared at her for a moment, sighed, and then said, “I understand, how do I transform?”
Mrs. Delacour’s face was a stone mask as she said, “You must delve into your darkest memories, your moments of greatest hurt, and bring then to the fore.”

Harry closed his eyes, and began to dip into his darkest memories and secrets. Soon his face was twisted in unendurable agony as he thought of his parents dying, remembered the death of his godfather, thought of Dumbledore’s and his friend’s betrayals. Mrs. Delacour watched uneasily as Harry began to glow once again, but this time he did not glow with a soft golden light, but instead a blood red aura began to surround him, soon the aura had coalesced into dancing orange and red flames, his arms and torso became wreathed in fire, he still retained his skin, the fire did not burn him, but the grass under his feet began to smolder where he stood. Blood red feathers began to emerge from his arms and torso as well; they also began to sprout up his neck, and down the backs of his legs, giving him the look of a raptor, beautiful, but deadly.

Within a minute the transformation was complete, and Harry opened his eyes, and seeing them caused the three Delacours to stumble back and gasp. Harry’s eyes were the color of deepest forest green, and they were so intense they seemed to be staring into your soul, judging you, whether you were worthy to remain standing, or if you should be burned to ash.

At the Delacours awed but frightened looks, Harry immediately lost his hold on the dark memories, and transformed back into his usual appearance. “What is it?” he asked, looking scared, “Whatever it is, I’m sorry, I won’t do it again, please forgive me.”

Mrs. Delacour looked awed and whispered, “So the legends were true, the phoenix is the very
embodiment of hope for the veela, and a vision of terror for wizards.”

Fleur looked at her mother searchingly and asked “Huh?”

Mrs. Delacour looked at her daughter then back at Harry, her face still betraying her astonishment. “There have long been myths told that the veela were first created by the phoenix’s in a long and complicated story involving a female phoenix held against her will by an evil wizard, a male phoenix willing to do anything to get his mate back, and a wizarding king willing to help the phoenix in any way he could. To make a long story short, they saved the female phoenix, and despite the fact that the wizard refused to accept a reward, the phoenixes would not let him go without payment. So rather than try to give him something that he could just give away, for instance money, or the like, they gave him the power over fire, and the ability to influence women, as the king was unmarried, but desperately wanted a wife. This plan of theirs was two fold, it would pay off a magical debt that the phoenixes owed the wizard, that way if the king died, but he had an heir, the heir could not suddenly show up and demand payment for the magical debt, the male phoenix was not willing to have gone to all the trouble of saving his mate only to potentially lose her again for all eternity. The second part was that phoenixes are highly magical creatures as you know, and they foresaw the rise of the muggles from the dark ages to the digital age. They knew that they did not reproduce rapidly enough to keep up with the humans, in open war the phoenixes, despite all their power, would be even worse off then us, as a female phoenix only lays one egg every 300 years or so. Their current world population is estimated at around 2000 at most, and I mean at most. Therefore, they decided to create a link to this new race of wizard that they dubbed “veela” by giving the king what amounts to an animagous form that essentially is a phoenix.”

Harry stumbled and sat down as he heard this, then suddenly sprang back up and said, “Wait, you said that phoenixes were the embodiment of fear for wizard’s right?”

“That is correct Harry that is one reason why there are so few phoenixes, when they approach wizards, they begin to feel very uneasy, and if they hear the phoenixes song it is often enough to give them panic attacks and to loose all sense.”

“They why does Dumbledore have a phoenix that he claims is his familiar?” Harry mused.

Mrs. Delacours face drained of all color as she asked, “Dumbledore has a phoenix?”

Harry looked surprised, “Yea, it sits in his office most of the time, the only times I have ever seen it leave is the time when it came to help me in the Chamber of Secrets, and the time it helped Dumbledore escape imprisonment at the hands of the ministry, why?”

Mrs. Delacour turned and began to run toward the house, Harry, Fleur, and Gabrielle looked at each other and then began to sprint after her. As they caught up Mrs. Delacour said, “Harry, a phoenix would never willingly bond with a wizard, after the story of the creation of the veela, the phoenixes found pure blooded wizards to be to be too repulsive to be around, if this phoenix has been around Dumbledore as long as you say he has, then Dumbledore must have found a way to bind the phoenixes soul to his, that’s probably why he has lived as long as he has, the phoenix is immortal in terms of time, which means Dumbledore would be equally immortal. The only reason I can think of that Dumbledore would willingly put up with a creature that naturally causes discomfort to wizards is if he found a way to deaden its effects against him, or if he plans to perform a little known and truly dark ritual that requires the participation of a phoenix. Either way, this is not good.

Dumbledore was impatient, he was healing it was true, a miracle some of the healers said, it had been predicted that he would never walk again due to the damage the two bullets had caused to his knees, but Dumbledore had been apperating in and out of the ward to a muggle hospital to undergo surgery the muggle way. It was very painful, and was slower than magic normally was, but in this case there was no other option as the magic negating charm on the bullets were blocking any spells that may have helped from repairing his knees.

Because he obviously couldn’t go anywhere, Dumbledore had had a lot of time to think, about how he was to take control of Wizarding Britain, and what to do about Harry Potter. Dumbledore had been very craft and managed to push a bill through the wizerngamot that gave it the power to confiscate the contents of a wizard’s Gringotts vaults if that wizard could be proven to be a practitioner of the dark arts, something that was instrumental to his plan to eventually take over the world. Not just The Wizarding World, but the WHOLE WORLD, Dumbledore’s face acquired a dreamy expression as he imagined being the one that united the world under one government, a government lead by him. It would be perfect, there would be no more wasteful wars, there would be no more hunger problems, and most importantly, wizards would not have to hide their existence from the muggles.

A healer walked into the ward and approached the foot of his bed. Flipping though a chart in his hands the healer said, “Well Mr. Dumbledore, I see that you rate of healing is staying fairly constant, at this rate, you should be completely healed before the beginning of the new school term.”

Dumbledore smiled, perfect. “That’s good to hear,” Dumbledore said, “I would hate to miss the opening feast.” Indeed he would, the first step of his plan required his presence at the opening feast, nonattendance was not an option, if he wasn’t there, his plan would fall apart; therefore it was a good thing that he was going to be healed by then, no thanks to the St. Mungos staff.

“You know you really are quite lucky,” the healer remarked, “Whatever spell Mr. Potter used on you was quite powerful, and I’m surprised your ambient magic has been able to slowly fight his off to repair your leg.”

‘Yes, Harry’s method of dealing with me was rather brilliant, he used muggle technology, something most wizards, including me, often underestimate to dispatch Tom, and to incapacitate me. It’s good that I was planning to soon perform that ritual that will rid me of that bothersome pidgin, I will also need to devise a spell that will protect me from this weapon muggles call a ‘gun’.’

With that thought Dumbledore leaned back in bed and, closing his eyes ran through lists of calculations in his head and then drafted arithmancy equations that would produce a spell that would shield him from spells and from solid objects.

Fawkes closed his eyes, he knew his time was coming; soon Dumbledore would no longer need him and would perform the deed he had bound him for for so long. He had hoped that the hatchling Potter would be able to help him, but the boy was not knowledgeable in the area of phoenixes and therefore knew nothing of Fawkes enslavement. It had broken Fawkes heart to witness the hatchling be subjected to tests and humiliations at the hands of Dumbledore and his ‘relatives’ and not be able to do anything to help the young prince, he had been able to help him in the hatchlings second year because Dumbledore’s magic had truly allowed him to, Dumbledore had not wanted him dead, not yet, and had thus allowed Fawkes to intervene, to a certain extent. But Fawkes knew that there was next to no chance of Harry rescuing him in time, not unless he came across someone who still remembered the old myths, and he had the intelligence to put two and two together, the boy was intelligent, but not the sharpest mind in the school. No, Fawkes had resigned himself to death, and with that death, eternal soul enslavement, one that would have no end, for once Dumbledore fused their souls, he could never, ever truly die.

Once again thank you to all those people who reviewed the previous chapter, remember you are the people who are my inspiration to keep writing. Sorry for the slightly smaller chapter than usual, only about 4,600 words, but I thought it would be a good idea to end it there on a cliff-hanger, So what do you think, will Harry save Fawkes in time, or will Dumbledore surpass Voldemort and become truly immortal, tune in for the next update to find out!
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