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There's a first time for everyting!

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Katie is introduced to her new school and more importantly Mikey

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Hey guys another chapter Enjoy!

Mikeys P.O.V

I was standing talking to the most beautiful girl in my life about to catch her name when tweedle dum and tweedle dee decide to come and ruin it for me, "so what's your name" the girl asked finally breaking my embarrassment "Mikey, this is Frank and Gerard, what's yours" I said holding out my hand "Katie" "nice name so you going to Belville?" ahh Frankie butting in as ususal, he was my friend and all but right now I was ultra pissed with both of them, single handly spoiling my chances with Katie without even known her name! "Yep,is that were you guys go?" by this point we had reached the school, "yea unfortuantly" Gerard said in a miserable voice. "come on Katie we will take you to the front office to collect your timetable and all that crap" Frank, Katie, Gerard and me all made our way into the building great another day of insults and fights with jocks starts here yayyy!

Gerards P.O.V

It was so obvious my brother had the hots for Katie she was so perfect for him and he talked to her smiling without fainting or taking some sort of panic attack, I was so proud "so lets see Katie you have English with me and Mikey, Art with Gerard, Science with Ray, Mikey, Gerard, Bob and me P.E hmm yep all of us again and lets see French what the hell oh wait you do French Mikey yep French with Mikey, there sorted!" Frank handed Katie her timetable as the bell rung we waved goodbye to Mikey and Katie and went to class. "you think Mikey likes the new girl?" "ofcourse did you see him he's head over heels about her he aready probally is planning the wedding" Frank and I burst out laughing walking into Math class and sat at the back of the class as usual where we found Ray and Bob.

Katie P.O.V

Mikey was adorable he reminded me of a teddy bear I just wanted to hug him tight, "hello and you are?" "Katie Anders miss" I looked down at a small women with glasses on the end of her nose and grey hair hanging to her ears, "Hello Katie I am Mrs. Marrons I will be your English teacher take a seat were ever you please chop chop now" I took a quick glance around the room and seen a free seat beside Mikey I made my way up to the seat "hey Mikey can i sit in this seat" "em yeah sure wait are you sure?" "ofcourse your my friend why ask that?" "It's just no one ever sits beside me apart from my brother, frank, bob and ray" "well there is a first time for everything!" I said taking out my books he gave that cute little smile I had fallen in love with he was so perfect his eyes were beautiful i watched him for a few minutes jsut staring at him as he copyed the work down then all of a sudden our eyes locked we gazed into eachothers eyes for a few seconds it seemed like forever, finally I looked up to the board copying down until I felt a tap on my arm it made tingles go through my body, " Katie would you like to sit with me and my friends at lunch?" "yeah sure that would be great!" I was so pleased i had made a few friends i had never made friends beofore and I got to sit with Mikey.

hey guys I swear the story will get more intresting I just want to introduce the characters first r&r xx
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