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Life and Times of My Chemical Romance

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“Frank, were you even paying attention to a word I just said?”

I looked up from my batman comic book, to Gerard who was putting clothes into his suitcase for art school. Gerard was my best friends older brother, Mikey had went with his mom to get grocery’s and I was down in Gerard’s room, reading through his comic stash. Gerard was close to six feet tall, pale skin with a touch of acne that he couldn’t help, and black hair that he had just began to let grow out, so it brushed the tops of his ears. Gerard was a little over weight, unlike Mikey who was extremely thin.

“Um, sorry no, blame Batman.” I told him, now giving him my attention.

“I was saying.” Gerard came over to sit on the bed, zipping up his suitcase. “That while I’m away, please look out for Mikey, he gets himself in all kinda of trouble if u don’t keep an eye on him.”

“Gerard, he’s my best friend, I know he can be a little dimwitted at times, I promise not to let a thing happen to him.

“Thanks Frank.” He smiled.

Now remembering that promise I had made to Gerard, I sat on my front step, watching Mikey Way running down the icy sidewalk to my house, he was going to fall for sure and-

“Ow!” Hr moaned, after his foot had slipped, causing him to do a very unnatural male split. I just laughed and helped him up.

“Dude, what’s the rush?” I asked him.

“Gerard is coming back tonight, for Christmas break, he’ll be here any minute!” Mikey said excitingly. “Mom said I can invite you over for dinner!”

So I followed a high strung Mikey down two bocks to his house, where it was warm and the food smelled incredible. Elena, his grandma was there, helping his mother set the food on the table , I’d always liked her.


“That’s him!” Mikey squealed, going to the door and practically flinging it open. “Gerard?” He gasped.

He was patricianly unrecognizable. His black hair reached down to his shoulders now, and wow, he was thin now! He’d lost a good bit of weight. He wore black jeans and a red jacket, holding his suitcase in one hand, back pack in the other.

“ Yes Michael?” He raised a dark eyebrow, and Mikey flung his arms around his neck, hugging him, while Gerard struggled to close the door behind then.

“Gee, you smell like smoke.” Mikey frowned, but before Gerard could speak-

“My baby!” Donna took Mikey’s place and hugged her son. “Look at you!” She touched his hair and his face. “You thinned out, and your hair needs a cut!”

“Ma!” He blushed.

“Thinned out?” Elena said. “The boy is nothing but skin and bones, but come give Grandma a hug.”

Gerard went to lovingly hug his grandma, and we all settled down at the table.

“Where’s dad?” Gerard asked.

“Working late again.” Donna rolled her eyes, as she piled heaps of home made spaghetti onto all of our plates.

“So Gerard, how’s college?” Donna asked.

“Good, can’t complain.” He said, nibbling at his food.

“Meet any nice ladies?” She went on.

“Perhaps.” He shrugged.

“So, no girlfriends yet?” She frowned.

Gerard sighed and put down his fork. “Mom, Grandma, Mikes, I think I need to tell you something. I…….I don’t like girls, I’m gay.”

Donna’s fork dropped on her plate, Elena just smiled, Mikey looked confused.

“Mom, please don’t be upset!” Gerard said quickly.

“How can I not be?” she asked. “I need a moment!” She said, getting up from the table and leaving the room.

“Gee, what’s gay?” Mikey asked innocently.

Gerard bit his bottom lip, ready to get up from the table, but Elena grabbed his arm and pulled him back down.

“Gerard,” she said steadily. “That was very brave of you young man.”

“You don’t hate me?” He asked.

She shook her head. “Heaven help us no!” She laughed. “Gerard, I’ve had my assumptions for a couple years now, I knew it was only a matter of time, I love you grandson.”

“What’s gay?” Mikey asked again.

“I like men.” Gerard said. “As in I have a boyfriend.”

“That’s not aloud!” Mikey’s mouth dropped. “No one does that Gee!”

And with that Gerard got up from the table, and I heard him going down the basement steps.

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