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Kill The Past

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When the new band comes to the tour, Sebastien has bitten off a little more than he can chew when he meets the lead singer.

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A/N: Welcome to my newest story. It's a Sebastien Lefebvre fic. Because I love me some Seb. Anyway, It's placed right after Still Not Getting Any... came out and right before they took that massively huge break between then, and the selftitled album. Enjoy, and review, please. :)

“Dibs on that one!” David yelled as he pressed his face against the second story window of the arena we were playing in.

“No way!” Pierre shoved him out of the way. “I totally saw her first.”

“Yeah, but you didn’t call dibs first. Soooo, I get her.:

“You’re a jerk.”

“No, you’re a jerk.”

I watched them continue to argue over which girls they called dibs on. It’s a wonderful past time of the band. I just didn’t feel like playing today.

“What’s up, grumpy Gus?” Patrick shoved his camera into my face.

“Wishing you would get that out of my way.” I flapped my hands in his direction.

“I wasn’t in your way. And besides, you’re sitting on the couch. Not moving. At all.”

He had a point.

“Patrick, why don’t you get a real job and a family?”

“Get a real job and a family.” He mocked me. “I’ll kick your ass.” He stormed off.

“Guys,” Chuck said as he and Jeff came running in the room. “We got someone new.”

We all turned to look out the door.

“Dibs.” Everyone said at the same time.

A chick was standing there talking to the promoter. She was about5’5 and her long dark brown hair nearly reached the middle of her back. Her face was long, but it had a heart shape to it. Her features were absolutely glamorous.

She must have noticed all of us staring at her. She looked up, smiled and cast a small wave in our direction. We all immediately started to look like we were busy doing something else. Except for David, that is. He continued to stare. Yep, he’s a moron.

The promoter lead her into the room

“Boys.” He smiled. This is Abbie. She and her band will be joining you on the rest of the tour.”

“What new band?” Pierre sounded confused.

“Adeline Skye, doofus.” Chuck rolled his eyes.

“I’ll let you all get to know each other.” He said before turning and walking out the door.

“Hey guys.” She smiled. Her bright blue eyes were even more perfect than her grin. He hoop nose ring went well with her pretty face. “My band and I are so excited to be touring with you. We are all big Simple Plan fans.”

:So, I suppose that means that you know our names and pretty much everything about us.” Pierre laughed.

“I said fans. Not psycho fan girls.” She cocked an eyebrow in his direction

“I kid, I kid.
He laughed again. What are we calling you again/?”

“Abbie.” She stuck ou t her hand. “Abbie Rachelle. I changed my middle name to my last name.”

“Abbie” David latched onto her. “You smell good.”

“…Thanks, even though that’s kind of creepy.” She patted him on the head , the wriggled away from him. “I just wanted to let you guys know we think it’s a honor to be opening for you guys. We have dreamed of this day since we first heard your music.”

She then went around and shook everyone’s hands, even Patrick. When she reached me, I realized I hadn’t been paying attention one bit. I’d been too busy admiring her.

I grasped her hand and said the first thing I could think of

“I’m Sebastien.”

She let out a small giggle, as my band mates burst into a large amount of laughter.

“Dude,” Patrick tried to control himself, “Do you not hear a word she just said?”

I could feel my face getting hot. I knew it was making it’s way to a deep pink color.

“Seb, I’m Abbie.” She grinned. “It’s nice to meet you.”

“You too.” I mumbled, hoping my embarrassment wasn’t showing through very much.

“Well,” She sighed, “I’d better go see if my band needs anymore help. I normally don’t do much setting up. All I do is sing.”

“NO!” David exclaimed. “You don’t need to sing! You need to come with me. We are going to be best friends. And we are going to know each others secrets all the time. He grabbed ahold of her tiny arm.

“Uhh, okay.” She shrugged. “It’s better than setting up and doing real work.”

He then proceeded to giggle wildly and pull her out the door. She cast a terrified look in our direction before disappearing around the corner. Poor Abbie. David was going to talk to her until her cute little ears fell off.

“Well, looks like David won that dibs.” Pierre sighed, as we sat down on the couch. “Shame. She was a hottie.”

“What do you mean?” I looked at him

“Come on, Seb. You saw her. She was fine!”

“No, I mean about David winning the dibs.” I rolled my eyes.

“Oh, well you know, David gets most of the girls he wants. He’s just a big, huge, soft teddy bear-like guy. Ladies eat that up.” He shoved me off the couch and propped his feet up were I’d been sitting.

“Oh…” I muttered from my spot on the floor.

“Why? Were you diggin’ her a lot?”

“Well, kinda.” I let out a sigh.

“Hmm… You know what else David is good at?” Pierre continued his sentence before I could answer. “Becoming that big brother figure and getting all the dirt on chicks. Also, he’s not very good at keeping his big mouth shut afterwards.”

“I looked up at him and smirked, knowing exactly where he was going with that.
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