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An attempt to merge all my stories

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[A/N] - A basic attempt to merge all my stories togethor. All the original characters anyway... Just read, hopefully you'll catch on...

Gerard's POV...

"Can I have your attention please guys?" Jeff called, so we all turned to look at him "It's about your website. Fans are getting bored of it."
"What's wrong with it?" Ray asked
"You guys can never be bothered to update." He told us "So as soon as they see there's no update, they leave."
"So?" Frank asked
"So!? Fans are starting to get bored of waiting for updates. Maybe it's time you started updating once a day."
"No!" Mikey snapped "Don't get us wrong, we love our fans, but we do have lives of our own!"
"Well," I suggested "What if we re-create the site? So that, while fans are waiting for our updates, they can make updates of their own?"
"Fan blogs?" Ray asked
"Yeah." I replied "So then they can moan at each other that we're not updating, get excited togethor when we DO update... They can add each other as friends etc. etc."
"Actually," Jeff considered it "That's not such a bad idea."
"I'm a genuis. I know." I smiled, leaning back.
Jeff got to work on the website right away. And soon we had our COMMUNITY page.
I'm really glad I've got this band. It wasn't so long ago I was a solo artist and singing songs I had written that were turned into crappy pop music. Luckily a girl called Jasmine and her friend Natasha managed to help me. And I was so grateful, I let them be in our music video... You don't see their faces most of the way through, but hey!
While Jeff was sorting out our community page, it reminded me of when me and the rest of us were all younger and a chatroom we used to go on. We used to talk to our school friends, friends that I hadn't seen in years.
So I went onto Bookface and started looking. I didn't manage to track down any of them apart from Jasmine. It brought back memories.
Me and Jasmine were best friend's in high school while she was dating Frank. They broke up a few weeks before we graduated. We kept in touch for a while, but then we just sort of... Lost each other.
She was really shocked to hear from me, but she's coming over tommorow. I hope it's not really awkward!

Mikey's POV...

I noticed a picture of a familiar looking women in the corner of the screen "Who's that?" I asked. Gerard jumped.
"Damn, you startled me!"
"You didn't answer my question."
"Stubborn bitch."
"Fine, if you must know, it's Jasmine."
Frank looked up, looking confused "Who the heck's Jasmine?"
"Your ex-girlfriend." Gerard teased.
"Seriously!?" Frank jumped up and took the laptop from Gerard "Wow! It's been ages! Is she coming over!? Aww, sweet!"
"The last thing you said to her was 'rot in hell bitch'" I reminded him, smirking
"She's not the type to hold a grudge." Frank said, giving Gerard his laptop back.
"When's she coming?" I asked
"Tommorow." He replied, clicking through her friend list "I'm looking for Raechel and Lucy."
"Do we really have to find Raechel?" Ray asked "From what I remember, she was mental."
"You were never online to hear the drama most of the time!" I laughed
"Some of us were busy doing homework!" He threw a pillow at my head.
"Quit it!" Gerard moaned "I'm looking for them, and that's final!"
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