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VI gets Pwned.

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A little Fic written whilst I was indeed hiding from 'Amityville horror' So, yes comparing my fear to that of Axel's here. Just a little fun fic,to annoy Zexion fans :p

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Demyx and Axel sat comfortably on the couch in one of the many sitting
rooms of castle oblivion flicking through the channels trying to
figure out something decent to watch on TV.
"How shite is TV please?"
Axel states while scrolling down the TV guide,
"we should get a film"
Demyx looks at Axel with a hopeful face.
"m'kay" Axel agrees . Half an
hour of scrolling later, still no film. Another ten minutes later
and Demyx decides to drag Zexion in to suggest a film. Zexion, who was
probably doing nothing of interest or was being harassed by Vexen at
the time was silently relieved to hell and back that he was invited
too. "when you said TV was shite you really meant it didn't you?"
Zexion sighed while scrolling through the films. "Okay, here's an
idea, pick a genre, and we'll go from there." Axel suggested, so a
debate occurred, finally ending with the decision of 'horror' muchly
influenced by Zexion and Demyx , Axel on the other hand was not best
pleased. "This is so not fair! You know I'm afraid of everything!"
Axel whined while they selected a film. "Haunting in Connecticut?"
Zexion asked. "Nah seen it, made him watch too, best reactions ever.
Even if scared is a feeling, it's probably the only one he has!"
Demyx, the one you'd expect to be terrified of everything, teased the
'poor abused' pyro, who probably deserved it. "Amityville horror?"
Zexion suggested, "Ooh sounds fun!" Demyx squealed. "Gah! Not that!
I've seen it, was horrific!" Axel whined again, "at least, I think
I've seen it, every time I fucking remember something in here I goddamn
forget it!"
"I don't care, were watching it" Demyx smiled while
typing in the code on the TV to buy the film. "Oh fuck you guys!" Axel
sulked while grabbing a pillow to hide behind if need be, which he
knew would be. The film started and Axel already felt like crying in a
corner as some crazy bastard shot all of his family for no apparent
reason. The film got under way and for a while Axel ceased his whining
and just watched while the plot unfolded. The first cause for Axel to
die inside was some dead little girl randomly appearing while two
people had sex. It wasn't remotely entertaining to any of the men in
the room as it was straight sex and they were all on the other bus. So
as you'd guess Axel and even Demyx jumped a bit but quickly regained
their self control ad shut up again. It was boring again until some
retarded burnt woman thing appearing to a kid in the shower and made
everyone in the room, yes even the solid emo kid, proceed to nearly
shit themselves. "Holy shit! I fuckin forgot that happened" Axel
squealed through a pillow. "Well, I knew something would happen,
there's always a shower scene, but god knows I didn't expect that!"
Zexion said blankly looking at the screen. "Yea I know what Happens
next so I'm just gonna yanno, hide." Axel said again through his
pillow. "Oh you're a wimp! Just watch the film!" Demyx said happily
poking the pyro on the top of the head. When Axel barley made any
attempt to shoo the nocturne away he gave up and gave his attention to
the film again. A bit more in and Axel started remembering chunks of
the film. "Listen to what she says now" Axel piped up from his pillow
hideout. "First he thought his dog was out to get him, so he killed
it" the baby sitter named Lisa tells the young children, what a happy
woman. "Why is that relevant?" Zexion asked. "Watch" was all Axel
said, the film rolled on to the point of relevance, the guy killed his
dog because he thought it was a demon, such a happy man. At this point
Demyx got bothered by the dog dying and proceeded to watch through his
fingers as his hands covered most of his sight. By another not so nice
part of the film Zexion was still not that bothered, even with the
fact that the other two were now both behind pillows trying to resist
watching out of fear. The room had long since become almost pitch
black as night had fallen in the world that never was. Close to the
end of the film and Zexion still wasn't bothered in the slightest.
Axel and Demyx clearly were not amused by the schemers ability to just
not be arsed by the film and decided that he could do with scaring. So
the least suspicious of the two, obviously being Demyx announced he was
leaving to use the bathroom, and made a mad dash straight to Vexen's
lab. Five minutes later and Demyx returned like nothing had happened.
The film was in its final minutes as Axel and Demyx's plan fell into
place. As quietly as possible Vexen portalled into the room behind the
couch. The credits rolled and Zexion turned to speak to the others,
Vexen leaned over the back of the couch on Zexion's other side. "Hello
Zexion" Vexen whispered to Zexion. "HOLY SHIT!" Zexion squeaked
practically throwing himself off the couch, he landed on the floor
with a horrified look on his face and a glare at the same time. Axel
and Demyx on the other hand, we're trying not to fall off the couch
themselves from laughing so much. "so much for not being scared zexi" Demyx laughed,
"aw you
looked like someone had said 'fangirls' there's nothing to be ashamed
of, we all would have run if they did, just, we probably wouldn't have
ended up on our arses" Axel smirked at Zexion, "fuck you" Zexion spat
back, "Jesus Zexion, not in public! Sometimes I think you're more the
pervert and I'm more the innocent one!" Axel said no more and left the
room. "Don't say it" Zexion looked at Demyx, "say what?" Demyx
smirked, "just don't!" Zexion, who was still on the floor, growled at
Demyx. Demyx stood as if to leave and turned to Zexion "OWNED!" he
shouted before making a hasty retreat as Zexion's lexicon flew across
the room to hit him. All was quiet in the room; Vexen turned to Zexion
and smirked. "So, sex now right!?"
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