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High School. Gerard sees her and can't take his eyes away.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2010-10-03 - Updated: 2010-10-04 - 650 words

She had an intoxicating scent. Nothing more than cigarettes and coffee, but it drew me in unlike anything else. I sat on the school stairs and just watched her walk by me and my group of friends. I could never tell if she was alone or just pissed off at the world, I’d never even looked this girl in the eyes before. She was in a class of mine and since the year had just started, there wasn’t much to say yet. She sat in front of me in History 101, the only thing I really knew about her was that her name was Chelsea, but she preferred to be called Benji. The moment she said that, everyone in the class stared at her like she was stupid or something, but I, I was taken in by it.

“HEY!” My brother, Mikey, yelled in my ear trying to get my attention. “What?” I snapped out of the trance that girl had put me in. When I really looked at him and the rest of the guys, they were all standing and waiting for me to get my ass on the move. Apparently the school bell had rung a good 5 minutes ago and now we only had a few minutes to get to the other side of the building. “Gerard, I swear to god if you make us late again, I’m going to kill you. No, I’m going to get my mom to kill you for getting me all of these detentions like last year.” Frank looked at me. I know he was joking, but he was right. I get distracted too easily.
So I sat through first and second period with my brother, Frank and our other friend Ray. This day just keeps dragging on. During second period I couldn’t help but start talking, just do something to keep my mind off of how long this day was taking. “So there’s this girl in my next class that seems pretty cool.” I said to no one in particular. “Yea there’s a chick like that in my 4th period class. Her name is Benji.” Frank said looking over at me. “No shit, same girl.” “Cool shit…Have you talked to her yet?” “No… I dunno why but I just don’t think she’d have any interest in me.” “Well, I talked to her. She just moved here from Huntington Beach.” “Cali?” “Yea dude. She said she hates it here and can’t wait to go back.” “I don’t blame her.” “But, I did ask her to come to band practice with us one day this week. She’s got friends in bands out there too. So I figured it would kinda be like bringing her back home.” “Really…” “That’s cool. Is she hot?” Mikey interrupted. “Yea she is.” Frank smiled. Well that’s just great. Not to put myself down, or sound gay, but Frankie is just a good looking guy. Me being kinda fat and just boring doesn’t help out at all. Frank has always been the type to get whoever he wanted, I just can’t do that. The bell rang and I headed to History just to see Benji.

I took a seat in the back of the room. For some reason I felt like I had really rushed to get here today. There were only 3 other people in the room. Then there she was. It’s like when I see this girl, she lights up the entire room even though she wears almost all black. Actually today she was wearing all black, and she looked great. I looked up from twiddling my thumbs and she was taking the seat next to me. “Why do you look so alone?” Benji put her things down and said looking in my direction. “Because I am.” I replied almost without thinking.
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