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Smother Me

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I looked at all 5 of them: Zacky, Matt, Jimmy, John and Brian. Matt pretty much tackled me into my front door. Soon after there was a dog pile on the floor. I had never been so happy to see my friends in my entire life. “WHAT THE FUCK!” I yelled. “Told you I had something to send you. We were in the airport when I called.” Zacky sat next to me on the floor. “I love you guys” I hugged them. “So this is the crew you ran with?” Frank chimed in from the couch. “Yea these are my best friends.” Frank came over and sat on the floor with us. “What are you guys doing here?!” “We decided that school wasn’t as important as you. We missed you like crazy.” Matt smiled at me.

Frank left shortly after the guys had gotten there. I’m not too sure if he looked mad when he said good-bye or if he just wanted to give me time with them. “So who the hell was that?” Zacky asked as Frank shut the door. “Friend of mine, gotta do something to pass the time here.” “He better not try anything, he looks like the type of guy that would try something. Am I the only one who sees that?” Zacky asked looking around. Everyone stared at him like he was retarded.
Out of nowhere Jimmy wrestled me to the ground. “NO YOU BEAR! I WILL WIN THIS TIME” Back home Jimmy would do this to me all of the time and he’d always make me tap out. This time I was ready and I sat on his back. “What the fuck? How did you know!?” “Cause I’m super smart.” I got up and sat beside Zack and Matt on the couch. I looked over at John and Brian “You guys are being so quiet.” “I know, I’m just kinda taking in this air over here. My allergies or some shit is kicking in.” Brian said in a funny voice, then he started sneezing. “I’m in the same boat with you” John said.

“So where are you guys staying at?” I asked. “We got a cheap ass hotel up the street actually. We’re staying till Tuesday. School is out for some holiday.” Brian answered. “That’s so fucking great. You don’t even know how happy I am right now. You guys made my week so much better. I hate this place.” “I can see why…” Zacky said staring out the window. He didn’t look around much, he’d been looking out the window for a good 10 minutes now. “Something out there, Spot?” I joked. “No, that’s what I’m trying to figure out. At your old place there was ocean out the living room window, here there's just a field.” He looked at me. “Now you understand how I feel.”

“So where’s that coffee?” Johnny asked staring me down. “Nigga you never asked for no coffee.” “I didn’t think I ever had to, you always had it ready.” “Oh yea because I knew you guys were gonna pop up on my face.” We all just laughed. “No really…where’s that coffee…” Johnny just started at me. “FINE!” I got up and went into the kitchen.”RIGHT WHERE YOU BELONG!” Matt yelled over the couch. “FUCK YOU BUDDY!” I made them all coffee with Baileys in it. “Oh yes…yessss” Johnny looked so happy.

We all hung out in the living room for another hour or so. “So what's the rest of this place look like?” Jimmy asked taking our cups into the kitchen. “Well come on.” I got up. They all followed. We went up the stairs and I showed them my room. No more than 5 seconds later Zack ran and dived on my bed. “Oh it still feels the same.” “It’s the same bed stupid.” He glared at me then looked on my nightstand. He picked up the picture frame sitting there “you picked this one too?” “What?” I asked sitting next to him. “I printed this one out and put it beside my bed.” It was a picture of Zacky hugging me from behind. I was smiling so hard in that picture it was unbelievable. I never smile like that. “I love your smile in this one.” Zacky looked at me. I turned bright red and walked away from that situation “so the rest of the house.” “AWWW LOOK AT HER!” Matt yelled. “That’s dad’s room, bathroom, bedroom back here…That’s pretty much the top floor.” I cut Matt off.

We walked down stairs again. “The basement isn’t done, otherwise I’d be living down there.” “Cave dweller…”Jimmy laughed. “Kimono bitch” Him and I burst out into laughter thinking about that. “What's there to do around this bitch?” John asked sitting back on the couch. “I have no idea. I honestly just go to school then come back home. I’ve been to Frank’s once for band practice.” “Well let’s explore.” Brian got up. We all agreed and walked out to the city.
We definitely got lost after Zacky got us chased out of a store. We ran for a good 6 blocks before all of us had to stop and sit down. “Oh we all need to quit smoking. Jesus Christ.” Johnny huffed. “No shit…” I said pulling out my cigarettes, soon after Jimmy, Zack, John and Brian did the same thing. “Okay so I’m completely lost right now.” I said looking around. “You’re not the only one.” Brian said as he lit his cigarette.

My phone started going off, it was my dad. “Hey dad.” “Where are you?” “I went walking around the city, trying to figure out what’s all here.” “Get home, its dark and it’s dangerous.” “alright.” I hung up. “Well now my dad wants me to get home…” “Well then we have to find our way back.” Zacky stood up and grabbed my hand. We all started walking back towards the store Zack got us kicked out of. It started getting darker and the streets were either empty or filled with drunks. It all just depended on the corner we walked by. I finally stopped ‘cause none of this looked familiar “I have no idea where I’m at guys…” I called Gerard and told him what was around me and he said it sounded like I was at the wrong side of town completely and wanted to turn around. He gave me pretty detailed directions back home. It took us a good hour to get home because we got so lost.

All of the guys hugged me outside of my door. Zacky came up last “So what are you doing tomorrow night?” “Nothing as far as I know, I’d like to spend all of my time with you guys while you’re here though.” “Alright, well I wanna take you out tomorrow night.” “Sounds good.” I smiled and hugged him good-bye. I walked inside after they walked away and just went into my room. I looked at the picture of me and Zacky, I’m so happy I have great friends.
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