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And All Things Will End

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live through you.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2010-10-04 - Updated: 2010-10-04 - 958 words

Monday mornings were always the devil to me, but not so much today. I got to wake up next to a guy I’ve always wanted. Sadly when I woke up it was 12 in the afternoon and I completely slept through my alarm. At that point in time I really didn’t care, but I did care when I heard knocking on my front door. Zack was still asleep, I kissed his forehead and got up quietly. I grabbed his boxers and my shirt then headed downstairs.

When I opened the door Gerard was standing there “Just making sure you were okay…Looks like you’re fine.” He started walking away. “Gerard wait” I dipped out of the door after him. “What?” “Where are you going?” “I’m going somewhere else.” “Why?” “Because….Because I just can’t look at you right now.” He turned around and kept walking back towards school. Clearly he came here on our lunch break. I stood there and watched him walk away. I was very confused as to why he was so angry.

I walked back in the house and Zack was getting up. “BABY” he yelled from upstairs. I walked up to my room “yea?” “Oh you’re wearing them…Where did you go?” I curled back up in bed with him “Gerard was downstairs knocking on the door.” “What for?” “I dunno. He was like “well I was making sure you’re okay, clearly you’re okay.” and walked away from me. I’m confused.” “It’s because he has a thing for you babe.” “But why? I never said I wanted anything like this from him.” “Doesn’t change the fact that he likes you.” I just shook my head “Well I hope he doesn’t fuck my friendship up with everyone else.” “Shouldn’t, but him and Frank must really hate me right now.” Sure enough I got a text from Frank 5 seconds after he said that saying ‘so Zack spent the night? Gerard’s pretty tore up.’ I just didn’t reply.

“What do you wanna do today?” Zack cuddled up to me. “I dunno…There's not really much to do.” “There's a movie theater downtown I saw. We can go see something.” “Alright. I’d like that. You’re always the person I go to movies with.” “Damn right. Now go make me some waffles.” “Fine…” I got up. We ate and got ready for the day. I was in the bathroom doing my hair after I got out of the shower, Zack came up behind me and pulled a box out of his back pocket. “I meant to give this to you yesterday.” He put a silver heart necklace around my neck. “ZACK! That’s so pretty! Thank you!” I turned around and kissed him. “Welcome” he smiled wide “Hurry up, I checked times and the next movie is at 3.” “Alright.” I straightened the final piece of hair and put on some eyeliner.

We started off downtown again. On the way there we ran into Frank and the other guys. Gerard didn’t even look at me, he kept walking. Everyone else stopped. “He’s just butthurt about you coming out in boxers this morning. He doesn’t even know anything.” Ray answered what I was just about to ask. “Well that’s just ridiculous.” I shook my head. “Well tell him I said to back up and just stop whatever he has for her.” Zack spoke up. I just looked at him then back to the guys. I shrugged my shoulders “if he doesn’t know anything for sure, he shouldn’t be getting so angry.” “why didn’t you answer my text earlier?” Frank looked at me. “What text?” I just played it off. “Oh…nevermind.” “We’re gonna be late babe, come on” Zack tugged my hand. “Shit yea. Peace guys.”

Gerard’s P.O.V.

So the girl I’ve had a thing for since day one is just a player. She can be so loving and caring for me then just stab me in the back. Fuck that. Fuck her. I don’t know why all of the other guys can’t just see it the way I do. After how many good things I’ve said about her, told them how she comforted me in my time of need. Fuck her. My phone went off, it was a text message from Frank “I’m just gonna say that he spent the night. He was calling her ‘babe’ and stuff, you should probably just back off.” I threw my phone in anger. Fucking Bitch.

The guys all showed up at my house and came down to my room. I was drawing, of course another picture of Benji, but this one wasn’t as angelic as the other ones. It was evil looking, but somehow she still looked just as amazing. “G, you really, really need to not be so obsessed about her. Did she even know that you had a thing for her?” Bob asked sitting next to me. “She knew. She knew all along what she was doing. All of the nice shit she did, how she showed she cared.” “Or was she just being a good friend…cause good friends care.” Ray chimed in. “Fuck her. I don’t need her.” I said through my teeth. They all just left it alone and started talking about something else. I joined in, trying to get her off of my mind.

The night dragged on, I couldn’t keep focus on anything. I didn’t eat dinner, just sat down in my room and drank. I drank all damn night. Drank until I passed out, and damn it felt great.
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