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dutty love

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ncis/supernatural crossover

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alt universe.ncis crossover sort of
emera and cas.
dutty love (dirty love)-

cas' pov (under the name seely booth)-
i followed the voice. it was singing a spanish lullaby ( a la nanita nana ).
she held a young girl to her hip and the girl clung to her tightly as she danced around the bullpen.
i smiled smally and she smiled up at me.
"how can i help you?" she asked in a slight spanish accent.
"i'm seeley booth...the new agent," he said.
"ahh...good to finally meet you.i'm emera brennan," she replied.
"down now auntie mere," the little girl said.
emera bent down and put the girl on the ground.
"mummy!" the girl exclaimed.
the girl ran toward an israeli woman.
"marisole,what did i tell you about running inside?" the woman asked with a soft sternness.
the girl shrugged.
the israeli sighed and led the girl into the elevator.
"that was ziva," emera told me.
"where is the rest of the team?" i asked.
"abby and tim will be down in the lab.gibbs is talking to vance the director and tony...he is out on a case," she replied,"might as well go down to the lab."
i nodded and she led me there.
abby hugged emera when she saw her walk into the lab.
she smiled and hugged me.
"i'm guessing you're the new addition to our family," abby said.
"seeley must be abby," i replied.
a short haired man stood before one of the computers.
" probie," emera said,smiling smally.
"sorry in advance for tony's behavior when you meet him..he tends to pick on the probationary agents,"emera told me.
timothy mcgee still hadn't turned away from the screen.
"elf lord!" emera slapped the back of his head which made him turn to face us.
"sorry,get lost in work sometimes....bit like you emera with the bones or m.e. work," tim said.
that was a year ago now.
we looked at each other,eyes meeting in a snap second and then we kissed.
we broke apart and then emera walked out of the lounge.
i followed and found her in her bedroom, sitting with her head in her hands.
i sighed before crossing the room and kneeling in front of her,taking hold of her hands.
she looked down into my eyes,tears in her own.
"i can't do it....breaking rule twelve," she sobbed," but i want much."
"it'll be our secret...a liaison of sorts," i told her.
she smiled smally through her tears.
my fingers threaded with hers and i kissed the palm of her hand.
"i thought this would happen sooner or that we'd really end up in bed together on a case," she told me truthfully.
i nodded,"there was a bet going on a while back i think....especially when there is no more betting weither tony and ziva or abby and mcgee will get together because they already are."
she smiled smally,nodding.
i let go of her hands and got up,sitting beside her.
she turned slightly,smiling at me.
i brushed away her tears and held her,kissing her softly.
she kissed me back softly.
emera sat on my lap as i sat at my desk in the ncis bullpen.
we'd been going out about six months now and were planning a trip to barcelona to see her family.
i kissed emera softly,holding her.
she was three months pregnant and showing just slightly.
i rubbed a hand over her stomach softly.
there was a dinging noise and the elevator doors opened.
gibbs stepped into the bullpen.
he searched around and his stare landed on us.
"rule 12?" he asked,walking closer.
"never date a co-worker.everyone else has broken it....ziva and tony are married and abby and tim are engaged," emera said," and cas and i are with child."
gibbs smiled smally. "good news for once.that's why you're going to barcelona?"
"to tell the parents,"emera said,"my mum though the day would never come."
gibbs chuckled softly,"that makes two of us."
emera's jaw dropped."and why is that?"
"you seemed more into woman....especially when kate was with us and ziva and abby were single."
emera's cheeks blushed red even though i already knew about her past experimenting.
"did you have to mention that?" she asked.
gibbs shrugged."you asked for a reason and i gave one."
emera sighed,"great."
the sun bet down on us as we walked through the streets of barcelona.
i followed emera to her family's home.
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