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his angel

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typical angel/hunter love story

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sam and navah
navah-origin-hebrew-meaning pleasant;beautiful.
-origin-persian-meaning tuneful
navah's pov-
sam's fingers worked carefully at my wings,preening and detangling them..smoothing them out.
a shiver ran up my spine as i felt his fingers on the skin near where they joined.
he drew back,brushing my hair away from my neck before kissing my neck.
i moaned softly and his hands worked around me,resting on my very pregnant stomach.
we wanted to wait til birth to find out the sex of the baby but we were always guessing.
"we're going to have a adorable baby," he told me,whispering in my ear.
"like you....yeah dean showed me photographs," i replied,smiling.
"after he promised he wouldn't," sam said,disappointed.
my eyes sparkled with joy as i felt our baby kick.
"very strong little one," i said,smiling happily.
"i see a soccer star in our future," sam joked.
"nah...a karate legend," i replied.
sam kissed my neck."of course,honey."
"any ideas for names?" i asked.
"ziva or ava if it's a girl. naveed or anthony if it's a boy," he replied.
"well well mr nerdy boy samantha," i smirked.
"you can talk angel girl," he joked.
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