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it is written

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based off another story but if castiel was the one that died.

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kaylie and cas-
kaylie's pov-
"you know what you have to do," cas told me,his voice raspy.
i nodded,tears in my eyes.
"i love you," he whispered.
"love you too," i replied quietly.
cas took his finally breath.
soon enough i was holding our newborn daughter and was concentrating on where i had to go.
dean's pov-
lisa had been harsh when she said sam was gone,not coming back and i had to get over it. i couldn't get over it like the snap of my fingers.
there had been a crash and i went to investigate,gun at the ready.
i put it down when i saw it was kaylie. the angel was bleeding and held a baby in her arms,close to her body.
i'd patched her up and they were both sleeping now.
the baby had started crying.
"shhhh emera...stop crying sweetie," kaylie whispered.
she'd gone out to check no one had followed her and to get a few things.
"what's wrong?" cas asked.
i nearly jumped out of my skin.
"i told you to stop sneaking up on people like that," i told him,turning around.
kaylie had said something in her sleep about emera being cas' daughter.
"can you try calming your daughter down?" i asked.
"my daughter? i do not have any children and i have never had sexual relations," he replied,head cocked to the side in confusion.
"we both know that's a lie cas,"kaylie said.
they kissed softly before i put a crying emera in her arms and she calmed down.
cas smiled smally.
kaylie's pov-
i knew i had some explaining to do.
"you're supposed to be in heaven for at least three more months," i told cas.
i could sense that cas knew something was up...that i wasn't the kaylie from this time.
"explain kaylie," he told me,ordered.
i sighed,biting my bottom lip,gathering my thoughts.
"i had to come here. in two are going to die in three years, after delivering our daughter,..unless we can get sam back on our side," i replied.
"for what?" dean asked.
i didn't answer,instead just looked down at emera.
"kaylie.....tell us!" cas ordered.
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