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Louder Than Thunder

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its hard to say

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It’s been weeks since her friends left, she’s still not right. Some days Benji will come to school looking like she cried herself to sleep. She really looks like she has just given up on something in her life. I want to figure out what, but I can’t be pushy. I know by now that me being forceful pushes her away. But I really just couldn’t take watching her in pain. I decided since I knew Wednesday was her favorite day, I was going to show up and walk her to school this morning. Just a nice surprise on her favorite day.

I waited outside of her front door for a good 10 minutes. A tall, muscular man left her house. He must’ve been her father since he looked older. Something was off about that guy, he just looked so angry. Suddenly he turned around “Can I help you?” “Oh I’m Gerard sir.” I held my hand out to shake his, “I was just waiting for Benji so I could walk her to school.” “Benji?” “Chelsea, Benji is just a nickname we call her.” He gave me a weird look “Well she’s not going to school today, she said she didn’t feel good. Sorry kid.” He walked to his car then drove off down the street.

I looked up and saw her light turn off, I decided something wasn’t right and called her. “Hello?” a very tired Benji answered. “Hey it’s G, come out front.” Then I hung up without giving her much of an option. About 2 minutes later she came to the door. She looked horrifying, even with what she tried to hide with make-up. “What the fuck happened to you?” I pulled her into a hug. Almost instantly she broke down in my arms. We walked back inside and sat on the couch. I just held her tightly and about broke down myself. I’ve never seen a girl so bruised.
20 minutes later Benji finally looked up at me. “Babe, what the fuck happened to you?” I asked touching her face. She winced and pulled away. “My dad…This doesn’t happen as bad all of the time, but I guess I just really pissed him off this time…This is my fault.” She sounded completely lifeless. “Are you fucking kidding me?” I started to get angry. “I’m sorry, please don’t hurt me too” she curled into a ball and tried to move away from me. “Benji, I would NEVER lay a hand on you. Come here.” I pulled her to my chest. She threw her arms around me and let out what sounded like a sigh of relief.

We sat on the couch for a while like that; I thought I heard her breathing pattern change. She fell asleep against me. I ran my fingers through her hair constantly to comfort her. “Benji…” I whispered down in her ear. “Yea?” She looked up so tired. “Where’s your room? I’m gonna lay you down.” I picked her up. “It’s up the stairs to the right.” She passed back out against me. I took her up to her room and laid her down on her bed. She woke up again “Don’t leave me. Please just stay.” I couldn’t just get up and go, she needed me. I nodded and kicked my shoes off. I crawled in bed beside of her and covered us both up. She crawled over and laid against me. I held her as tight as I could without hurting her. This is what life should be like.

Finally the sun was too much for my sleeping eyes to handle. I woke up and looked around confused for a second, then realized I was holding her to my chest while we both laid on our sides. I had no idea what time it was, right now I didn’t care. The moment was perfect; she was so gorgeous in her own ways. I ran my fingers through her hair again and just smiled. She looked up at me and smiled “Hey.” “Hey.” I pulled her into a tight hug.

“What time is it?” she muffled against my chest. “I don’t know” I pulled away and looked for my phone. “It’s 3:00… Holy shit we slept all day.” I closed my phone. “Fuck my dad is gonna be home in 20 minutes.” She shot up. “So what? He knew you had to stay home.” “No he wanted me to get all of this shit done before he got home.” She ran downstairs. I walked down after her. She was doing the dishes at almost lightening speed. “Do you want me to help you?” “Go in the basement and throw everything in the washing machine, I don’t care if it overloads.” She started running upstairs. When everything was done she hugged me “You need to leave. He’ll kill me if he knew you stayed and found out.” Then we heard a key go into the door. “Back door, go.” She pushed me into the kitchen then walked downstairs.

I didn’t go home, I waited until she turned her back and ran into her room. Her dad came in and just by how his feet were moving I could tell he was just looking for something to yell about. My mom does it all of the time. “CHELSEA, WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?” he screamed through the house. “Right here dad.” She came out of the basement. “What the fuck were you doing?” he asked her angrily. “Putting the clothes in the dryer.” “So you fucking slept all day? I told you I wanted this shit done before I was home.” He dropped something. “Sorry da-“ I hear a slapping sound and her hit the floor. “You’re a stupid bitch. Just like your fucking mother.” He walked away.

I looked around her room and saw she had a music trophy sitting on her top shelf. I grabbed it and walked down the stairs quietly, he had his back turned to me and I struck. Her dad hit the floor after I slammed the trophy into the back of his head. Benji was sitting on the floor crying hard “What the fuck did you just do? I thought you left.” “I’m not letting him kill you. We’re going to my house. Hurry up and grab some clothes.” Benji just got up and ran to her room. She came back down 10 minutes later and we ran out of the front door and all of the way to my house.

She dipped down to my room past everyone that was sitting in the living room. “Is she alright?” Frankie asked getting ready to go down after her. “She’s fine.” I blocked the door. I pushed everyone away “I’ll be back.” I opened the door and locked it so nobody could come down. Benji was laying back on my bed staring at the ceiling. I sat next to her “It’s okay now, Benj.” “No its not, he’s going to come after me.” “How? He doesn’t know where I live.” “I don’t know, he’s just going to find me. I can’t go to school, he’s gonna call the cops and they’ll come looking for me.” “And they’ll see what the fuck he did to your face.” She didn’t have anything else to say. “Benji its going to be okay. I’m going to save you.”
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