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I'm trying to let you know how much you mean to me

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short i know but will get better, comment please!

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I went to the Jazz music store, the window was packed with guitars and a huge drum kit.
I went in, loud heavy metal music was blasting out, it was dark, kind of like a rock night club. I looked at my watch, two forty. I decided to look around at the guitars. I loved looking at guitars. I remember when I was a kid, my dad took me to get my first acoustic guitar, I ran around looking at all of them and knowing this would be my life.
I ran my hand along the red bass guitar.
“Your early,” Brian said. I looked around.
“Yeah sorry, I set off early, I guess I could buy my amp though,” I said.
“Okay, come with me,” he said. I followed him to the amps. I saw it, my little baby amp there.
“Okay, this one?” he asked.
I nodded.
“Come on then,” he said. He grabbed it and carried it to the counter.
He put it down.
“Thirty please,” he said.
I handed him the money.
“Thanks Sexy,” he said. I was feeling a bit uncomfortable with all the names like sexy and gorgeous, I only liked Gee doing it.
“Umm… it’s three,” I said.
“Oh so it is! I’ll just tell my boss I’m going and I’ll see you in like a minute,” he said.
He went off.
He soon was back, we walked out of the shop and we were out in the mall.
“You know I don’t really fancy food, why don’t we just go back to mine? I’m sure when can find something fun to do,” he said. Suddenly his lips were pressed against mine.
“No, Brian, I’m with someone,” I said.
“So?” he asked.
“I’m not going to sleep with you when I’m with someone,” I said.
He walked away, leaving me and my amp in the middle of the mall.
Part 13- I want it just to be us two
I saw Gerard’s car pull up at the front of the house. I was in my favourite skinny jeans and iron maiden t-shirt and black converses. I did my make-up a little bit thicker. I ran down the stairs as if it was Christmas day and I was a little kid that wanted to see what Santa brought me. One Christmas my mom had a present from my dad, she looked angry, she shouted at him, I knew it was a present for another woman, probably sexy underwear. I was angry with him too, he ruined Christmas for me when I was seven years old.

I opened the door, he stood there looking sexy as ever, dressed in a shirt with rolled up sleeves and skinny jeans.
“Come on, lets go,” he said.
He opened the car door for me and smiled.
I got in and he shut the door, then got in on his side and started the engine.
He started driving but I couldn’t keep my hands off him, I unzipped his jeans and rubbed him. He groaned softly.
“I want you baby, I want you to fuck me so hard, I want you to make me scream your name over and over,” I moaned into his ear.
“Please Frankie,” he moaned.
“Don’t you want that Mr Way?” I asked.
“I do but not while I’m driving,” he answered.
“Fine, but when we get there, we’re find somewhere we can,” I said.
“Of course,” he said. Suddenly he stopped by the woods.
“Okay you’re freaking me out now,” I said.
He chuckled.
“Don’t be, I’m taking you somewhere romantic,” he said. I got out and followed him into the woods. We suddenly stopped at a kind of hut. He opened the door and there was a table with candles, a few chairs and a bed.
“I know it isn’t much but look,” he said.
I looked out of the window, it was the most beautiful view I had seen in my life.
“Gee it’s beautiful,” I said.
“You’re beautiful,” he said. I blushed.
“Gee, I’m not hungry,” I said.
“But I-” he said but I cut him off by kissing him, he loosened up and I backed him up and pushed him on the bed.
“You know, I hope we will be up all night,” I said.
“I hope so too,” he said. I laughed. It was going to be a long night.

A/N: I know they are short but (hopefully) it will get better! Love you all!
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