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To wish impossible things

by fallingangel 3 reviews

Kinda Frerard..(^,^)frank loves gerard, but those gee love him??..what happens when frank finds a body??.....a story with a twist...

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ATTENTION!! this stroy is complete fiction......

Franks pov..

Dear Diary,
I cant do this to myself anymore, my feelings towards him are eating me up inside.If only he felt the same way, instead fo telling him and risking everything,but what else is there to do?. Do nothing and pretend there's nothing wrong when there is,I love him so much id die for that man, id do anything to feel him close to me, to feel his lips,his touch..This needs to stop,im going to tell him,Im going to tell Gerard way I LOVE HIM!!..


"hey mikes you seen gee anywhere??" I asked walking into our lounge area of our tour bus,whiched smelt really bad.
"eh no frankie sorry, ask bob i think gee told him where he was going earlier" He said sitting at the table reading a comic,not taking his eyes of the page.

I hate when we stop in a town hours before the show, Cause everyone goes out sight seeing except for me, i rather chillax before the show, wathing tv,drink some coffee yano the cool stuff. I walked back into the bunk area, where Bob was nowhere to be seen, So i decided to look in the back room of the bus where i found him playing donkey konga with Ray,they looked really funny.

"hey dude's you's seen gee?" i asked standing against the door frame.
"frankie he said something about going to the venue,he needed time to think or some shit like that" Bob said keepin his eyes on the screen.
"thanks guys, cya in a bit" i said walking away and making my way out of the bus,i was half way out untill i heard my screaming.
"mikes whats wrong?" i asked running towards him.
"i got a electric shock" he shouted jumping up and down in the kitchen.
"how did you manage to do that?" i asked, trying to hold in the laughter.
"eh my toast got stuck in the toaster and i tried to take it out with a fork,not good i tell ya" he half cryed and laughed.
"mikey i worry about you sometimes, i really do, plug out the toaster next time before you do something like that" i said laughing and walking out of the bus.

I make my way towards the venue pulling out a cigarette and lighting it up, whatever would i do with out these. As i make my towards the door i see a human figure lying on the ground beside a garabe bin not moving. I ran over towards the body, the only thought going through my mind is please dont let it be him......


hey guys=} so what ya think?? it was a random thing that popped into my head and thought it would be a good story.....should have the next chapter up in acouple of days!!

so R&R please and tell what you think..:)

xoxo fallingangel
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