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Lame, yeah. But life isnt all fun and games.At least mine isnt.

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paris hiltons is though.... but thats more of a joke ;)

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Addie’s Pov.

So everybody had left except Frank and I think that’s how the plan was supposed to go. Morgan was the scam artist of the group. So me and Frank sat awkwardly in the basement on opposite sides of the couch. The television was turned to an obscure cartoon network or nickelodeon station and invader zim was playing. I found frank and I laughing to the same little songs and dances from gir and zims insane plans. The awkwardness disintegrated and I laid my head on Franks lap. He played with my hair by twirling strands around his fingers and blowing it around my face with his breath. Making me giggle. I played with the fray on his torn jeans and pulled off little bits of denim.

“So you realize they left us alone on purpose, right?” I said looking up at Frank. He laughed and nodded.

“It was way too fuckin obvious.” He said and looked back up at the television as Gir cried over an eaten cupcake. I poked his chest and he looked down at me again.

“Do you know why?” I asked and he smiled.

“Well probably so I can do this.” He said and leaned down and kissed me right on the mouth. The kiss did not last long. Yet I still didn’t want it to end as it did.

“Well I’m happy they left then!” I exclaimed and hugged him. He laughed and pulled me up so I was sitting almost on his lap. I snuggled into his neck as he pulled a blanket around us. We had taken turns kissing each other’s cheeks and pretending not to notice.

The Slurpee fiends took forever getting back and they had picked me and Frank up one to share with two straws.

“Wow, way to be subtle guys.” I said taking it and getting a sip with Frank. They shrugged it off and made sure we were together the whole day till the party began.

Franks POV.

I stayed in the basement most of the night. It was not my family, so it wasn’t my place to mingle. I watched TV until I heard the footsteps swell and dwindle upstairs. I went upstairs to see the gang along with Addie’s parents and Gérard’s putting away dishes and cleaning up. They looked at me and Addie’s parents smiled.

“Addie told us how you helped so much cleaning up. Thank you hun.” Addie’s mother said as she hugged me. Addie looked distantly at her and started washing dishes with more force. Her dad shook my hand and walked away. We finished the kitchen and everybody changed into pajamas. Mikey popped in the birdcage and we sat down for a quiet evening and I woke up the next morning with Addie curled in my lap and my friends gathered round. So I passed the meeting the parent’s stage. That was a obstacle I was afraid of. They didn’t look at my funky hair and piercings and judge. They just judged on my cleaning skills ironically enough.

I decided to settle in closer and I nuzzled underneath Addies neck. I breathed in her scent until Morgan used a blow horn to wake us up in the morning. Addie screamed and fell off my lap and onto the floor. Landing on Mikey.

“Ugh, Cuz. I love ya but get off me.” He groaned as she rolled off him. Morgan laughed manically and ran to hide somewhere I could not see. She left us groaning and groggy. All moaning for coffee.
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