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Broken Promises

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Poor Mikey. Always getting his dreams crushed.

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A/N: I can't sleep again -_-

“So," Caffeine-free Mikey started as we lunged around the work area. “You have a date with my brother.”

“Yes, I do.” I grinned at him.

“And you’re really excited about it?” He asked. Why must my friends want to know anything about everything.

“Of course I am.” I said, hanging up a few shirts that were in a box.

“You know, Gerard’s only had one other girlfriend.” Mikey told me. “She cheated on him”

“You’re making your brother’s confessions for him?” I asked, taking the box off the counter and setting it on the floor.

“I’m just saying that you must be something special for him to ask you out. Especially since he just met you.” He told me.

“Well, I’m nothing special.” I sighed, sitting on the counter an, letting my feet dangle over the edge.

“Apparently in Gerard’s eyes you are.” He said.. “Then, his tone switched and he was dead serious. “Listen to me, Hazel.” He took the magazine I’d picked up away.

“Hey, now!” I was looking at that!” I glared at him.

“Listen to me!” He ordered.

“Yes, mother.” I rolled my eyes.

“I’m serious.”

“I never said that you weren’t.”

“You just…Stop distracting me!” He yelled.

“Kay.” I said, shutting my mouth.

“Gerard, he can…” Ha paused as he searched for his words. “He can get a little… carried away when he’s alone with people.”

“So, you think that Gerard is going to… rape me?” I asked, casting him a skeptical look.

“No!” He just…” His voice trailed off.

“He just what?”

“Hazel… Gerard is a-”

“Gerard is a what?” I grinned at the sound of his voice.

“He’s an amazingly awesome guy.” Mikey smiled, sheepishly.

“Damn straight.” I turned around to see him grinning. “Can she go now?”

“It’s only five, she doesn’t get off until seven.” Mikey scowled.

“So?” I said. “Yeah… so?” Gerard repeated.

“I don’t know if I can let her off two hours early.” Mikey crossed his arms.

“Please, Mikey!” I begged. I jumped off the counter and hugged his legs. “I’ll never as to leave early ever again. I’ll never bug you or annoy you again.” I looked up at him. “I’ll give you all the toasters and coffee that you want.”

That made his eyes light up.

“Okay” He sighed.

“Yay! Thank you, Mikey!” I sprang up and hugged him.

“Come on!” Gerard laughed and pried me off of my Mikey. We started out the door.

“Oh, Mikey,” I turned to face him.

“I may have lied just a little bit.” I laughed as Gerard pulled me out of the door, before Mikey had the chance to attack me.

“You promised my brother that you would give him coffee and toasters?” Gerard exclaimed as we walked down the sidewalk outside the mall.

“Yes.” I laughed slightly.

“Do you want him to kill himself?” He asked me, trying to hold back a laugh.

“Oh, he won’t kill himself. He’ll just get a massive shock when he puts the forks in it.” I told him.

“So, you do want him to kill himself!” He exclaimed. “I knew it!”

“No! I’d never want Mikey to kill himself! After all, he is the only person that keeps your band from going insane.” I told him.

“We are all already insane.” He reminded me.

“Well, from losing anymore sanity.” I giggled. “So where are we going?” I looked at the sky, it was already getting dark.

“Nothing fancy.” He told me. “Just just a little diner that I’ve gone to loads of times. “It’s not very big, but the food is excellent.”

“Alright,” I smiled, happy that I was going to be with Gerard even more than usual this evening.

We got to the diner and ate there. Gerard was right, the food there was extremely good. The best part was, that I was with him.

“So, you want to go for a walk in the park? We have time, it’s only six-thirty.” He said as though he read my mind.

“It’s getting awfully dark.”

“Oh, don’t you worry, sugar.” Gerard chuckled. “I’m scarier than anything we will see in the park.”

“Gerard,” I laughed as we headed towards the park, “you aren’t scary at all.”

“Trust me.” He poked me in the side. “You have no idea.”
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