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Cut My Life Into Pieces

by i_bleed_neon 1 review

This is a poem written about my past addiction with self-harm.

Category: Poetry - Rating: R - Genres: Angst - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2010-10-04 - Updated: 2010-10-05 - 153 words

i cut to relieve the pain
i cut to take away the stress
the pressure comes over me
and i can't stop it
a knife, my choice of weapon
i take it in my hand, it fits perfectly
it's cold, shiny blade is gleaming at me
it calls to me, begging me to use it
at first i stay strong, but it consumes me
the knife slowly descends to my wrist
it feels cool against my warm skin
strangely, it feels almost right
slowly, it slices through my skin
it's too late to stop now
my blood flows over
spilling to the carpet, it leaves a stain
a stain to remain forever
the blood screams at me
"look at you, you're a mess!"
"look at what you're doing to yourself!"
then i cover the wound
i get up to face another day
thus my front comes up and i move on.

-xo britt-
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