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Danger Days

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Based off of the Art is the Weapon video. What would happen if the Killjoys weren't so victorious at first?

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In a Californian desert, four men walked together. They stopped. They watched and waited. What were they waiting for? They were waiting for the Killjoys.

They had been sworn enemies with the Killjoys for a long time. It had all started between their own leader and the leader of the Killjoys, Gerard. He had also been known as Party Poison, but they didn't quite know why. Their boss wouldn't tell them anything about what had happened. All they knew was that he, and the rest of the Killjoys, needed to be eliminated, and that was why they were there. Their boss had sent them to collect the Killjoys and bring them back to him. So, who where they? The truth was, they didn't even know. They had been given masks, and told never to state any information about themselves again. It had been so long, and now they didn't know anymore. They only knew what they were told, and they had been told to get the Killjoys. They could see dust blowing in the distance, and they heard the roar of an engine. They looked at each other, a strange excitement building up inside of all of them. They knew that they would complete their mission soon. The Killjoys were coming.

They took out their helium tanks and positioned them carefully. They were ready for the Killjoys. Were the Killjoys ready for them? The engine of the car died down, and one by one, the members on the Killjoys got out of the car. First, a shorter man with an old America bandana stepped out of the car. Second, a much taller man with sunglasses and a leather jacket stepped out. Third came a man whose height was somewhere in between those of the men who had stepped out before him. His blond hair blew around in the slight breeze, the lower ends being caught on the collar of his orange jacket. Finally, the leader of the Killjoys stepped out in a denim jacket with his Party Poison logo on the back. His bright red hair blew around as he turned and looked at the others. He muttered something quietly before leaning on the car, putting a hand to his mouth. At that moment, the blond man began to cough, putting a hand to his throat and wheezing painfully. He fell against the leader of the Killjoys, who also happened to be his older brother.

"Helium." He wheezed out. The leader nodded. He removed his bandana and held it over his younger brother's face. He looked at the other two.

"Do you think they're here?" The tallest man asked as the smaller man beside him began to cough. The leader simply nodded. "Should we try to get out of here?" This time, the leader shook his head. "Why not?"

"It's too late. They're filling the air with helium. If we start the car..." The leader trailed off.

"Gerard...Behind you." The blond wheezed, but it was too late. Soon, all of the Killjoys' visions faded to black.

Gerard was the first of the Killjoys to open his eyes. His head pounded violently as he attempted to look around. He brought his hand up and felt warm liquid on his head. He brought his hand back down, and the strong metallic scent hit him seconds later. He coughed and scanned the area. It was somewhat dark, but he could still tell that he wasn't alone. Gerard could see the rest of the Killjoys were still passed out in different areas of the room. His eyes landed on his brother's body, and he slowly tried to get up. He carefully made his way to his brother.

"Mikey, can you hear me?" He asked quietly. He watched his brother's body begin to shake, followed by some coughing. He watched Mikey pick himself up and turn over, followed by the sound of him gagging. Mikey coughed again, and turned back over.

"Gerard?" He asked softly. "Where are we?"

"They got us, Mikey."

"Are the others awake?" Mikey asked as he looked around.

"Not that I know of." Gerard sighed. He took a step, but he tripped and fell against the wall.

"Gerard?! Are you okay?"

"I'm fine." Gerard groaned. He felt a switch on the wall and flicked it. The lights flickered on, and both brothers squinted their eyes to get used to the light. Mikey carefully walked over to Gerard and helped him up. "Thanks." Gerard muttered.

"You're bleeding." Mikey frowned. Gerard shook his head and waved a dismissive hand.

"We have more important things to worry about." Gerard sighed as he walked over to the tallest Killjoy. "Ray? Wake up!" He gently shook the man's shoulders. Meanwhile, Mikey did the same to the smallest man.

"Frank? Can you hear me?"

They paused as they heard the door open. They looked up and saw the leader of their enemies.

"So, you're awake?" He asked. Gerard's eyes clouded over with rage as he pursed his lips. "Do you know why I had my men bring you here?"

"No, but you'd better let us out, or-"

"-Or what, Party Poison? With two of your men out, you're not nearly as powerful as you'd like to think. Now, don't be such a killjoy." The bald man mocked.

"Look, Grant," Gerard started. "I don't know what you think you'll be accomplishing by keeping us here."

"But you see, Gerard, I'm not keeping you here. I had my men bring you here so I could get rid of you." Grant smirked.

"That's not going to happen." Frank's voice came from behind.

"I'm afraid it will. No matter how much you argue with me, you're going to die."

With that, Grant slammed the door, leaving the Killjoys to try to figure out how to save themselves.

Gerard leaned against the wall, coughing madly. He looked at the rest of the Killjoys to make sure that they had kept their bandanas on their faces. They were all trying to get Gerard to take his bandana back from Mikey, or at least share it, but he refused.

"I'll be fine. Just keep yours on." Gerard wheezed. He fell to the ground and closed his eyes. Ray ran to Gerard.

"He's out, guys."

Mikey knelt down beside his brother and put the bandana in his hand. Frank pointed to a window frantically. Ray opened it while Mikey and Frank brought Gerard over. They all sighed in relief at the sight of Gerard's chest moving as he inhaled the fresh air.

As Gerard's eyes opened again, Mikey sighed and said,

"I'm never listening to you again if the end result is knocking you out."

The door opened again, and Grant and his men entered the room.

"This is it, Killjoys. Say your last goodbyes."

"Wait!" Gerard cried. He continued when he saw that he had everyone's attention. "Aren't the rest of the Killjoys only a threat to you when they're under my direction?"

"Yes..." Grant nodded, not quite sure as to where Gerard was going with this.

"And you really only hate me...So I have a proposal for you." Gerard said. Grant nodded to tell Gerard to continue. Gerard took a deep breath. "So, why don't you just kill me, and only me? They can join your men after I'm dead." Gerard glanced at the rest of the Killjoys, who had pure horror written all over their faces. "Grant, it's a win-win situation. I'll be gone, there won't be anymore Killjoys. You'll have three amazing men to add to yours." Gerard continued. Grant pondered for a moment.

"...Can I make them watch?" He asked awkwardly.

"If I say yes, will you accept my proposal?" Grant nodded. "Then yes, you can." Gerard sighed.
He felt two of Grant's men pull him to the middle of the room. Gerard stood and looked at the other Killjoys.

Mikey's heart was pounding in his chest as he watched Gerard stand in the middle of the room. He felt his eyes well up with hot tears. He didn't care about being a tough Killjoy at that moment. He cared about the fact that his big brother was about to be killed right in front of him. As the men surrounded Gerard and raised their guns, Mikey began to scream at them. He begged them not to, and tried to get to his brother, but Ray and Frank held him back. Mikey looked back at them with tears in his eyes and rolling down his face. They looked like he did. They were all scared. Their leader was sacrificing himself for them. Mikey looked toward Gerard and continued to scream and cry in hysterics.

Gerard's heart broke as he watched the Killjoys cry for him. He felt even worse because they had absolutely no idea what he was doing.

"Don't worry. I've got this." Gerard whispered to them. As the men put their fingers on the triggers, Mikey's screams got even more heart-wrenching. As the men closed in on Gerard, he reached into his pocket. He pulled out a remote and pushed the button. Then came the explosion.

Mikey, Frank, and Ray all stared in shock as Grant and his men went flying. Then, they saw Gerard come walking through the smoke with a smirk on his face.

"I told you not to worry." He smirked.

"What did you do?!" Ray asked.

"I found out that they had an explosive to go with this remote." Gerard shrugged.

"So, you knew that you weren't going to die the whole time?" Frank asked.

"Kind of..." Gerard sighed. He was expenting the Killjoys to start yelling at him.

"Well, you could have told us what you were doing." Mikey sighed.

"Where's the adventure in that? These are the Danger Days. Now let's go, Killjoys. I need some damn coffee."

A typical day in the true lives of the fabulous killjoys.
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