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not for people who have a happy outlook with there won personal demons.

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Sleep was his resolve an alone place where the echo's were his and his alone. No yelling or screaming, the pain non-existent. He knows it doesn't last forever but enjoys the equality of the passing of dream's. If he could just stay here alone.... What a magical thing it can be.
"Alone?" It echoed around the darkness.
Can it be actually possible. he hears it in the news all the time. Wouldn't be to hard. Just have to stop all the beating as fast as he could do it.
He's cold but still there dreaming. How did he end up here. He struggles to remember. Did she hit him again with something sharp? No it was heavy? Maybe glass.

Is he even alive?
Does he want to wake up?
Is he dieing?

Its just what he always wanted to die. His death. plotted for it so many times and tried but failed. Cause god didn't what him to be happy.

He would burn this way alone. She will say she loves him and put the light to ignite the fire.
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