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Krile addresses her critics and points out a few things. Fourth wall broken.

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I look behind me, and I see shadows. There is White Mage, who is probably a woman, and Maria, the kind archer. There is Rosa, the White Wizard and Cecil's love. There's Porom, a well-mannered child prodigy -- and Rydia, a willful orphan that seems familiar.

I look before me, and there is growing light. There's Relm, the foul-mouthed young painter, and Yuffie, the thieving little ninja. Oh, and there's the bubbly Selphie, Eiko, the spunky little summoner with purple hair, and Rikku, cheery and animated.

I look right where I am, in the mirror, and I see Krile. Krile the boring, so they say, Krile the nondescript, Krile the mundane. I glance behind to the shadows again, where the women and girls are pure-hearted mages and archers, then ahead, where some stand out, always the short and the very young, with all sorts of weapons -- paintbrushes, nunchaku, flutes, shurikan, and gloves. They wave, they jump, they grin mischeviously. I wave back as I hold my armful of crystals. No, I'm not carrying around my Time Mage and my Summoner and my White Mage crystals. I'm not good with them. I hold one up to my eye and see a shadow of pink armor -- the Knight. I hold up another and the armor is spiked and purple -- the Dragoon. And another, a snappy red shirt and white trousers, the Monk.

Selphie is swinging her nunchaku around. Yuffie tosses her shurikan a few times, like a boomerang. I smile, satisfied. No matter what they say, I am not boring, or humdrum, or whatever other words they ascribe to me. I'm not going to let them get me down. It takes a lot to get me down, because I'm an optimist. I always have hope. I'm five-foot-one and fifteen years old, but you won't see me hanging around the back row. I'm the "perky girl," the first of my kind. I am Krile the Pioneer. You can't just dismiss me as insignificant -- I started a tradition! Love them or hate them, those spunky kids started with me.

"Krile the Boring?"

Don't look up now. You might just see a kid in spiky purple armor coming down on you.
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