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“Gerard!” Mikey’s voice called from behind my bedroom door, no matter how many times I changed locks on my door, he always got it.

“Come in Mikey!” I called putting away my eyeliner and surveying myself in the mirror. My skin had a healthy pale glow tonight, my hair hung to my shoulders, my eyes were rimmed in eyeliner, a fixed my black tie, looking at my black dress pants, white shirt and black vest convo. I sucked in my stomach, yes I may be a powerful vampire, but with the consumption of mortal food we can gain weight……..damn cookies and chocolate.

“Gee, stop staring at yourself.” Mikey laughed playfully pushing me away from the mirror. “I have a little something to tell you.”

“Like what?” I raised my eyebrow.

“Someone arrived this morning, looking to fill in the position of director of music.” he said.

“Who?” I asked.

“I…..I can’t remember his name, but he’s down waiting in your office on campus, and Gee?”

“And what?” I asked.

“He doesn’t look so good, looks kinda sick.” Mikey said quietly.

“Is he mortal? Because you know-”

Mikey shook his head. “No, he’s pure warlock, I can smell it on him.” he said, then glanced back up at me. “You look nice today.”

I rolled my eyes. “Sure I do, but we need to get going sexy.” I grinned and smacked his ass, he gave a little yelp but followed me, I took off running at full speed and was out the campus in under a minute, stopping to smooth down my hair as Mikey caught up. The sun was just setting, and my students would just now be waking.

“You are so conceited.” Mikey teased as I made my way to my office, outside the door, he told me good luck and went to leave for his classroom.

I opened my office door, and sure enough, sitting in the chair in front of my desk, mainly reserved for student’s who didn’t behave, was a small male figure, I winced as my fangs protruded from my gums, damn, his blood smelt amazing! Pure warlock for sure!

“Good evening.” I said to his back as I sat in my chair behind my desk and looked up to meet his eyes. Oh, dear heavens save me now, he had the looks to match his smell to. Creamy skin, shoulder length brown hair, big chocolate eyes, cute nose, he was beautiful, but looked incredibly thin, and I noticed bags under his eyes.

“Evening.” He gave me a forced smile. “One of the directors here told me to come to your office, I’m sorry if-”

I put up my hand. “You shouldn’t be sorry for anything.” I told him. “I believe you are here about the music director position? what’s your name?”

He nodded. “ Frank Iero, and yes, I would like to apply.”

“What are your expertise’s?”

“I can play rhythm guitar, bass, piano, violin, and I sing.” He said. “I also know a great deal of music history.”

“That’s more then what our last director could do.” I muttered.

“What happened to him?” Frank asked.

“A student bit him,” I said warily. “He was traumatized afterwards, but I couldn’t blame the student, she was just a freshman, and the thirst is a powerful thing.”

Frank nodded. “Not to sound violent, but I can defend myself from vampires without a difficulty Mr.……..”

“Mr. Way, but call me Gerard.” I told him, checking my watch. “The student’s should be getting into their classes about now, I have to go make evening announcements, would you care to come with?”

“Sure,” he shrugged, getting up from his chair, but he wobbled, as if dizzy and lost his footing. I was instantly next to him and caught him. He was weak.

“I’m sorry!” he said, back on his feet now, “I’m just-”

“You need to eat.” I said flatly, “And sleep.” I said with concern, what had he been through?

“I’ll be fine.” He insisted.

“No Frank.” I sat him back in the chair, I went behind my desk and opened my secret drawer where I kept my stash of junk food, pulling him out a chocolate bar. “Here, it will make you feel better.” and I swiftly left the classroom, reporting to the main hall to where the student’s would just be starting their dinner.

“Hey Mr. Way” or “Hi. Mr. Way!” was called or shouted to me as I took the podium in the front of the dinning hall. I flashed them all a smile.

“Good evening my lovely students.” I said. “I hope you are all doing well. I would like to inform you that the astronomy club will be meeting in the northern tower tonight, and dress warm. Detentions will be held this Friday with Professor Toro.” I winked at Ray across the hall, as several student’s groaned, Ray is one of my best friends, and is brilliant at thinking of good punishments. “I would like to also inform you that the library will be closing an hour early tonight. Thank you, and have a good night my beautiful students.”

I left the main hall quickly, getting back to my office to Frank. The chocolate was gone, he didn’t seem as woozy. “Feeling better?” I asked.

“I’m fine.” He assured me when I know he isn’t. I sighed, looking over his resume, he had nothing impressive, just in several small bands that never made it and he dropped out of college, but something told me to give him a chance at this job, and I was not going to allow my school to go without musical education for very long.

“Alright, Frank, I’m going to take you to the music wing, I want to see what all you can do, if you can do what you say you can do, the job is yours.”

“Thank you Sir.”

“Call me Gerard.” I reminded him, and we set out for the music wing. When we reached the main room, I saw his eyes light up at the site of the various instruments, aside from the stale smell from the room not being used in two weeks, the place was in great condition. I watched as Frank wondered over to the grand piano, sitting down he began to play. I couldn’t help but smile, he was good, damn good. “That’s beautiful Frank.” I told him. He got up and moved but I stopped him. “No need for that, your hired.” I told him. A wave of relief washed over his tired looking face.

“Come with me back to my office, I’ll find you a room in the staff house.” He nodded, following me back to my office, I went through my files, and no rooms were available. “Fuck!” I cursed out loud, remembering the old music teacher lived off campus. How could I, Gerard Way, Headmaster of Way Academy, not have enough housing for my staff? Seriously!

“What’s wrong?” He asked innocently.

I turned to him and frowned. “The staffing apartments are full.” I said. “Look, you really need sleep- don’t argue I can smell exhaustion………….you can stay at my place until I find you something better.” I said, I’d like to think it was purely out of generosity that I had just made that offer, but his good looks and incredible scented blood were a factor in that as well.


“So, let me get this straight.” Mikey said as we sat in my specially reserved dinning room for my VIP teachers- ha, its an easy way of putting it.

“Mikey hun, there isn’t much straight about Gerard.” Alicia Simmons said, the school nurse, and the only woman I had ever seen Mikey take a liking too.

“So true.” I sighed, drinking out of my hot glass bottle of blood.

“So you let the new teacher, spend the night-and day, in your house?”

“Yes, Mikes, he was nearly passing out from exhaustion!” I said. “And the staff apartments are all filled, what else was I supposed to do?”

Mikey gave me a blank look, then Ray stepped into the conversation. “Gerard, I know you very well, and something tells me you have a thing for this Frank Iero.”

“I do not!” I objected, while smirking, “ I mean, it’s not like I checked him out or anything-yet.”

“So, when you get home this morning, and see him all curled up on your sofa and….” Alicia trailed off.

“Alicia!” I scolded her playfully. “That’s sick!”

“Hey, you’re the one doing it, not me.” She pointed out, when the lunch hour bell rang, we all said good bye and got back to our classes, I had two art classes to teach in the afternoon, and became consumed in my work. But as soon as school was over, I locked up my office, slung my laptop bag over my shoulder and took off to my house just off campus, reaching it within a minute, it was 5 minutes past two a.m.

Frank was exactly where I had left him, sleeping in my guest room, looking peaceful. I kicked off my shoes and threw my tie on my dresser, looking at myself in the mirror, I ran my hands through my messy black hair, and touched up my eyeliner. Pulled out my phone and dialed Mikey’s number, Frank was going to need to eat very soon, and I can’t cook human food.

“Gerard?” I slipped my phone back in my pocket, just after callling Mikey. I looked up to see Frank looking into my bedroom. He looked better now, more rested, but still too thin for my liking. Even his clothes were big on him, hiding what I hoped to be a nice body underneath.

“Hey Frank.” I gave him a smile. “My brother Mikey is on his way over to make you some dinner- I can’t cook but erm, I didn’t noticed a suitcase with you today?”

He shook his head. “What I once owned, I had to leave all of it behind, but material things aren’t that important to me.”

“One Second.” I told him, quickly calling Mikey again, and asking him to bring Frank a few pairs of clothes, anything he didn’t want of couldn’t fit into basically, because god knows Frank would be swallowed in my clothes.

I gave Frank I quick tour of the house, and Mikey busted in, carrying a brown paper bag of groceries, and a small pile of clothes.

“Mikes, you’re a like saver.” I grinned, pecking his cheek, and handing the clothing to Frank.

“May I take a shower?” Frank asked. “If it’s not-”

“Yes you may.” I told him, “ Down the hall, on the left.” I said, then turning to Mikey after he was gone.

“Ray was right.” Mikey smiled. “You have a thing for him.”

I rolled my eyes. “Barely.” I muttered, as he unloaded the groceries, I went to my refrigerator, pulling out my bottle of red wine, and took a sip. Alcohol curved our vampiric hunger and I loved the particular taste of wine. “I’m not really sure if I want to get involved with anyone right now, you know?”

Mikey glanced up at me from where he was putting noodles into a pot. “You sure? I mean, has being celibate for so long fucked with your head?”

“Mikes, its not all about sex, and it hasn’t been that long!”

“How long?”

“…….four months…..” I said sheepishly, taking a swig of the wine again.

“Ha!” He smirked. “Well, all I can say is my relationship with Alicia is going splendid.”

“You can have her.” I muttered, he turned and gave me a dirty look. “No, I mean, you can have all the women you want, just leave the men to me?”

“Sure Gee, you’re the only man in my life.” he said sincerely.

“Love you too Mikes.” I said. For the next few minutes, I watched him preparing some kind of pasta. Until I heard light footsteps and a figure appear in the kitchen.

Oh fuck.

Frank stood in the doorway, messy brown wet hair falling in his eyes and at the sides of his face, he wore a tight white V-neck showing off a toned chest, and tight skinny jeans, which took no effort in hiding his package. The stubble on his chin was now gone, his big eyes looked a little more alive. He was gorgeous.

“Feeling better?” I asked him, oh he smelt so good, a mixture of cinnamon vanilla soap, and his own blood smell, my fangs poked from my gums, his neck looked so…………..

“Dinner is served!” Mikey cheerfully handed Frank a heaping plate of lasagna. “I didn’t have time to stop and get meat so-”

“That’s perfect.” Frank smiled, sitting down with his food. “I’m a vegetarian.”

“Care for some wine?” I offered him the bottle.

“I don’t drink often.” he explained. “If you haven’t noticed, I’m practically a midget, alcohol effects me quickly.”

Mikey laughed. “Your not a midget.” I told him, getting him a glass and pouring a little into it. “A little won’t hurt, besides I don’t have much else to drink.” I said.

“Thank you.” Frank said. “You know, you don’t have to do this, I’m sure this isn’t in my job description.”

“Frank, I’m giving you a good meal, a place to sleep, it’s the least I can do.” I said. “You look like you’ve been through a lot recently.”

“Something like that.” he mumbled, and got back to his food, I looked over at Mikey.

What do you think? I asked him telepathically, most vampire sibling share a telepath tic bond.

Not sure Gee, just don’t hound him with questions, okay?

Mikes, I wasn’t going to

From beside me, I heard Frank chuckle, I gave him an odd look.

“What?” I asked him.

“Telepath?” He asked. “Oh, yes, the sibling thing.” he said. “I could tell you were using it.” he explained.

“Oh.” I said, as he was finishing his meal. His blood was just delicious now, he was better rested, stomach full, nice and clean, god I just wanted to sink my teeth into his neck and his hot little body close.

But I didn’t, Once he finished, he said he was still tired, and I told him he could go back to bed, seeing as I was going to have to give him a long tour and go over everything tomorrow.

“Thank you Mikey.” I told him as he was leaving. “So much, I would poisoned him if I would have cooked for him.”

Mikey laughed. “True, and your welcome, see ya tomorrow evening bro.” He kissed my cheek and was off, disappearing in a blur. But with Mikey out of sight, my finely tuned eyes noticed a figure walking steadily toward me in the distance.

No, oh no, it couldn’t be, fuck!

Alright, this it totally new, what fo you think?
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