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A Lonely Soul

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A person's soul is easily weakened by its emotions.

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A young woman was on her knees in a meadows with black blades of grass. The only decoration of the meadow was a weeping willow who used the black hole sun shining in the bloodred sky as its energy source.

The woman's gentle face was hidden behind her dainty hands as she wept. The pain in her heart tormented her, cuasing her sobs to seem neverending.

The vast emptiness of the meadows did nothing to cure her of her loneliness. For that was the reason she cried. She felt alone, as if nothing would ever give the companionship she craved.

There was a rustle among the grass. Feeling a presence in front of her, she looked up. The person who had come to her was the young man she had told every single of one her secrets within her heart to. He was her most trusted ally. In him, she had always confided for he had never spoken a word of what was truly plaguing her mind.

He now held out his hand, the look in his eyes that of worry and concern combined with genuine care. The woman blinked her tears away, some cascading down her pale cheeks. Her lips parted to speak but the words in her heart could not be translated into any conceivable sentences. They were too intricate to be explained.

She reached her hand out and, staring into his eyes, touched his hand gingerly. The single touch stopped her tears and drowned out her sorrow. He gently helped her to her feet before putting his arms around her waist while her hands cupped his face.

She saw the agony in his eyes and wanted to take it away; to carry his burdens for him so he would never know pain again. She wanted to calm his heart just like he calmed hers whenever he held her or even just stood before her.

He wiped her tears away with his thumbs then stroked her cheeks. She placed her hands on his and kissed his fingers. He watched her, his eyes holding her after she finished. After a sorrow-filled sigh, he pressed his forehead to hers before closing his eyes. She did the same, putting her arms around his neck, holding him close. To her surprise, he placed a soft kiss on her lips. She couldn't help but smile at the action.

They stayed like that for what seemed like hours.

Then, the woman heard someone call her name. She turned around and saw the man who had recently become the love of her life. Smiling, she left her most trusted friend's embrace and took a step closer to her love. He took her offered hand, lacing his fingers through hers in a loving gesture.

Looking back at her friend, she saw that he was sad to see her go but her a reassuring smile. He still held her other hand, but kissed it before letting go. She gave him a sad smile then turned to her love, who took her in his arms and held, just like her friend had.

However, when her love held her, he gave her a completely different feeling. With him, she felt entirely calm and loved. She didn't have the sense of loneliness that she felt remnants of when she was with only her friends and family. He was the only person who made her forget about her heartache, instead of just helping to numb the pain.

His arms tightened around her waist, keeping her tight in his warm embrace. His head lowered then his lips found hers, giving her a passionate and love-filled kiss that made her heart swell.

When he pulled away, he pecked her lips then her nose. She smiled, her entire being seeming to melt into a ray of light.

But then, remembering her friend, she turned in her love's arms and looked to her friend.

He was with his own love. The woman knew about her and had met her only once before. Her friend was not smiling at his love with a sense of faithfulness and love that the young woman had never received from him. His arms held his love as if he would never dare let go. Then he leaned down and kissed her with such passion and adoration that the young woman became envious.

She had always wanted him to kiss and hold her like that, but had never had the pleasure of receiving.

The young woman's heart ached with longing for him. Not to mention, she yearned for the love he was giving to the other woman.

Her own love placed two fingers under chin and gently turned her head so she would look at him. With her back to his front, he kissed her romantically, almost as if senseing her loneliness and longing.

But before she could fully enjoy the kiss and the man who was kissing her, he let her go and gave her one last smile before he walked away.

The young woman pleaded for him to come back but was ultimately ignored. She turned back to her friend and his love who were still a loving embrace, paying no attention to her as they were in their lovers' world.

As she watched them treasure each other, she became even lonelier. She was utterly alone and suffering while the person she loved the most spent all of his time with someone else.

Clouds appeared in the sky, blocking the black sun's rays from shining down on the meadow. Soon, a thunderstorm rained down on the fields. The only spot where the rain did not touch was where the affectionate couple were now standing.

The young woman saw this and felt her heart clench within her chest.

Her tears of sorrow mingled with the raindrops running down her cheeks. Her sobs went unnoticed by the person she would give anything to be with.
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