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10/10/1910. Epic events like this don't come around too often. A little drabble.

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Author's note: This is just a little drabble that Corky came up with the idea for. I just put it into more words. Although, I'm deeply sorry that most of these words were forced through a thick writer's block wall, but I really wanted to get one up today(well, I wanted to get it up yesterday, but I couldn't).

Disclaimer- I don't own Newsies... blah, blah, blah. Yeah. I don't like hearing the truth.


"Hurry up! We're gonna be late! We're gonna to miss it! Come on!" Dutchy guided his friends down the sidewalk a little faster. He didn't want them to be the reason for him not being in the middle of all of the hustle and bustle of the day.

"Dutch. Cool it. We're going to experience it whether we're there or not. You'll be fine!" Corky put an arm over Dutchy's shoulder, hugging him slightly, to calm him down. Bumlets and Polaroid stole a glance at each other and started snickering at the duo.

"Fine. I guess you're right." Dutchy sighed. He really hated to admit that she was right. She always seemed to be right. Couldn't she let him be right for once?

Together, the gang made their way towards Central Park. Why they would choose to be in the park on a Sunday morning, no one knows. The park wasn't nearly as nice until the later hours of the afternoon.

"Remind me why we have to walk there on a Sunday morning?" Polaroid moaned, dragging her feet. Clearly, her long night didn't sit well with her early morning of selling. Of course, it didn't help that selling the morning edition of the papes dragged on.

Bumlets slipped an arm around her waist and pulled her close to him to keep her from falling. "Because my lovely Poli-oidy," Bumlets started to whisper in her ear, "Dutchy has this silly idea that this is his only chance to experience this. I heard him mumbling something in his sleep about how there's a good chance the world won't exist the next time it's supposed to happen." Polaroid's face mirrored the face of a confused newsgirl. "I don't know, he's weird." Polaroid giggled at his attempt to make her smile in her exhausted state.

"I know Bummy, but it's going to be the same wherever we are." Polaroid whispered back.

Before long, the gang heard the cheers of the rest of the newsies that were gathered in Central Park.

"Oh no! We missed it! I can't believe we missed it! I told you we should've walked faster! AGGGGGHHHHH!" Dutchy panicked, running towards the sounds, hoping they wouldn't die down before he got there.

Polaroid leaned over to talk to her best friend, Corky, "He does know that it will happen again tonight, right?"
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