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.Terror Twins

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Just a cute little piece. Tommy/Nikki. Carnival of Sins era. Slight language.

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The tour was finally over. It was fun, but exhausting. Nikki Sixx slouched toward his dressing room, ready to collapse on the worn-out couch. He was on his feet for two and a half hours; he was so tired. He loved playing these shows, even though tiredness eventually caught up with him.

After what seemed like a mile walk, Nikki finally arrived at his dressing room. It was a small little room with a couch, more like a loveseat, a mirror, and a shelf, which was crowded with hairspray and makeup. Even though the couch was a puke-green with some rips and tears, Nikki couldn't care less; it could've been a cot and he would've seen a queen-sized bed.

He didn't bother to mess with his makeup, which was starting to fall off his sculpted face. His black hair was all over the place, the hairspray now failing to overcome the sweat that had made his hair flat again. His eyeliner was smudged, and he didn't care. He was too damn tired.

Nikki laid down on the oddly colored green monstrosity. Despite its appearance, it was actually fairly comfortable to Nikki. His eyes grew heavy, and it wasn't long before he was pulled into a peaceful slumber.

However, a knock at the door jolted Nikki awake. This somewhat annoyed him, but he nonetheless went to answer the door. To his surprise, his good friend Tommy Lee, aka. T-Bone, was standing there with a content look on his face.

"How're ya, Sixx?"

Nikki motioned for Tommy to go ahead into the room and half-grinned, "I was doing pretty well. Dreaming of a peaceful sleep."

"Sounds like fun." Tommy had completely missed the play on words.

With a deep sigh, Nikki sat the couch, Tommy following. Tommy looked at Nikki, a mild look of concern crossing over his face. Nikki returned his gaze, his eyelids droopy, dark circles under his eyes.

"You look like shit. You haven't been sleeping, have ya?"

Nikki slightly nodded. Tommy put his arm around Nikki's shoulders. This somewhat startled him, as Tommy wasn't usually one to do that type of thing openly.

"Just remember this, Sixxdawg. I'm always here for ya, no matter what happens."

This brought a huge smile to Nikki's face. He rested his head on Tommy's shoulder, letting his eyes slowly close.

He muttered softly, "Thank you, T-Bone."

Tommy smiled. "That's what Terror Twins are for, right?"
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