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.Sexx in the City

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Written by my post-shy friend Alice. Nikki/Tommy. Shout at the Devil era. Language, sexual encounters.

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Oh… it could’ve started with the shower scene, a growing lust, want. Finally one day. On the lonely road. In between shows. In a foreign city, somewhere in Europe. Two bodies pressed against each other, moans filling the air, and kisses, licks, and bites not chaste at all. Lust or want, hidden or once suppressed before now coming out, like also their sexuality soon, because honey they’re not that straight anymore… brought on by the city’s romantic allure. A fight for dominance was going on not only between tongues but as well as who was pinning who.

Finally the older also known as Nikki had ceased control and wasn’t going to either lost it any damn well soon. Too fucking bad if Tommy wanted to be on top, it wasn’t happening tonight. He could just suck it, well, that may happen and would be good. But hey he was the one gifted at oral… and Tommy had the third leg.

Nikki pulled back from the heated kiss, Tommy whimpered in disapproval, running his hand through Nikki’s hair before somewhat roughly pulling at him, to get a coerced kiss out of him. He didn’t want it to stop, and air wasn’t something he nor Nikki had yet run out of, so there was really no excuse for that. Nikki rolled his eyes„ biting hard at Tommy’s lips before a wince had released his hold. Nikki snickered, smirking now actually, licking his lips of the blood that he had just gotten slipt from Tommy. “Now, I’m going to have to punish you for that. You shouldn’t take what isn’t yours…”

“Punish?” Tommy asked, in a weaker tone, hey, that bite had hurt! Nikki did bite a lot though, leather, chains, lips, necks, nipples. He gave a slight moan at the thought, Nikki rolled his eyes again at that, rubbing his body against Tommy however very teasing, only for a second, to just feel and lean up to the contact however then being denied rather cruelly like. “Nikki!” Tommy whined, pleading with his eyes, trying to reach Nikki’s humane side, not the sadistic side that was quite coming one. “Oh? Yes… did you want something Tommy? Come on, beg for it… “

“Nnh… fuck me, suck me… something dammit!” Tommy whined truthfully, he had a slightly… okay, he was big, and erections at first felt good but after a while it was just painful and it really needed either pleasure to get rid of or a cold„ cold shower.. but with a hot, hot Nikki on him that wasn’t what he wanted. Nikki gave another snicker… licking his lips again. “Should I be nice?”

“Hm, something’s telling me to be a bad, bad boy…. Tommy. And I feel like abiding by that…” Tommy inwardly curse in both English and in Greek, that was the worse news he could ever hear actually. Nikki licked at his fingers next, something like a cat but he really just trying to further torture Tommy more by making him think he was licking something else. He did have a really sexy mouth after all. And he knew how to use it to. Tommy bit at his lips, as much as he wanted to break eye contact… he couldn’t. It was Nikki. And no one could really look away from Nikki, now could they?
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